Pain, Illness, and the Difficult Case – Donna Eden

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Where Energy Medicine Moves from a Technique Into ArtWith Donna Eden and Staff

6 DVD Set with Handouts and Transcripts An Advanced Energy Medicine Class

This exciting class was built around 8 “difficult cases,” individuals who were not responding to other treatments. You will see Donna work with three of them, explaining why she is choosing each assessment or intervention. You not only see her brilliance, you also get a sense of how to systematically think through a difficult case. You will receive instruction that is relevant far beyond the individual cases and you will be relieved to see that even a master healer approaches the work one short step at a time.

The second part of the class was group work. Five groups worked on an difficult case with the person’s actual practitioner and a supervising advanced practitioner.  Everyone in the group was involved in the treatment, making interventions, advising, discussing. Donna circulated among the groups and gave input to each of them. Then each group presented the case, the interventions, the outcomes, and their learnings to the remainder of the class.

Many of the participants rated it as the best class they’ve ever taken from Donna; some said it was the best class they have ever taken period.

Suggested prerequisites for this class includes:

  • The Energy Medicine 5-Day Basic Training
  • Energy Tracker
  • Five Rhythms – Five Elements

*NOTE: Tapes 5, 6, and 7, which are actual raw footage of ENERGY MEDICINE sessions in a group study situation, are inconsistent in their sound quality. While all segments are audible, some are a strain to understand so we have included Transcripts of the sessions.

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