4 Week Natural – Alex Social


  • Target selection: how to detect indications of interest
  • Incidental approaches: “It just happened”
  • Re-approach repeatedly to build familiarity without being needy

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4 Week Natural

Achieve the dating abundance you've always wanted

Get access to the world’s experienced dating and pickup coach. Train live for 33 days in bars, clubs, parks, and bookstores. Achieve social success like you never had before.

4 Week Natural Curriculum

Night Game

  • Target selection: how to detect indications of interest
  • Incidental approaches: “It just happened”
  • Re-approach repeatedly to build familiarity without being needy
  • Create many leads, then double down on the best one
  • Establish physical comfort
  • Get accepted by her friends
  • Give her space to game you back
  • Escalate correctly and at the right time
  • Leave the venue with the girl smoothly without having to actively “pull”

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Day  Game

  • How to approach without putting pressure on the girl
  • Get the girl to invite you to continue the interaction
  • The proper balance between talking about yourself and learning about her
  • How to get the girl talking about herself without asking lots of questions
  • Prevent defensiveness
  • Make her wonder what happens next
  • How to make the number solid

Inner  Game

  • Take control of your (lack of) motivation towards women
  • 33 day internalization that You Are Enough
  • Eliminate approach and social anxiety
  • Learn to see yourself as a leader to those you’re attracted to
  • Learn to enjoy rejection because you no longer see it as rejection at all
  • Liberate yourself to act freely in any situation
  • Face your darkest fears and biggest limitations under Alex’s guidance to reach resolution
  • Never be needy: internalize freedom from outcome
  • Reach relaxed arousal: state control and flow
  • Experience the enlightenment: acceptance of the self, the environment, and female psychology

Social Skills Masterclass

  • Dynamic openers
  • Maintain confident posture and body language
  • Vocal coaching
  • Show empathy by giving people an out
  • Screen quickly and effectively for logistics and availability
  • Validate other’s egos
  • Express a full range of emotions
  • Learn to talk infinitely
  • Win frame battles
  • Overcome initial rejection
  • Attractive self-amusement
  • Win-win game: Achieve social success while building up everyone around you

Building Attraction

  • Establish an attractive frame immediately
  • Interact with her physically
  • Utilize Alex’s arsenal of verbal lines that wor
  • Create deliberate pauses
  • Keep her attention
  • Get girls qualifying themselves
  • Persist attractively
  • Be deliberately illogical
  • Give deep personality compliments
  • Create a fear of loss
  • Tailor your vibe to each individual girl
  • Master women’s shit tests
  • Build and maintain tension and arousal

Text Game & Online Game

  • Pick the right first photo to make her read more
  • Incorporate subsequent photos that check all the boxes
  • Write an engaging profile
  • Dating app photoshoot
  • Build your perceived value through Instagram
  • Keep her hooked over time
  • How to propose dates in a way where “no” doesn’t equal rejection

Get 4 Week Natural – Alex Social , Only Price $127

33 Days Live Pick Up Coaching Immersion

True Transformation

“I’ve done boot camps before, but I find myself falling back to old habits when going home”

Most dating coaches offer 3 day boot camps. Some offer 7 day immersions. But you know there is no such thing as a magic pick up line or technique. You didn’t come here for that. You’re here to become a better version of yourself – permanent and lasting transformation.

Work Exclusively with Alex, not an Assistant Coach

Alex will be your coach at every single session.

Most companies place you with an assistant coach for some of your infield sessions. Even though many guys want to be Alex’s assistant coaches, Alex doesn’t take them on because he knows you’re here to work with him directly.

24/7 Coaching Access + 16 Infield Sessions

You will have 8 day game, 8 night game, and 8 bonus (inner game, tinder game, etc) sessions evenly spread out over the duration of 4 weeks. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 bootcamps!

In addition, you will be able to contact Alex 24/7 throughout the entire program. Alex will never be far away.

Crush First Impression

Alex will provide an ongoing fashion consultation to help you build your particular style and make sure you’re making a great first impression. You’ll go over hair, attire, grooming, and general visual aesthetics to perfect your look.

In addition, you will get an outlined health, workout, and nutrition game plan customized to you and designed to help you attain the look that you’d like to be able to achieve with your physique.

Become Your Strongest Self

It’s very hard to see at yourself from the outside the way others do. With experience, Alex has become extremely good at pinpointing the essence of your personality and how it affects how others perceive you. Blindspots, sticking points – Alex will tell you exactly what you need to do to make people perceive you as an attractive leader, and he’ll walk you through every step of building your new habits.

Convert Dates to Lovers

Say you meet a girl during the program. It might take a few days just to set up the date. With a bootcamp, your coach would already be long gone! But Alex will be there to help you every step of the way.

He’ll advise you on the best locations to go, what to do during the date and be right on the other side of the phone for any help you need DURING the date!

Win at Tinder

You will receive a full break down of your online dating accounts from improving your pictures to learning what to say. You will see real examples from Alex, see his personal accounts and learn how to get the same level of results INSTANTLY!


Besides coaching, Alex is also a professional photographer ( He’ll take professional-level pictures of you to take your Tinder profile to the next level.

Get Girls on Dates

Do girls often seem warm in person, but then never respond after giving you their contact info?

Alex will teach you how to use text game and social media to make girls actually become MORE interested over time.

Achieve Your Life Goals

Four 1 on 1 sessions with Alex talking about fears, past experiences, hopes, and dreams.

Friends for Life

After spending 4 weeks with your fellow students and going out together again and again, you’ll have friends for life who are cool and socially experienced. The perfect wingmen!

Learn from the Best Infield Videos

Access to the best infield video library in the world. These are videos that are too sensitive to be shown on the internet.

Become Part of the Tribe

Upon graduating from your program, you will be part of the 4 Week Natural Community. You will receive a custom-embroidered polo shirt, will be connected with the network of previous 4wN graduates around the world whom you can wing with, and will be welcome to meet up with Alex and the crew on any future 4wN program to catch up with Alex and participate in the shenanigans.

Get 4 Week Natural – Alex Social , Only Price $127

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