21 Day Challenge - Jesse Elder

21 Day Challenge – Jesse Elder


In just 21 days, over a thousand participants dramatically shifted their lives and their perspective on what’s possible. You may think these kinds of transformations take months or even years to achieve. This challenge proves it can be done in just a few days.

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Join a worldwide experience of connection, growth, and transformation.

In May 2018, the first 21 Day Challenge took over Facebook. For three weeks, challengers saw huge upgrades in their health and energy, their cash flow, their confidence, and so much more. People from all over the world connected to show their results and support each other’s growth in the 5 key areas of an upgraded life: Energy, Enlightenment, Economics, Education, and Experiences.

In just 21 days, over a thousand participants dramatically shifted their lives and their perspective on what’s possible. You may think these kinds of transformations take months or even years to achieve. This challenge proves it can be done in just a few days.

On October 1, the 21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge is back. This time it’ll be even bigger and better than before with brand new challenges and tools to fuel your growth.

Join the Challenge and see just how good your life can get.

Here’s just a few of the powerful transformations our community experienced in the first challenge…

Bring Your Life Back to Life.

Our biggest problems in life come from five things:

  • Low physical energy
  • Spiritual disconnection
  • A poor relationship with money
  • Feeling overwhelmed or inadequate
  • Not having the intimate connections our heart truly desires

It’s easy to feel defeated, unmotivated, or unsure how to move forward when those things are blocking your path to success and fulfillment.

If you are experiencing any of this, you are not alone. It can happen to anyone. The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck. It’s possible to turn your life around much faster than you think.

Join Jesse Elder and the other DOERS of the world for what might just be the most rewarding 21 days of your life.
Jesse on Beach Cutout
“Hey guys, you will not believe this but I have $3000 in cash sitting by my computer from yesterday, and today I got $2000 more today! (Out of the blue someone asked to buy my little trailer camper that I’ve been meaning to fix up forever, and I was like… hmmm, okay!) *BOOM* Checked that piece of stuff off my list, and let the cash flow in! My goal for the month was $5000 (more money than I’ve made any month this whole past year) and I’ve made more than that in the LAST TWO DAYS!!! Seriously guys!!! So crazy! Getting fired has really increased my wealth, hahahahaha <3 you all! May the miracles keep coming!!!”
Kammi H.



Become Unstoppable.

In this 21 Day Challenge, Jesse will personally mentor you in the 5 key areas of an upgraded life:


Experience deep rest and highly focused natural vitality.


Deepen your spiritual connection and peace of mind – no matter what’s happening around you.

Get immediately download here: Jesse Elder – 21 Day Challenge


Fix your money blocks and open your money flow through fun and inspired action.


Take control of your mind and learning so that you have FUN developing new and valuable skills that are aligned with your mission in life.


Become a leader and creator of amazing relationships and memories wherever you go.

21 Days TO Change Your Life.

Master Simple Techniques

Every day Jesse will be in the Facebook group giving you lessons and challenges to elevate your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Connect with Your Tribe

The Upgraded Life Challenge is filled with growth-minded individuals just like you. They will be there to support you and hold you accountable along the way.

Take Inspired Action

This journey is for creators, not spectators. You will be challenged to push yourself in new and exciting ways. You will grow faster than you thought possible and in ways you didn’t expect.You will grow faster than you thought possible, in ways you didn’t expect.

How good can life get in 21 days? Listen to the powerful transformations our members experienced in the first challenge.

Entrepreneur. Action Philosopher. Time Piercer.

Jesse is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and all around lover of life.

He’s devoted his life to sharing his principles of self-mastery with people all around the world. Through his popular Mind Vitamin videos, online courses, events, and private coaching, Jesse teaches others how to create their own success and fulfillment, reclaim their personal freedom, and master their reality.

Whether he’s training millionaire CEOs, entrepreneurs, or everyday individuals, Jesse’s unique insights and universal teachings empower everyone to live an upgraded life. Today, his messages of optimism and self-improvement reach millions of people worldwide.

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