ACT in Action 5 – Values and Action – Steven Hayes

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ACT in Action: 6-Video Series

If you're interested in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, this in-depth, 6-video series will teach you all you want to know and more. You'll be introduced to the core ACT concepts by Steven Hayes, and learn by watching numerous sessions conducted by Hayes and other leading ACT practitioners with a variety of clients. 

ACT has quickly established itself as a leading "3rd wave" approach in the behavioral therapy tradition. However, unlike CBT, which emphasizes helping a client modify irrational or unhelpful thoughts, the underlying philosophy of ACT is that trying to change or even fix ourselves often exacerbates our symptoms–and thus acceptance is key.

ACT brings together the best of many worlds: it integrates mindfulness into a coherent system of therapy (long before mindfulness was all the rage), and at the same time extensive research on ACT with a variety of populations has helped it to achieved the status of an evidence-based approach, recognized as such by the American Psychological Association and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Government.

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In this Series…

  • Facing the Struggle
  • Control and Acceptance
  • Cognitive Defusion
  • Mindfulness, Self, and Contact with the Present Moment
  • Values and Action
  • Psychological Flexibility

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