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Combat psychology, early detection and the diffusion of violence, have been a lifetime goal in my training. I started training in the martial arts when I was 10, after being attacked by four older boys. I was small for my age, learning early on that brute strength or even quality of technique was not always enough to ensure survival. Later, I would be the smallest bouncer at the bar, then the smallest body guard on the detail. The power of speech became fundamental to my survival.

I earned my B.Ed. and taught in the public sector, then shifted to corporate training for 15 years, studying in Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and various approaches to influence. Of the numerous approaches to verbal training in martial arts, very few give you the concrete steps to achieving proven verbal skills. To this end, I designed this program based both on my real world experience with violence and my proven track record as a trainer of verbal skills. I set out simple verbal tasks that massively boost your awareness and competency in speaking influentially, then lead you through an integration of personal space, body language, eye contact, and assertiveness training, giving you a clear blue print for incrementally and successfully building a verbal arsenal that can be applied in every day encounters, discussions, conflicts, and ultimately survival contexts.

This is essential training for people of all walks of life, that transcends physicality and requires no previous experience.

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