10th Planet Jiu-jitsu All Stars

10th Planet Jiu-jitsu All Stars


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10th Planet Jiu-jitsu is a residing device of jiu-jitsu evolved with the aid of using Eddie Bravo that keeps to adapt as new techniques are delivered and antique strategies stay refined. The end result is a frame of actions which have been demonstrated to paintings at the mats, withinside the streets, or even withinside the Octagon. So whilst Eddie Bravo’s Twister and Rubber Guard sequences continue to be middle elements of the tenth Planet device of Jiu-jitsu, the device has many faces, with reducing part strategies being evolved, tested, and assimilated clearly each day. This DVD showcases 3 of Eddie Bravo’s maximum adept college students and gives distinctive step-with the aid of using-step education on a number of the maximum creative, effective, and perilous grappling actions in this or every other planet!

Production quality:

A state of the art production studio was used for the filming of 10th Planet All Stars. Smooth flowing cranes and dollies move the HD cameras around to just the right angle for you to see those small details that are often times left out of jiu-jitsu instructionals.

Instruction provided by:

Scottie Epstein, 10th Planet black belt: There’s a reason that Chuck Lidell asked Scottie “Einstein” Epstein to serve as his team’s jiu-jitsu coach on Season 11 of The Ultimate Fighter. That’s because Scottie, a 10th Planet student since day one, arguably knows the 10th Planet system better than anyone other than Eddie Bravo himself . Scottie has proved the effectiveness of the system at every level of competition with a 4-0 MMA (including the TAPOUT show) record and numerous grappling medals with the majority of wins by submission.

Sean Bollinger, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor at 10th Planet Riverside. Sean developed the “double bagger” aspect of the 10th Planet system, a highly effective variation of rubber guard that requires crazy flexibility but offers superior control and high percentage submissions. Bollinger gives step-by-step instructions on the double bagger and more.

Denny Prokopos, 10th Planet black belt, head instructor of 10th Planet San Francisco. Denny was the first to receive a blackbelt in the 10th planet system under Eddie Bravo and holds numerous grappling titles, including a gold medal at the FILA 2010 Grappling World Championships and the 2008 Nogi Worlds. Denny turns to his strong wrestling background for the moves he demonstrates here.


Disc 1: Scott Epstein


  • One arm north south choke
  • 69 flavors
  • Epstequitioner
  • Russian Cowboy


  • Darce
  • Peruvian necktie
  • Peruvian hurricane control
  • Peruvian to darce
  • Guillotine


  • (FDH) Forget the hooks
  • Face crush
  • Arm triangle
  • Arm triangle variation
  • Iron shiek



  • Arm triangle counter to twister pass
  • Darce counter to twister pass
  • Calf crank toe hold combo


  • Triangle escape
  • Legoplata


  • The stock
  • Straight jacket
  • Kimura
  • Americana
  • Reverse chicken
  • Triangle
  • Opposite arm kimura
  • Inverted arm bar
  • Goose neck


  • Stock bar
  • Broom
  • Monoplata variation


  • Gag reflex
  • Ezekiel gag
  • Mounted gag


  • Whip up
  • Forsaken whip
  • Mission Control

DISC 2: Denny Prokopos and Sean Bollinger


  • Locking the shoulder to an armbar
  • Chill bar
  • Chill bar to triangle
  • RNC variation 1
  • RNC variation 2
  • Pimp angle


  • Double bagger to straight jacket
  • Double bagger to triangle
  • Double bagger to double cross
  • Double bagger to gogo plata
  • Gogo to handcuff options
  • Double triangle

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