24 ADVANCED Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers – Todd Brown

24 ADVANCED Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers – Todd Brown


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Masterclass for Experienced Marketers24 ADVANCED Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers

See More Opens, Clicks, And Sales When You Deploy The Same 24 Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers Used By The Savviest Email Marketers

What You’ll Gain

GET MORE OF YOUR EMAILS OPENED: The weird words, phrases, and subject line structures driving the highest open rates today.

GET MORE OF YOUR EMAILS READ: Powerful frameworks for hooking readers, creating irresistible messages, and driving engagement so you gain voracious email readers.

GET MORE CLICKS: Methods for stimulating credibility, celebrity, and “click confidence” while secretly delivering compelling buying signals.

GET MORE SALES: Advanced techniques for pre-selling, framing, and product positioning which turn your email clicks into more sales.

See More Opens, Clicks, And Sales When You Deploy The Same 24 Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers Used By The Savviest Email Marketers

  1. GH Weird Opener Trigger
  2. Pluralized Verb Trigger
  3. Teaching Parable Trigger
  4. Manufactured Logic Trigger
  5. FAB Formula Trigger
  6. Faux Science Trigger
  7. Identity Molding Trigger
  8. Steering Choice Trigger
  9. Experience Acknowledge Trigger
  10. Embedded Question Trigger
  11. Hooked Opener Trigger
  12. False Evidence Trigger
  13. Factual Claim Illusion Trigger
  14. Agreement Bucket Trigger
  15. Contrasting Comparison Trigger
  16. Incongruent Subject Line Trigger
  17. Nested Loop Trigger
  18. Moving Metaphor Trigger
  19. Truism Trigger
  20. Framing Trigger
  21. Proprietary Property Trigger
  22. Innocuous Confession Trigger
  23. Contradictory Similarity Trigger
  24. Buried Instructor Trigger

What Makes This Training Different?

This is perfect for you if you’re a marketer who’s been around the block and already knows the basics of email marketing… and all the run-of-the-mill tactics.

Because, inside this Masterclass, you’ll discover 24 new techniques for driving opens, generating clicks, and boosting sales.

Each proven in the direct marketing trenches.

Each used and demonstrated by Todd with his own emails or those of his clients.

And each leveraging one or more advanced techniques of reframing, positioning, claim-building, argumentation, rhetoric, or demand creation.

Most of the 24 Triggers are easy hacks or email tweaks you can DEPLOY WITHIN MINUTES.

So you can see more opens, more clicks, and more sales the first time you use them.

And most can be added to almost any existing email, sequence, or autoresponder the day you learn them.

As well, you’ll see greater email response as you use these 24 advanced Triggers — whether one at a time or in combination — no matter what type of approach you currently use for email marketing (autoresponders, broadcasts, story sequences, etc.).

Not too mention… you can easily complete this Masterclass in one sitting and start making more money from your email marketing right away.

So, if you’re already using email as part of your marketing… and you want to know you’re deploying the same savvy techniques for driving opens, clicks, and sales as the best email marketers on the planet… you’re going to love how you feel after going thru this Masterclass

What You Get Today

When you claim your course access, you immediately get:

  • The Complete 3-Hour Video Masterclass
  • Downloadable Audio Recording
  • Word-For-Word Transcript
  • Masterclass Handouts
  • Quick-Reference Checklist

Keep improving yourself today with this “24 ADVANCED Email Persuasion & Conversion Triggers – Todd Brown” course at only [$32]

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