40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course - Leonie Dawson

40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course – Leonie Dawson


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40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course – Leonie Dawson course is available you will get immediately after payment only $99 $37.

What will you get: 

1. Course Introduction

  • 1. Welcome to the Course.ts
  • 2. Why Do You Need To Create An E-Course.ts
  • 3. Why Should You Learn From Me.ts
  • 3. Why_Learn_From_Leonie.pdf
  • 4. What You Will Learn During This Course.ts
  • 4. What_You_Will_Learn_During_This_Course.pdf
  • 5. How To Get Support During This Course.docx
  • 6. Live Q&A Call Schedule.docx
  • 7. Facebook Group.docx
  • 8. Test Time!.txt

2. Week 1 Planning Mode

  • 8. Set Your Deadline + Weekly Goals.docx
  • 5. Pre-Write_Your_Sales_Page.pdf
  • 7. Should_You_Pre-Sell_Your_Course_.pdf
  • 6. How_Will_You_Present_Your_E-Course_-_Slideshow.pdf
  • 4. How_To_Choose_Your_Title.pdf
  • 1. Brainstorm Course Ideas.docx
  • 3. Linear_MindMap.pdf
  • 3. Map Out Your Course.docx
  • 3. Circle_Mindmap.pdf
  • 6. How_Will_You_Present_Your_Ecourse_-_Worksheet.pdf
  • 2. Which_Course_To_Create_First.pdf
  • 6. Decide On How You Will Present Your Course Materials.docx
  • 3. Mindmap_Methods_-_Slides.pdf
  • 8. Commitment_and_Goal_Worksheets.pdf
  • 8. Set Your Deadline + Weekly Goals.ts
  • 3. Mindmap_Methods.pdf
  • 1. What_Should_I_Teach_-_Worksheets.pdf
  • 5. Pre-Write Your Sales Page!.ts
  • 2. What Course Should You Create First.ts
  • 7. Should You Pre-Sell Your Course.ts
  • 4. How To Choose Your Title.ts
  • 6. Decide On How You Will Present Your Course Materials.ts
  • 3. Map Out Your Course.ts
  • 1. Brainstorm Course Ideas.ts

3. Week 1 Q&A

  • Call Recording.ts

4. Encouragement Corner

  • Advice For When You Don’t Feel Ready Or Qualified Enough.ts

5. Week 2 Creating Course Materials

  • 3. How_To_Create_Hand_Illustrated_Ebooks.pdf
  • 4. How_To_Create_Worksheets.pdf
  • 5. How_To_Create_Transcripts.pdf
  • 7. How_To_Run_Group_Calls.pdf
  • 1. The_Secret_To_Mastering_Tech.pdf
  • 6. How_To_Record_Audio_Meditations.pdf
  • 9. How_To_Record_Webinars.pdf
  • 8. How_To_Record_Video.pdf
  • 10. How_To_Create_Graphics.pdf
  • 2. How_To_Create_An_Ebook.pdf
  • 2. How To Create An Ebook.ts
  • 4. How To Create Worksheets.ts
  • 5. How To Create Transcripts.ts
  • 6. How To Record Audio + Meditations.ts
  • 1. The Secret To Mastering Tech.ts
  • 9. How To Create Webinars.ts
  • 10. How To Design Graphics.ts
  • 7. How To Run Group Calls.ts
  • 3. How To Create A Hand-Illustrated E-book.ts
  • 8. How To Create Videos.ts

6. Week 2 Q&A

  • Call Recording.ts

7. Check-in Time!

  • Share Where You Are At!.txt

8. Week 3 Getting It Done!

  • 4. What_To_Do_With_A_Harsh_Inner_Critic.pdf
  • 2. How_To_Receive_Payments.pdf
  • 1. What_Software_Platforms_To_Teach_On.pdf
  • 3. What_To_Do_When_You_Are_Blocked.pdf
  • 2. How To Receive Payments.ts
  • 4. What To Do With A Harsh Inner Critic.ts
  • 5. Get An Accountability Buddy.ts
  • 1. What Software Platforms To Teach On.ts
  • 3. What To Do When You Are Blocked.ts

9. Week 3 Q&A

  • Call Recording.ts

10. Week 4 Community

  • 3. How_To_Nail_Customer_Service.pdf
  • 1. How_Will_You_Support_Your_Students.pdf
  • 4. How_To_Create_An_Incredible_Experience.pdf
  • 2. Healthy_Boundaries.pdf
  • 1. How Will You Support Your Students.ts
  • 4. How To Create An Incredible Experience For Your Students (And You!).ts
  • 3. How To Nail Customer Service.ts
  • 2. Creating Healthy Boundaries In Your Course.ts

