High Risk Obstetrics: Current Trends, Treatments & Issues – Donna Weeks

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You do NOT want to be unprepared when the next high-risk OB patient comes through the door! Expert, Donna Weeks, will delve into the most common and complicated emergencies presenting in today's obstetrical patients. Her extensive experiences in obstetrics have provided her with keen insight into these often challenging and frightening situations. She is eager to share with you effective interventions and treatment strategies that improve patient outcomes.

Through enlightening case studies, persuasive evidenced-based research, and an engaging presentation style, Donna will provide you with a comprehensive look at pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP, shoulder dystocia, sepsis and DKA in pregnancy, OB triage, hemorrhage complications, and so much more! Int his recording, you'll learn new strategies and techniques that can immediately impact the maternal and fetal outcomes of your obstetrical patients.

  1. Analyze key assessment needs of high risk labor patients to know when care needs to be escalated.
  2. Distinguish early warning signs in the obstetrical patient that may lead to maternal or infant morbidity or mortality.
  3. Predict the management course and patient care needs in various clinical examples using sample evidence-based protocols.
  4. Determine your level of readiness to respond to emergencies for high risk pregnancies.
  5. Develop strategies for effective communication and teamwork during these most challenging times.
  6. Interpret the possible causes of a post-partum hemorrhage and appropriate management for each.
  7. Discuss the course of pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and HELLP and identify appropriate treatment.

Get High Risk Obstetrics: Current Trends, Treatments & Issues – Donna Weeks, Only Price $79 

Are YOU Ready?

  • Preparing for the High-Risk Patient
  • Guidelines, Tool Kits, Protocols & Policies
  • Unit Readiness
  • Ensuring Staff Preparedness for a Crisis
  • Preventing Traumatic Birth & Poor Outcomes

OB Triage Challenges

  • ED vs. OB – Deciphering Which Patient & Which Dept.
  • Legal Pitfalls
    • Disposition Decisions – Do you Agree?
  • Maternal Fetal Triage Index
  • Defining Best Practices

Hypertension in Pregnancy

  • Pre-eclampsia: It's Not Over Until it's Over
  • Eclampsia
    • Diagnostic Criteria
    • Effect on Body Systems
    • Lab Tests & Expected Findings
    • Critical Effects
  • Medication Management
  • Key Clinical Pearls

Obstetrical Hemorrhage

  • Antepartum Causes: PPH is NOT the Diagnosis
  • Postpartum Causes
    • Invasive Placenta: Acreta, Increta, Percreta
    • Emergency Management
    • Recognize & Escalate
    • Fluids & Blood Products
  • Debriefing Process

Shoulder Dystocia

  • Interventions You MUST Know
  • Risk Factors: ADOPE
  • Emergency Maneuvers
  • Maternal Effects
  • Newborn Effects
  • Critical Points in Documentation

Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Pregnancy

  • Diabetic Goals & Patient Management
  • Care During Labor & Delivery
    • Key Assessments
    • Avoiding DKA
  • Emergency Management

Amniotic Fluid Embolism

  • Defined Criteria
  • Symptoms & Causes
  • Emergency Algorithm
  • High Morbidity & Mortality
  • Frequent Rehearsal of Critical Actions
  • Critical Documentation Points

Perinatal Infections

  • Group B Strep
  • Decreasing or Still a Threat?
  • Current Recommendations
  • Chorioamnionitis
  • Perinatal Transmission of HIV
  • Update on ZIKA

Sepsis in Pregnancy

  • Recognizing Signs & Symptoms
  • Critical Lab Values
  • Emergent Interventions
  • Surviving Sepsis Bundle

Get High Risk Obstetrics: Current Trends, Treatments & Issues – Donna Weeks, Only Price $79 

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