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CORE – Unleash Your Masculine Energies – David Tian

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Afterwards, you’ll feel a subtle shift inside you that will transform your life: You’ll break free from feelings of weakness and doubt and instead start to identify with your strong masculine self; You’ll remain cool, calm, and collected in times of crisis as you’ll act, instead of reacting…

CORE – Unleash Your Masculine Energies – David Tian

“ How to Connect to Your Masculine Core ”

Dear Friend,

Modern masculinity is in crisis.

Many people today don’t even understand what “masculinity” means.

You may try your best to make more money, be more alpha, or sleep around and have more conquests…

However, those are superficial, ego-driven ideals of masculinity.

They don’t resonate with who we really are. So instead of living a life of peace, joy and happiness, we live lives of frustration, anxiety and despair.

You may be going through life feeling something is missing.

You might find it hard to bond with people or make new relationships.

You may end up in a career that weighs you down instead of filling you with joy.

You might start suffering from health issues and put on weight.

After lecturing and coaching thousands of people in over 87 countries for more than a decade, I see this happen to people all the time. It’s a modern epidemic.

It’s for this reason I’ve been working hard for many months to make my new course: CORE.

In CORE, I’m going to reveal what real masculinity is and how you can connect to it, so you can become the man you’re meant to be, and live a long, happy, and fulfilling life.  
You’ll go through a 30 minute, step-by-step process which will cause changes in your brain and body’s biochemistry and connect you to your masculine core. 
It’s based on major breakthroughs which have been made in the fields of neuroscience and biochemistry in the last several decades, including the discoveries made by neuroscientists like Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2000.   
I’ve tested this on tens of thousands of people in 87 countries over the last 12 years with great results. And now I’m going to do the same for you.
However, before I tell you how, you need to know what real masculinity is and how you can connect to it…

Like femininity, masculinity is an energy which is found in both men and women.

It’s not about superficial, ego-driven values like being alpha, having big muscles, being a player, and having lots of money—those are immature, toxic forms of masculinity.

When you’re in your mature masculine energy…

You know where you’re going in life and are driven by a sense of mission and purpose.

You’re independent, disciplined, and reliable, and are assertive with yourself and others about your values and ideals.

You have the willpower to live your life in a way that does justice to your talents and the unique gifts you have to offer the world.

You think big and are willing to take risks and put everything on the line to achieve your life missions.

And you’re also able to access your feminine energy, which compliments your masculine energy, so that you can connect smoothly with feminine energy and flourish even more in life.

This course will give you the guidance many of us so desperately need to finally connect to your mature masculine energy.

When you do, you’ll live a life which feels right to you.

You’ll be living from your true masculine essence and will feel grounded and centered within yourself.

You’ll connect better with people and have more meaningful relationships.

You’ll have a sense of stability and wholeness in life as opposed to frustration and despair.

And most importantly…

You’ll have a life of true joy and happiness!

To understand masculinity more deeply, it’s best to look at nature.

Every animal has instinctual drives. When a baby duck is born, its instincts tell it the first moving, living object it sees is its mother. This drive is so strong, even if it sees a moving object that doesn’t even resemble a duck at all–like someone riding past on a bicycle–it will follow it instinctively.

Another common example is with wolves. When a baby wolf is raised isolated from other wolves, it will still howl when it sees a full moon even though it’s never seen another wolf do so.

Animals will also use their instinctive masculine drives to enforce their dominance over other animals in their fight for survival.

However, it isn’t just animals that have this instinctual drive.

Famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung discovered all human beings have a core instinctual drive, just as you do too if you’re human.

Although in modern times, most of us no longer have to fight for our survival, we still have this instinctual drive inside us. It’s part of our human nature.

This means you have the same instinctual masculine drives in you as the greatest men in history…

This means you can have the masculine drive of great kings like Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great…

The courage of great warriors like the Spartans, Mongols, and Gladiators…

The wisdom of the great thinkers and philosophers like Sun Tzu, Nietzsche, or Plato…

And the seductive powers of Casanova, Genji, or Don Juan.

But, in order for you to live from your masculine core, you need to know how to connect to it.

Psychologists and researchers have discovered the psychological and spiritual stages you have to go through to connect to your masculine core.

These stages are marked by various behaviors and psychological tendencies, such as:
● Feeling emotionally stunted and disconnected from their true masculinity.

● Avoiding intimate relationships and instead engage in activities and hobbies to escape reality.

● Lacking the courage to follow your passion and go for what you want in life.

● Developing “white knight syndrome” and getting into relationships with emotionally damaged partners you feel compelled to fix.

● Having toxic beliefs like thinking you deserve to be mistreated by people.

● Being paranoid and lacking feelings of calmness and security.

You just need to go through different psychological stages to access your masculine core.

However, this can be a long process which most people in life never complete.

This is why in CORE, you’ll discover how you can skip these stages and connect to your masculine core in as little as 30 minutes!

Connecting to your masculine core depends on you going through the necessary experiences to develop your masculinity… like rites of passage in tribal societies.

This means your brain can be rewired — and can connect to things like your masculine core in a mere 30 minutes — a fact revealed by the 2000 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine, Eric Kandel.

The world renowned Austrian-American neuroscientist won the Nobel Prize after discovering how the firing of neurons in your brain synthesizes new proteins which, in turn, creates new neural pathways.

This is what CORE is going to do for YOU!

The “Awaken Your Masculine Archetypes” meditative exercise is based on the cutting edge research made by neuroscientists and biochemists like Nobel Prize Winner Eric Kandel.

It’s a 30-minute meditative drill that activates and forms new neural pathways in your unconscious… that will rewire your brain and unleash your instinctual masculine energy… making you finally connect to your true masculine identity.

Afterwards, you’ll feel a subtle shift inside you that will transform your life.
● You’ll break free from feelings of weakness and doubt and instead start to identify with your strong masculine self.

● You’ll remain cool, calm, and collected in times of crisis as you’ll act, instead of reacting.

● You’ll be able to assert yourself and stand up for your values and ideals in the face of uncertainty and conflict.

● You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin and won’t feel obliged to meet society’s superficial standards of masculinity.

● You’ll mature psychologically and be more emotionally effective and flexible in relationships.

● You’ll connect fully with the opposite sex – one of the most seductive qualities a man can have.

● You’ll feel integrated with all your masculine energies and have a more balanced life.

● You’ll break through your limitations as you’ll see any problems you may have in a fresh new perspective.

● You’ll be able to think big and be willing to put everything on the line to achieve your mission in life.

● You’ll have the boldness to go for what you want in life… and maybe even build a legacy that can last beyond your lifetime.

● You’ll uncover your vision and purpose, so you can live your life with a greater sense of meaning.

This means, unlike 95% of men today, you’ll no longer be wasting your time trying to living up to society’s superficial, toxic idea of masculinity.

Instead… you’ll live a life which feels right to YOU and won’t feel conflicted inside.

This means you won’t have to try to be alpha like other guys… YOU will be alpha.

And, most importantly… you’ll live a life of freedom, joy and happiness.

Keep improving yourself today with this “CORE – Unleash Your Masculine Energies – David Tian” course at only [23$]

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