11. Week 4 Q&A

  • Call Recording.ts

12. Week 5 Marketing Masterclasses

  • 1. How_To_Sell_The_Absolute_Shit_Out_Of_Your_Course.pdf
  • 3. How_I_Have_Sold_8M_In_E-Courses.pdf
  • 2. Sales_Page_Magic.pdf
  • 2. Sales Page Magic.ts
  • 3. How I Have Sold Over $8M In E-Courses.ts
  • 1. How To Sell The Absolute Shit Out Of Your Course.ts

13. Week 5 Q&A

  • Call Recording.ts

14. Final Check-in

  • Final Check-in.txt

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-course:

It’s time to get your e-course DONE and making you MONEY!

Learn from a master e-course creator who has sold over $8 million in e-courses.

This course is currently self-guided, NOT live…

But fret not!

You’ll have access to the future live run throughs when they’re announced!


Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

Or are you not sure how to create the tech behind it?

Or have you created an e-course but not getting the sales you want from it?

This e-course journey is for YOU.

In the space of 40 days, you are going to get your e-course DONE.  And master the tech like a pro. And start SELLING it like crazy.

This is accountability, tech + marketing advice on SPEED.

Keep improving yourself today with this “40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course – Leonie Dawson” course at only [$37]

Why do YOU need to create an e-course?

Why create an e-course?


  1. You can dramatically increase your income
  2. You will help more people
  3. You will stop selling just 1:1 and start selling to MANY. This is what makes income scalable + easily increasable!
  4. If you still offer 1:1 services, you can charge a higher price for them.
  5. E-courses can be a great way for customers to begin working with you.
  6. Your work can go out into the world in a bigger way and create a movement and a legacy!
  7. E-courses create MORE transformation and results for your clients as they are guided through your work.
  8. E-courses can take your business to the next level.
  9. Customers get more accountability, connection and friendship through group e-course experiences. (Some of my customers have met their BFFs and business partners through my courses!)
  10. People pay more for an e-course than for a book or e-book
  11. Extra stream of income that is more passive
  12. Be seen as an expert in your field
  13. It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable way to create wealth. No more travel or paper materials to learn! No physical products to manufacture. WIN WIN WIN!
  14. So I can buy it! I LOVE taking e-courses. And it’s SO FREAKING HARD to find good ones, from people I love learning from. When people are like “ISN’T THE MARKET OVERSATURATED?” I am like… “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! CREATE A DAMN COURSE ALREADY!!!! THE WORLD NEEDS IT!!!”
  15. Expand your customer market to be worldwide.

Just some of what we will cover in this course…

  • how I have sold over $8 million in e-courses
  • how to + accountability on getting your course DONE
  • how to market the absolute crap out of your courses!
  • success checklists
  • how to be a stronger + more effective teacher
  • e-course success secrets from an e-course veteran
  • behind the scenes of my e-course businesses
  • how to brainstorm your course offering
  • step-by-step guidance to get your course finished
  • learn the tech how-tos
  • how to create excellent boundaries in your course
  • how to work with your students beautifully
  • system tips to make your e-course run smoothly and take less admin time
  • mindmap templates to help you map out your course
  • worksheets to decide what course you should create first
  • how to lovingly guide students through your e-courses to create a truly incredible experience for them

… and much much more!

Learn everything you need for course creation

  • what software platforms to teach on
  • where to sell your course + process payments
  • how to create an ebook
  • how to create videos and webinars
  • how to create worksheets
  • how to run group calls
  • how to design graphics
  • how to record audio + meditations

… and much much more!

“Leonie gets results FAST.”

“Everything Leonie has told me to do has gotten me results FAST. Leonie has given me concrete steps and tips which have pumped up my business growth. She knows what she is talking about. She has taught me another way to do business. I can honestly say the reason I was able to leave my teaching job and build my business is because of Leonie.”

– Hibiscus Moon, founder of Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

“Leonie has razor-sharp strategies…”

“Leonie’s razor-sharp insights and business strategies leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating a business and life you love.

If you get the chance to learn from her, go for it!”

– Victoria Gibson, Facebook ads expert

This is FOR you if:

  • you can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm
  • you are ready to get your course created + out in the world
  • you honour and respect boundaries
  • you commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own success

This is NOT for you if:

  • you find it hard to even navigate a computer or the internet.
  • you need 1:1 handholding and guidance
  • you aren’t able to respect boundaries.

Keep improving yourself today with this “40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course – Leonie Dawson” course at only [$37]

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