30 Pips Daily - Trader Ed

30 Pips Daily – Trader Ed


Can you spend approximately 1 hour per day at 1 of 2 specific times during the day which are actually the    London market and/or the New York market opening times? (PST would be midnight or 5am, EST would be 3am or 8am – adjust for your specific time-zone) Because believe me, that’s all it takes to earn $300. per day scalable to $600.

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Can you spend about 1 hour in line with day at 1 of two unique instances for the duration of the day which might be truely the London marketplace and/or the New York marketplace beginning instances? (PST might be middle of the night or 5am, EST might be 3am or 8am – alter to your unique time-zone) Because consider me, it is all it takes to earn $300. in line with day scalable to $600. or extra with out anymore attempt or time spent! I’m now no longer seeking to be a clever ass however in case you are now no longer inclined to make investments this little quantity of time and multiple hundred greenbacks on your future, you are losing each a while and mine, so allow’s simply element as buddies.

But in case you are nonetheless with me, “GREAT!” due to the fact I’ve been buying and selling for over two decades and this beats the heck out of any element-time or full-time everyday J.O.B. and any form of Internet Marketing to your computer – for time spent, ease of attempt and occasional investment. You may even exercise earlier than making an investment free of charge with out spending a dime. All you want is a laptop, net connection and my excellent software program device! “30 Pips Daily” Many even accomplish it with an iPad, iPhone or some thing similar!

BTW, the simplest cause that I’m nonetheless doing Internet Marketing is due to the fact buddies and own circle of relatives talked me into promoting my structures approximately eight years in the past and due to the fact I offer limitless electronic mail aid with every one, I would possibly as properly preserve you updated with the trendy techniques also. My promoting charge would not almost compensate me for the time I installed for his or her creation. Nuff said, returned to the crucial stuff. (heh,heh)

For you men which can be acquainted with buying and selling foreign exchange and were spending hours to your charts going up and down with wins, losses and instability, it is throughout now; due to the fact any further you may be buying and selling like a enterprise and making earnings like you’ve got got by no means dreamed of.

For you newbies, getting to know a way to exchange foreign exchange with the “30 Pips Daily” device it’s so an awful lot easier, quicker and much less unstable than another enterprise you can ever attempt. Plus I’m right here with limitless electronic mail aid that will help you with any questions or troubles you could have alongside the manner. Here are some pictures of trades that this device can generate each time.

OK allow me take a minute to give an explanation for the above %. To exchange this device as a rock strong enterprise of your own, you simplest want to region one exchange in line with day at 1 of unique instances (specifically the London or New York beginning.) Doing this you’ll see a generated triumphing exchange nearly each day, simply with the gbp/usd. If with the aid of using hazard you do not have a gbp/usd generated exchange withinside the first hour, you may test out the eur/usd. In the above % there have been long (buy) trades generated. One at the gbp/usd inside a 1/2 hour at the London open and one inside 15 mins at the N.Y. beginning.

What you do is region your exchange after which region the robotic supervisor on it that’s supplied withinside the device, then visit mattress or buying or whatever. It will robotically near out at 30 pips earnings for $300. on a general settlement or take you out at a 30 pip stop-loss with a view to manifest very seldom. Hence, there are at the least 20 buying and selling days in 1 month so there may be your $6000. earnings for that month. I strongly endorse that while you are equipped to scale up, simply make the equal 1 exchange with 2 general contracts for a earnings of $12,000. monthly.

With my rather custom designed signs and robotic, you have to locate one of these trades regular at one of these 2 marketplace openings. This is why I opt for to name it a rock strong domestic primarily based totally enterprise as an alternative that simply foreign exchange buying and selling and sincerely now no longer playing in any manner form or form. This is and also you have to have a take a observe it this manner, a bread and butter domestic primarily based totally enterprise and extra, performed in approximately an hour in line with day and approximately 20 days in line with month. Is that first rate or what?

One extra issue, for you diehards that choose to screen a exchange for a protracted time. In this situation your guide go out might be whilst the fashion line thru the candles turns to the alternative colour absolutely and an contrary alert arrow pops up. I proven this situation withinside the N.Y. exchange above.

If you made a decision to screen and disengage the robotic, you may see that an contrary coral coloured alert arrow popped up approximately 2 hours into the exchange however the fashion line did now no longer absolutely exalternate colors, it’s far each aqua and coral colour so that you live in and you’ll get out wherein I actually have the hole yellow arrow approximately three hours later.

