12 Practices For Deep Connection - AMP

12 Practices For Deep Connection – AMP


Like an NBA basketball player drills on the basics to make art in the moment, or a martial artist trains in particular moves, these Connection Practices are your “chops” for creating deep connection and rewarding interactions.

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Like an NBA basketball participant drills at the fundamentals to make artwork withinside the moment, or a martial artist trains particularly moves, those Connection Practices are your “chops”for growing deep connection and profitable interactions.

As you exercise your “chops”, you’ll discover your self setting those portions together, doing “combo-moves”, and ultimately weaving them like a symphony, and as they come to be second-nature to you, you’ll discover your self making ART for your interactions…!


I may want to write for days approximately those practices, however the backside line is that maximum of these items is NOT quality discovered from analyzing approximately it. Read thru the practices, choose a pair to probe for some days, and supply it a shot even though you’re now no longer absolutely certain how it’ll land, after which regulate from there.

But first, I’m going to proportion with you an editorial I wrote a pair years in the past for our AMP Inner Circle Members that demonstrates numerous of those practices in a amusing interplay I had with a girl at a residence party.

I’m sharing this tale with you to reveal you:

How those Connection Practices observe in a real-international situation – regardless of a girl who’s quite feisty!

That this isn’t simply a “Decker-only” skill – I didn’t constantly relate to ladies like this, however I discovered it, Decker discovered it, and YOU can study this, too.

And due to the fact I’m an uber-geek approximately these items, I’ll smash down the tiers of the AMP

Holarchy and the AMP Connection Practices as they arrive into play at some point of the interplay – and be aware them in

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