Aligned AF Bundle - Amanda Frances

Aligned AF Bundle – Amanda Frances

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In the nine years since I started my business, I have repeatedly disregarded the complicated ways in which business supposedly has to be done.

I own a company that creates online training programs for women entrepreneurs.


Aligned AF Bundle – Amanda Frances

Hi. If you don’t know me…

I’m amancla Frances

I don’t do things like most people.

In the nine years since I started my business, I have repeatedly disregarded the complicated ways in which business supposedly has to be done.

I own a company that creates online training programs for women entrepreneurs.

From internet marketing, to online branding, to financial empowerment. I am known for making business and money really, really simple.

(Not basic or boring. Simple and easy.)

I don’t have funnels. I very rarely run ads. I don’t care about the doom and gloom about the latest social media algorithm update that’s going to screw us all.

I ignred the nonsense that stops so many women from getting their work into the world via doing what they love and attracting clients organically online.

And by not paying attention to what the experts said, I became one

I do what is obvious, easy, and effective.

I do what works for me.

I follow my desires, trust my intuition, and take my inspired action each day.

And it really really worked.

To the tune of generating over ten million dollars since I started my business.

And currently generating over seven figures each quarter.

It’s safe to say…

I’m not your average business woman

Because of my alignment with myself, my truth, my beliefs, and my vision…

I have overcome, bypassed, risen above, and flown through anything that has been in my way, time and time again.

I align myself with my desired vision and outcome.

I rely on ease, grace, and flow.

I trust my inner knowing and take my desired steps.

And my business + revenue + abundance continues to grow.

My company is now a multi-million dollar global brand with clients and students in 88 countries and users in 95 countries.

Now let me be clear, I do the work

I am relentless, determined, and passionate.

I am dedicated to my work, my content, and my products.

I do what I say I will do. On repeat. For years.

My audience trusts me

(There is no bypassing integrity or showing the fuck up.)

That doesn’t, however, mean business is meant to be hard.

That doesn’t mean that struggle and sacrifice equal success.

That doesn’t mean the most complex business model makes the most money.

That doesn’t mean that the most exhausted woman will make the biggest difference.

I decided a long time ago that spinning my wheels, striving for perfection, and neglecting my truest desires… was not going to work for me.

Instead, I work less and earn more with every passing year.

I also love my life more, enjoy my work more, delegate better, trust more, follow my heart more, and continue to create a life and business beyond my wildest dreams.

This is how I built my 8-figure brand

There are plenty of burnt out, exhausted, confused women not making the income or impact they are here for while looking for some magic strategy that will make this all work.

When the magic wax inside them all along

It’s time we trusts ourselves.

It’s time we take our risks and our leaps.

It’s time we ignore the outside world and tune into our own inner guidance.

(Yes, your business wisdom lives inside of you along with God and everything else you need.)

The whole point of this starting your own business thing was not to ignore your body, deplete your energy, be a hangry bitch, and feel like shit.

Exhaustion is not a badge of honor.

Your job is not to be a frantic, cloudy headed, barely functioning business owner.

Your job is to be your best self.

Your job is to be happy, connected to service, rooted in purpose, and fucking inspired by your life and your mission.

This is about the love of the work

This is about doing what we were made for.

This is about following our hearts and deep, longing desires for the lives we are meant for.

This is about the joy we create and feel inside of our daily experience.

This is about feeling fucking good. Period.

It’s time to tap into your infinite peace and your infinite power.

It is time to do the damn thing while letting it be easy.

It’s time to unleash our hearts, gifts, wisdom, and knowledge into the world.

I am unavailable for any of us playing small

If you like the sound of that, then I’m your woman.

Let’s do this…

Presenting: The Aligned As F*ck Bundle.

Designed to support you in allowing in the ease, grace, and flow your were meant for.


  • Unapologetic Growth: Grow your audience and online presence through intentionally sharing your knowledge, truth, stories, spin, and self in ways that feel good to you, as you choose.
  •  Elevated Business Expansion: Receive Universal support and guidance in the process of expanding your audience, elevating your income, and building your empire.
  •  Energetic Boundaries: Set strong energetic boundaries. Shift what you are available for in your life and relationships. Watch the world rearrange around you and realign to you.
  •  Effortless + Effective Business: Work less. Earn more. Trust more. Delegate more easily. Attract clients without being attached to clients. Integrate ease. Re-purpose well. Build your empire, your way.
  •  Clarity + Confidence + Certainty: Tell yourself the truth. Decide how it gets to be for you. Know you are worthy. Move forward as the queen of your life and world.
  •  Owning Your Desires: Want what you fucking want. Drop the guilt around wanting it. Declare what you get to have. Align with your path to get there. O-w-n it.
  •  Money, money, money. Understand more fully the vibrational frequency of money. Feel supported by money. Use money for good. Do you have patterns around money that don’t serve you? Do you manifest money and then manifest expenses immediately after? I know why. Let’s clear this.


