Healing Our Children World Summit Encore Edition 2017

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Discover Proven Solutions to Solve Disruptive Behavior in Children and Start to Enjoy Being a Parent Again!


Are You Finally Ready to Regain Control of Your Future?

Our 32 Behavioral Experts Will Teach You How to… 

Learn How to Stop Being the Victim

Parenting is not easy and dealing with a child who knows how to push your buttons can cause you to lose confidence and self-control. Learn strategies for staying calm in the midst of big emotions and behaviors.

Discover Simple Tips for Beating Overwhelm

With the right tools YOU CAN overcome feeling overwhelmed and leave burnout behind – for good.

Create an Environment That Supports Good Behavior

Learn THE KEYS to having a harmonious relationship with your child. (Hint: It has nothing to do with punishment.)

Find Out Which Therapies Are Working Now

Even if you believe that you’ve tried everything, you'll be introduced to new and effective approaches that address the underlying causes of your child's behavior problems, because there's ALWAYS something beneath the behavior.

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

It's heartbreaking to see your child struggling. When you finally understand what's at the root of your child's difficulties it can change everything and open the door to a happy and healthy future..

Leave Guilt Behind While Prioritizing Yourself 

Being hard on yourself and running yourself ragged isn't the answer. Find out why putting your needs first benefits the entire family. 

Meet Your Summit Host – Alison Morris

I'm Alison Morris and I'm the founder and host of the Full Potential Parenting Summit. I'm a “trauma mama” myself and have struggled and continue to struggle with many of the same frustrations and fears you have. 

It took me much too long to discover approaches to healing that really work, and I want to help spread information and inspiration to as many parents as possible so they don’t have to go down the same lonely, wearisome road alone.

​​​​You're about to discover proven solutions and a whole new world of dedicated professionals who will open your eyes to an astonishing array of therapies, approaches to healing, and paradigms of parenting that will empower you to make enormous strides forward.

Our Presenters

Access These Amazing Presentations From Our World-Class Experts

Karine Bell

Confessions Of A Lousy Parent. Are You One Too?

Discover why your parenting is good enough, despite what you think you might be doing wrong. Learn how to dial down that inner critic and stop trying to be the "perfect parent." Find out why it's never too late to change your relationship with yourself and your children.

Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN

Natural First Aid For Children 

Over-the-counter drugs for common ailments like a cold, stomach ache, or constipation can cause serious side effects, and often contain artificial flavors, colors and chemical preservatives. Learn how to use Herbal Remedies to support the health of your family!

Rebecca Thompson Hitt

What To Do When Punishment and Consequences Don't Work

Punishment & consequences are a part of parenting none of us enjoy. However, we're told that without them children will never learn to behave…or will they? Discover why punishing children isn't effective and learn what actually works.

Neil D. Brown

Putting Self First Doesn't Mean Putting Family Last

Develop a self-centered (not selfish) lifestyle that your entire family will benefit from. Identify the negative belief system hiding in your subconscious that is keeping you from valuing your self-worth sufficiently.

Shawn Talbott PhD

The Gut-Brain Axis: Why 'Mental' Health is Dependent on Gut Health

The gut has its own intelligence and is as important as the brain in determining how our children feel and behave. Learn why gut health is a necessary component of mental health.

Debra Wesselman

How To Overcome Overwhelm 

Why do we get overwhelmed and what is it? Find out what's really taking place when you feel overwhelmed and learn how to identify it, prevent it, and neutralize it.

Get Healing Our Children World Summit Encore Edition 2017 – Alison Morris, Only Price $27

Lisa Wolfe

Trusting Your Intuition: The Path To Making Better Decisions

Learn how to listen to both your head and your heart. Discover methods to hone your intuition into the sharpest tool in your toolbox and learn how to tap into that gift effortlessly and efficiently

Mindy Goodman

Breaking Point: Options For Parents At The End Of Their Rope

Parenting a troubled child may require some time apart. Discover what options are recommended when you feel like your patience has reached the end and the safety of the situation becomes a serious concern.

Robyn Gobbel

Why 'Talk Therapy' Doesn't Work And What Does

If talk therapy isn't helping children behave better, then more talk therapy isn't the answer. Find out why talk therapy isn't working as intended and which therapies may hold the key to helping children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Leslie Korn PhD

Supplement Secrets Revealed: Cutting Edge Science You Need To Know 

The ugly truth is our industrial food chain no longer provides us with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to remain healthy. Dive into the latest scientific research about what children need in their diet and how to supplement successfully and with confidence.

Kirstie Seaborne

Compassion Fatigue: For Caregivers Whose Hearts Are Tired and Broken

Caring for children with severe emotional and behavioral issues on an ongoing basis can deplete and defeat even the most loving parents. Learn the signs of compassion fatigue and secondary trauma and what you can do to care for and replenish yourself so you can carry on without compromising your own health.

Ana Rosa Najera

Healing From Developmental Trauma: Giving Teens a Voice and Choice

Children who experience trauma during critical brain development stages are vulnerable to a host of emotional and behavioral issues. Find out what to look for and how to help children construct a firmer foundation on which to build healthy relationships and a happier future.

