21 century regression & Conversational protocol – Jørgen Rasmussen

21 century regression and Conversational protocol – Jørgen Rasmussen


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21 century regression and Conversational protocol – Jørgen Rasmussen

Getting deep into fast, effective and efficient Hypnotic Regression work!Learn not only Jorgen’s number one ‘bread-and-butter’ hypnotic changework fromat……but also an entire approach to conversational change that can be used in conjunction with or separate from the formal process work!

Taught and facilitated personally by Jørgen Rasmussen

Hi, James Tripp here…

Welcome to this information page for Jørgen Rasmussen’s 21st Century Regressions… A one off live Q&A supported by 10 hours of video tuition (plus bonus interviews) in conducting both formal regressions AND powerful conversational changework.

In July 2015 I invited grasp changeworker and creator of Provocative Hypnosis and Provocative Suggestions Jørgen Rasmussen over to HWT HQ to behavior a one-off education in his method to hypnotic regression.

I had my private motives for doing this – a current revel in had proven me simply how effective regression paintings ought to be, each for excellent and, if mishandled, unwell and so I desired to discover regression paintings extra deeply than I had withinside the past (coming from an answer targeted background).

What I wished turned into a switched on manual – a grasp of regression paintings who understood the each the energy and the pitfalls of this sort of paintings, and Jørgen turned into the maximum apparent choice (I actually have regarded Jørgen for approximately five years and feature discovered a notable quantity approximately humans and pragmatic, real-international changework from him at some stage in that time. Not most effective is he might be the unmarried maximum informed character I actually have met on this field, however he is likewise a real explorer and innovative experimenter.)

Jørgen regarded like the ideal manual and instructor for this challenge for some other effective reason – as I cited Jørgen has a popularity a innovative experimenter and explorer (he as soon as ran an ‘impossibles exercise’ on a no alternate no rate basis)…

…however one of the matters that permits him to do that is that he has his regression layout as a dependable and strong fallback!

This regression layout has been evolving for over 15 years thru masses of consumer periods and continues to be Jørgen’s fallback for difficult cases.

That the regression layout being taught on this weekend in depth may be very effective… a protocal effective sufficient to construct a completely a hit hypnotherapy exercise round simply on it’s personal.

So it made excellent experience to ask Jørgen over to percentage it and train it, however while he got here what he ended up turning in turned into a lot extra!

You see, Jørgen’s paintings is in regular evolution so despite the fact that he nonetheless makes use of formal regression paintings, he has a tendency to decide upon effecting alternate merely conversationally (a hypnotic conversation, this is) so further to the formal regression system paintings, he additionally shared a whole layout for conversational alternate that could both stand by myself OR underpin the formal regression paintings as a effective framing conversation (I could say ‘pre-talk’, however that simply does NOT do it justice).

So all of that is captured withinside the 10 hours of video lessons that underpins this programme.

Formal Regression Format AND Conversational Changework Protocol

So, allow me emphasise, that is what you’re learning…

A effective, attempted and examined formal hypnotic regression layout able to effecting deep, effective and immediately alternate.

A entire conversational changework protocol, simply as effective, and absolutely able to status by myself.

Personally speaking, I can not overstate how precious that is 2d component is – as a instructor of hypnosis, I get humans asking me all of the time approximately conversational hypnosis. The manner I do it’s far primarily based totally upon years of medical instinct so I can not train what I do as a protocol (despite the fact that I do educate in it).

What Jørgen has brought here’s a near an ‘out of the box’ conversational hypnosis changework protocol as I actually have ever seen!

And through this I DON’T suggest that it’s far simply superficially brought as a dumb recipe, with out rhyme or reason – it’s far absolutely unpacked with the underpinning questioning and rationales explained (don’t be amazed to discover shifts occuring for your personal existence simply thru enticing with it).

And all of this is earlier than we even get to the formal regression paintings!

Regarding the formal system-paintings – there isn’t a lot that desires to be stated right here on that as there are motion pictures contained in this web page displaying factors of the paintings in addition to a complete session (displaying a barely older however nonetheless applicable incarnation of the system).

What I will say is, in contrast to many different changework education products, we’re such as observe ups with the volunteers who Jørgen labored with withinside the education. What you may without a doubt get from that is that REAL CHANGEWORK is taking location and being taught, and now no longer simply some ‘show most effective’ demonstration.

Keep improving yourself today with this “21 century regression & Conversational protocol – Jørgen Rasmussen” course at only [$80]

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