The Contene

  • Video One: The Level After Manifesting. Decide how life works for you. Determine new rules. Set new standards. Release the fear. Allow ease in. Show up as queen. ($297 value)
  • Video Two: The Energy of Your Empire. Releasing control, perfection, and the attachment to struggle. Doing more of what you want. Trusting your soul. Ditching the strategy that was never yours. Create your next level from fun and love. ($297 value)
  • Video Three: Let it Be F*ing Easy. Living from flow. Relaxing into alignment. Learning to delegate. Training your team. Breaking the internet rules. Becoming more supported. Working less. Earning more. ($297 value)
  •  Video Four: Your Truth = Your Guiding Light. Growing from authenticity. Embracing radical honesty in every area. Loving and affirming yourself fully. Sharing and attracting clients (and everything you want) from a place of self-love. ($297 value)
  • Video Five: Releasing the Past + Determining the Future. Giving up perfection. Being more real. Healing while growing. Releasing Rejection. Speeding it all up. ($297 value)
  • Video Six: Answering the Call to Elevate and Expand. Create from desires. Own your worth. Remove duplicity. Thrive as a spiritual being and a human being. Release all rules. Give money new meaning. Let expansion guide you.  ($297 value)
  • Video Seven: The Queen’s Flow. (This video was originally created for my private + mastermind clients.) Granting yourself unbridled amounts of permission. The unorthodox way I prep for livestreams, launches, and sessions. Doing the damn thing, unapologetically, as queen. Deciding all things with certainty and ease. ($1000 value)

Bonus: Sacred sharing and selling with no pressure and so much ease. Understand my process for sharing my work online with clarity and ease. Throughout some of the videos, I demonstrate my non-attached and non-salesy way of sharing my digital products with potential students.

Bonus: Affirmations, journal prompts and (really good) homework: Team Amanda Frances and I have added affirmations, journal prompts, and strategic homework to each of the seven videos to help you integrate these principles into your life as you go through the content.


  • Assist you embracing into your power, owning your worth, and determining how life works for you.
  •  Accelerate you down the path of your dreams.
  •  Demonstrate how to be unavailable for anything less than what you really want.
  •  Guide you into allowing in more ease, grace, and flow in every aspect of your life.
  • Guarantee you know the power of your own mind + beliefs + energy + decision + creation.
  •  Illuminate for you how fun + rewarding designing a life and business on your terms gets to be.


  • As usual I am having a total breakthrough listening to you teach. – Leah
  • It is the same wonderful Amanda Frances energy, but there’s something different – something even bigger going on! This is next level. – Alannah
  • Thank you for being so transparent!!! It inspires me how real this is. – Brie
  • This training is empowering me to own the Queen in me. – Chaya
  • HOT DAMN! Amanda, you are the Queen. You know your freaking stuff. – Sarah
  • WHOAH. WHOAH. WHOAH. AMANDA. This is INCREDIBLE. I want to watch it over and over again. You are a priestess. – Sarah
  • Mind blown. – Colette
  • I am so freaking grateful for all of these affirmations and reflections!! – Errity
  • I feel like I manifested you, Amanda. like I had been holding the intentions to make these shifts and now I am doing it! Fuck yeah! Already vibrating higher! – Charmaine
  • This feels so next level! You just opened up new doors for me. I can’t write notes down fast enough!!! Th is is so amazing! You talk straight to my spirit. – Shelby
  • These videos are amazing. Every time I think of a question, you answer it. So much synchronicity! – Yolanda
  • What you teach solidifies more each time I learn from you! Thank you! – Alice
  • Dayummm this training is speaking to my soul right now! Preach sister. – Charmaine
  • Amanda, you are so different in this training in a really fantastic way! I feel like I’m watching you uplevel in front of my eyes. So powerful! – Alisia
  • These meditations are so powerful. Thank you. – Nicole
  • I am so excited for this! Every word you’re saying is lighting me the fuck up! – Maria
  • This is EVERYTHING – Navae
  • I love this training so much Amanda. I have focused more on alignment now in my coaching and am making more money, thanks to you. It totally works. – Katie
  • It is so amazing how you stand in your power. That is the vibration and intention I am setting. Thank you for teaching this. – Indrani (Feedback from people who watched the videos as they were recorded live.)

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