Alison Morris

Affordable Opportunities To Help Your Child Heal At Home

Recovering our children's health and happiness doesn't have to cost a fortune. Learn these simple stress reduction idea that you and your children can use to unlock the body's natural healing mechanisms, all without breaking the bank.

Lois Laynee

The Unexpected Link Between Mouth Breathing & Behavior Problems 

Is mouth breathing really related to behavioral problems? Discover why most doctors and dentists are unaware of the critical connection between brain stem health, mouth breathing, and behavior problems in children.

Stasha Gominak M.D.

The Surprising Relationship Between Sun Exposure & Better Sleep 

Children who have difficulty sleeping restfully through the night, or getting out of bed in the morning, are often experiencing Vitamin D deficiency. Come find out what normal sleep patterns look like. Discover what type of sleep your child requires and learn about the role Vitamin D plays in all of this.

Jeanette Yoffe

How Trauma Transforms Bouncing Babies Into Little Bullies & Miniature Monsters

Why are our children becoming little monsters and mean, manipulative bullies? Find out how trauma derails a child's sense of safety and security, undermines their ability to trust parents and adults in general, and leads to 'bad' behavior.

Carla Atherton

The New Normal: The Epidemic Of Childhood Diseases and Disorders

Just because childhood diseases and disorders are becoming more common, it doesn't mean they're normal. Uncover the shocking truth about just how unhealthy children have become over the last couple of decades and find out what is at the heart of these new childhood epidemics and what we can do to start to heal our children.

Helene Timpone

The Explosive Child: Moving from Eggshells to Setting Clear Boundaries and Limits

Are you walking on eggshells around your child to avoid a major meltdown? If you have a hard time setting limits, and feel like your child is in charge, learn how to break this pattern, take back your parental power, and help your child feel safe again.

Alison Morris

The Hazards of Hiding From Emotions 

We all get upset, angry, and stressed. Learn why not allowing ourselves to feel and release our emotions (and teaching our children to do the same) can cause problems, and discover a parent-friendly tool to release 'negative' emotions before they have a chance to harm you or anyone else.

Aimie Apigian M.D.

How Much Does Methylation Matter? Understanding A Master Metabolic Process That's Critical for Children's Health

If you're not familiar with methylation or MTHFR, then you do not want to miss this session. We'll explore and educate parents about this key metabolic process that is capable of wreaking havoc with children's health if it goes awry.

Jules Alvarado

Healing Can Happen: Transforming Childhood Trauma

Don't let a trauma history derail the future for your children or hold them hostage forever. Discover how trauma holds gifts for both parent and child and why it's never too late to heal.

Kenneth Pelletier M.D.

Is Genetic Testing A Scam Or Do Genes Help Determine Destiny? 

What role do genes play in determining our children's health? Dive into the truth about the Human Genome Project and discover the importance of genetic expression over genetic mutations. We'll also discuss whether genetic testing for children makes sense and the exciting new science of biomarkers and individualized medicine.

Dan Siegel M.D.

The Perils Of Getting Locked Into Labels 

Find out why labeling our children prevents us from really seeing who they are and from being present and aware, and why kindness and compassion are key.

Laura Lagano

The Top Five Tests For Children & How To Understand Them Without A Medical Degree

When you can't order every lab test, how do you decide which tests will be best? Learn which tests come out on top, which you can do without, and how to understand the results – even without a medical degree.

Sonia Story

Are Retained Reflexes Restricting Our Children?

Emotional and behavioral development rates in children vary for several reasons and some even struggle with mastering basic motor skills. Find out if retained reflexes are playing a role in restricting your children's development and discover methods to help them get caught up with their peers.

Steve Terrell PsyD

Emotional Overwhelm: How To Tolerate Discomfort & Distress

Find out how anxiety can become an overwhelming force in a child's life. Learn what's driving the overwhelm, and how to help them develop a level of tolerance that allows them to start enjoying their childhood.

Bryan Post PhD

Stress Regression: The Reason Children Try To Ruin Important Events

Stress causes children (and parents) to behave younger than their age. Find out why this happens and learn new perspectives and techniques that can help lessen the frequency and severity of stress regression.

Jess Sherman

Food Fatigue: How To Convert Children Into Clean Eating Machines

For too many families, eating has become the enemy in the form of special diets, food restrictions, and allergies. Help your kids learn to love the foods that love them back.

Kathi Kemper M.D.

Instead of Drugs: Natural Options for Mental Health 

Medication isn't the only option for helping your child. Learn why medications may not work as well as promised and learn about natural healing options with fewer side effects and better outcomes.

Mona Delahooke PhD

Beneath The Surface: The Root Cause Of All Behavioral Problems

Learn to look past labels when trying to determine the root cause of distress in children. Bad behavior is NEVER the problem – it's simply a symptom of something much deeper.

Jonathan Bailor.

How To Nourish Yourself So You Have Energy to Nourish Your Child

When you get run down and depleted there's nothing left for your children. Learn how to incorporate healthier foods into your life efficiently and effectively so the whole family can flourish.

Suzie Senk

Staying Sane While Getting Your Child To Sleep

Bedtime is a huge stressor for many parents and children. Learn how to address what's preventing your child from going to bed and falling asleep easily.

We've Left Nothing Out of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  


Get Healing Our Children World Summit Encore Edition 2017 – Alison Morris, Only Price $27

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