You might were tracking a exchange for a touch over five hours. Now that is NOT what I designed the device for however I recognise a number of you men want to do this so I defined it.

Lastly, one issue I would love to notice is that at the London exchange, if for a few cause to procure in late, the robotic might now no longer have taken you out for earnings wherein I actually have indicated however you furthermore mght would not have even come near your stop-loss in order that exchange might have persevered and you’ll were taken out robotically on the second one candle after the N.Y. open and nonetheless made your $300. bucks.

OK, I do not need to bore you so right here are a pair extra pictures of capacity trades generated on different days or even at the eur/usd.


A winning long (buy) trade generated on the opening candle of the London and a winning short (sell) trade 30 minutes after the N.Y. open.


Here is the EUR/USD showing two short (sell) winning trades. The first, 30 minute after the London open and the second, 45 minutes after the New York open. Bear in mind though, it is always better to trade the gbp/usd if possible. Less chance of losing a trade by it hitting your stop-loss before 30 pips profit have been made. Folks, these trades are generated daily, that’s all there is to it. Seems simple because it is simple! I know you don’t want to spend all day looking at these pics so I was planning to show a video of me placing a trade. But I don’t think many would be interested in watching me place a live trade and then a few hours later, a shot of the closed trade by the robot and it definitely wouldn’t serve much of a purpose so instead I decided to show a couple of videos that explain exactly what we look for to place a valid trade and when we avoid placing a trade. These video links will also be in the User Guide with the system. So let’s get on with the flicks!



OK! Now that I’ve got you all hyped up (I hope) comes the bad news. Not really bad news but I like to call it caution news. Most of you are aware that all technical trading systems are not infallible. Well there is something we need to especially watch out for when trading the 30 Pips Daily system and that is Monday mornings. At least in my part of the world. It might be a little different depending where you live but we are talking about the first London and first New York session after the week-end market closings. They can be tricky and sometimes not even tradable. The next 2 pics demonstrate this.

A Good Monday Morning After The Closed Week-End

As you can see there was a great trade with the GBP/USD right at the London open. If you were slow, you could have even gone in on the next candle and still won the trade. There was also a decent trade on the New York open, although you would have had to wait about 1 hour and 45 minutes for it. On a Monday I like to see my trade generated within about 1 hour but for you hardcore guys, you might stick it out for 2 hours at the most. No trade by then, I suggest taking the day off. Remember, you really only need 1 trade per day and that is what I strongly suggest you stick with unless you are making up for a possible loss. Otherwise when you decide you want or need more profit, you just increase your risk or in other words the amount you place on the trade. That’s the way the big boys do it and the banks seldom lose. OK, the other side of the coin.

A Bad Monday Morning – No Trade

No trade setup on the London until 2 hours and 45 minutes after open and it was a loser but you should have been long gone before that! No trade on the New York for the first 2 hours. Day off, take a break, get your head cleared and ready for a good rest of the week trading. Just trying to be honest and letting you see how this can be a business. This is how you do it. You don’t want to be trading one trade after another until you eyes are cross-eyed and you have gone up and down and in the end have accomplished nothing. Besides trying to sell you a trading system, I’m trying to show you how it is traded to win!

Okey Dokey, I’ll leave you with a few trades before last Christmas. Even on Christmas eve, 30 Pips Daily performed like a champ!

British Pound USD Less Than 2 Weeks Before Christmas

Euro-Dollar Trades Christmas Eve

I don’t know if you are all aware of it but a forex technical trading system that performs well during the Holiday season, says a lot for it.

Version 2 of 30 Pips Daily Forex System

You can see that it is traded almost the same as version 1 except the RSI/MOM combo has been replaced with the conf which needs to be the same color as the candle to verify a valid trade. It makes it easier and faster to confirm a generated trade and is just as accurate. Both templates are included with the system and you can trade either one. The whole system is new for 2019. I personally prefer the updated v2 template. More is explained in the User Guide that comes with the system.

Well my friends, we are at this point again where the ball is in your court. Don’t just purchase another trading system but get yourself a real thriving business that only takes usually less than 2 hour per day of your time. Work at home. Work in your PJ’s if you like. The easiest way I know to make big bucks without having to invest a ton of money. I’ll be here with unlimited email support for as long as you have the system or the good Lord takes me home. Here is what you will receive for such a small investment.

Keep improving yourself today with this “30 Pips Daily – Trader Ed” course at only [$37]

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