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A mind map is a visual outline of information. Some popular ways to use a mind map include: note-taking, brainstorming, and project management. Join mind-mapping expert and Iris Reading instructor Joseph Rodrigues for an in-depth look at how you can creatively use mind mapping for any objective you have. You’ll learn how to save time and get more done as a result of applying mind mapping concepts to everything that you do. 

Online Webinars

  • Package of 15 short instructional videos
  • Approx. 91 minutess of content
  • Great add-on to any of our core courses
  • Mind map templates for each lesson (Requires Free XMind download)


  • Lifetime access to all future versions of this course (Currently at 3.0)
  • Certificate of completion



  • Intro – Part 1 About The Instructor
  • Intro – Part 2 About The Course
  • Intro – Part 3 About XMind
  • Part 1 Mind Mapping 101
  • Part 2 Mind Mapping 101 + Examples
  • Part 3 Mind Mapping 101 + Examples
  • Part 4 Mind Mapping 101 + Benefits
  • Part 5 Mind Mapping 101 + Other
  • Part 6 Mind Mapping 101 + Creating
  • Mind Mapping for Task Lists
  • Mind Mapping for Article Reading
  • Mind Mapping for Meetings
  • Mind Mapping for Studying
  • Mind Mapping for Writers
  • Mind Maps for Problem Solving / Decision Making
  • Mind Mapping for Brainstorming


Get Mind Mapping Course – Iris Reading, Only Price $27

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