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Badass Body Language – Carlos Xuma

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In addition to claiming your “Badass Body Language” Downloadable CD, why not also invest in this Ultimate PLATINUM Package. (You get to download all your audio and video with your order instantly, too!) Or, scroll down to take advantage of the original free downloadable CD offer.

Badass Body Language – Carlos Xuma


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In addition to claiming your “Badass Body Language” Downloadable CD, why not also invest in this Ultimate PLATINUM Package. (You get to download all your audio and video with your order instantly, too!) Or, scroll down to take advantage of the original free downloadable CD offer.

Here’s what you get with the amazing “PLATINUM PACKAGE” which includes ALL of the following:

1. VIDEO 1: Foundation & Secret Keys: the first video covers the 3 Core Elements of talking to women – There’s a lot of theory and “models” and methods out there, but for the first time you’ll know exactly what ONE thing you need to focus on most when you talk with women – and if you don’t get this one thing right, you will never get the girl… PLUS…

2. VIDEO 2: Conversation flow: How hard should you work to get her talking to you? You may even wonder if she’s even into you at all. I’ll teach you how much effort to put into talking to women, and what to watch for to tell you when to stay and when to go. Including One Simple Finishing Technique that – if you start using it now – you’ll double or triple the number of approaches that turn into a date – and first-time dates that turn into another one…

3. VIDEO 3: How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say: How to win the inner game of conversation – why guys have problems talking to women and how to get past your inner mental blocks and anxiety in conversation with women. Ever had that “panic” attack in a conversation where things are going great, and then suddenly you just run dry of things to talk about? I’ll show you exactly why this happens to you, and what to do to erase it from your mind…

4. VIDEO 4: How To Be A Master Storyteller: A lot of guys don’t know what to talk about with women. Having stories to tell is essential to have your ace in the hole. PLUS 7 Important Elements to communicate in your stories to maximize your ability to communicate yourself to women. You’ll have no problem hooking her attention for as long as you want… Including examples of stories that you can model.

5. VIDEO 5: How To Make Women Laugh: A lot of guys wonder why women are so into a guy with a sense of humor. I’ll break down the reasons why humor is so attractive to women, and what it communicates to her about you – and why you MUST be able to make her laugh in the conversation..

6. VIDEO 6: Conversational Tools: Good conversation with women needs fuel. I’ll show you how to create that conversation fuel from thin air so that even when you’re talking with a woman in your least confident state – you never feel like you’re at a loss for something good to talk about.

7. BONUS VIDEO 7: Phone Conversation Tricks & Tips:  I’ll cover all the vital elements of talking to women on the phone, including: When to call, what to say, when to leave (and when to NEVER leave) a voicemail, how long you should talk, including all the big mistakes guys make on the phone – and how you avoid them. (Value $69.97PLUS…

8. BONUS VIDEO 8: Email and Electronic Conversations With Women: Ever start emailing a woman, and then she just seems to lose interest really quickly? I’ll show you the BIG mistake a lot of guys make using email with women that spoils their plans and works against them. Including my 8 Laws Of Communication that you must NEVER break.

9. BONUS VIDEO 9: How To Text Women — I once vowed to never text a woman if I could simply call her up. But it’s gotten to the point where you CANNOT avoid using text messaging as a way to connect with a woman. Texting is now an essential part of communicating and talking to women. I’m going to share some of my top techniques with you on how to text women – and how NOT to text them!

10. BONUS MP3 AUDIO MODULE: Banter & Attraction Conversation Class — Banter is the art of creating attraction with women using fun dialogue and playful responses. In this part of the system, I’ll teach you my best tips and techniques for getting a woman – Including: “Pushing Perception,” “Doing Shots,” “Breakthrough,” “Tag-Line,” and my “X-treme” techniques – and a ton more! ..

11. BONUS – 135 PAGE REFERENCE MANUAL — I’ll give you a complete transcription and reference ebook with notes from the entire program all laid out for you. You’ll also get practice sheets you can use in each section, with the important points highlighted.

12. BONUS – MIND MAPS Master Attraction Blueprints: How To Talk To Women — You’ll also get a copy of all the reference blueprints that I cover in the program so you can see exactly how all the concepts connect, as well as have all the notes and important points listed for you. This is an invaluable reference that I’m including that you can print, or just reference on your computer or smart phone.

This HUGE package will be instantly available for download and use! When you invest in it before the expiration date above, you also get to INSTANTLY download all the videos, MP3 audio, the reports and manuals to use right now!

AND you will get the one-on-one 45 minute fast start evaluation call

The total value for the PLATINUM Package

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