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    When purchasing this course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

    40th Compilation – Dan Kennedy Archives V.1 –  Dan Kennedy

    In Celebration Of His 40th Anniversary In Information Marketing, Dan Kennedy Goes Deep, Deep, Deeeeeep Into The Archives…

    “Discover Dan Kennedy’s Lifetime Of Work–Including 356 Examples And 1556 TOTAL Pages Of Ads, Notes, Samples, Photos And Artifacts–Accumulated Over 40+ Years In Marketing, Copywriting, Speaking And Authorship…”

    Thursday 3:12 pm
    From: The desk of Dan Kennedy

    Dear Renegade Marketer,

    Let’s get to it without any “warm up”.   What I’ve done is perform a thorough excavation of literally rooms of files, notes, samples, photos, artifacts and more, accumulated throughout 40+ years in marketing.

    I then compiled everything into a 1556-page tome you’ll be able to examine and swipe ideas from for your own promotions and business.

    Best part: I put my own notes within each item, written by me in 2013, to either teach an important concept or give context to that particular piece.

    This commentary will create multiple “a-ha” moments for you as you leaf through this massive collection.   This is like having 40 years of my marketing “know how” all in one package for you to peruse, get ideas from, and take action on for your own promotions.

    Listen: these “teaching examples” have stood and WILL stand the test of time.   I also included odd and curious items, personal items, and items of historical significance.  As with a museum, different things will interest different visitors at different times.

    I guess you can say this is the mother lode of “Dan Kennedy stuff” you will EVER encounter.  And I will warn you that:

    You Can Only Get This RARE Collection
    Of My Lifetime Of Work For A Very Limited Time…

    You see, I picked these to be good representatives of changes in style and technique across the decades, from 1970 to Present.  Included are pieces that were extremely successful, pieces of historical curiosity, and personal favorites.

    This collection includes my first B2B full-page trade journal ad I wrote back in 1973…all the way to recent promotions I wrote this year.

    It also includes my first ads I wrote for Magnetic Marketing…my most successful product to date.  I even included the script for the actual speech I used to sell Magnetic Marketing from the stage.

    I also included selected pieces from the seminar marketing campaigns I did for one client – Rory Fatt and Restaurant Marketing Systems – from 2005 to 2006 through 2010.

    You’ll get a bigger snapshot later on of all 1554 pages of this archive that’ll generate TONS of:

    •  Ideas for copy angles and how to position your product or service in your copywriting and marketing.   You never want to start with a blank slate when writing copy or devising a marketing campaign for a product.   This Archive will save you a TON of time and money trying to “figure things out” for yourself.
    • Ideas for offers you’ll be able to “swipe and deploy” for your own promotions.  The offer is THE most important element of a promotion…without a good offer the copy falls flat.  You’ll see 40+ years of offers that have converted well for my clients and me.  And you’ll be able to spark tons of ideas for your own offers for products, services and seminars.
    • Design ideas for your promotions you’ll be able to implement for your own ads.  Most of these are print ads and magalogs that will spark ideas for your own promotions so you don’t have to wonder what works and what doesn’t.
    •  Headlines, closes, bullets, stories, etc. you can swipe for your own promotions.  This could be a literal marketing godsend for you since you’ll be able to flip through all 1556 pages of examples and “swipe” ideas for your own.

    So when you take action today and that big box containing this Archive lands on your doorstep:

    Do NOT Ignore Campaigns
    That Are Not In Your Market…

    For example, if you’re not a seminar marketer, don’t ignore Rory’s campaigns or any other campaign you’ll come across in this Archive.  There is much here to be adaptable and transferable for you own business.

    No one engaged in marketing can fail to unearth gems in this massive collection.  Yes, some of these items were not in pristine condition, in my files and drawers, cardboard cartons, and storage.  So their reproductions are not perfect and some you might need a magnifying glass to examine.   But trust me, your diligence will be rewarded.

    Here’s what else you’ll discover in this 1556-page archive that could be a huge bastion for your business:

    • A collection of content from presentations, products, speeches and seminars.  Most of these have historical interest and or may have value if modified and used today.  This includes entire sales presentations you can learn from, swipe ideas and implement for your own presentations.
    • Product covers and even entire products, including a complete copy of my “63 Killer Marketing Strategies” manual.  The ideas you can glean from this collection could make this Archive more than worth investing!
    • Books and book promotions I used to breathe life into my books, since publishers are not promoters.  A large assortment of the activity I used to promote my books is here so you can  “swipe and deploy” for your own promotions.
    • Newsletters and other publications that have been the foundation of virtually my entire career.  I don’t think there is any single thing as vital to a person or business’ success than its own print media.  And you’ll get an unfair “head start” over your competitors thanks to this collection.
    • Photos with me with various celebrities including Joe Theismann, Ronald Reagan, Paul Harvey and on location at many events. I used these photos to build up a “celebrity aura” around my business and myself. You’ll also discover cartoons I’ve used for my marketing as well.
    • Personal items related to my personal life and interests, and correspondence I’ve had throughout my 40 years in information marketing that will be a huge interest to you

    Of course I could go through all 356 examples in this archive one by one, but instead:

    Here’s The Actual Table Of Contents Of This Massive
    Archive That’ll Summon TONS Of Ideas For Your Own Ads And Business:

    MARKETING PIECES                                                                                                                     

    1:         1968: Best Lead Generation Letter, Not By Me

    2:         1973: My First B2B Full-Page Trade Journal Ad (for Environmental Structures)                 

    3:         1973: The Other B2B Ad For Same Product

    4-5-6:    1974: Correspondence with Kemmons Wilson, Founder of Holiday Inn re.

    Environmental Structures

    7:         1974: Franchise Lead Generation Memo for Environmental Structures

    8:         1974: Photos of Environmental Structures

    9:         1972: First media about ESI – ‘Keeping House In A Plastic Bubble”

    10:        1976 & 1977: My First Full-Page Magazine Ads For An Info-Marketing Client,

    First Ad For My Own First Info-Product and Other Ads of the Era, From Same Media

    11:        1975: LIFT NOTE EXAMPLE – from Success Education Corp.

    12:        1975: ORDER FORM EXAMPLE – from Success Education Corp.

    13:        1977: Another Version – First Info-Product Ad For Client (Success Education Corp.)

    14:        1978: Typical Article of many I wrote and had published in mid and late 70’s

    15:        1978: The first Dan Kennedy postcard promoting seminars

    16:        1978: Membership Order Form used at my retail Self-Improvement Center                         

    17:        1978: First Full-Page Ad For My Own “Success Company”                                                

    18:        1979: My First Public Seminar Brochure                                                                            

    19:        1979: My First Copywriting Job for a Professional Speaker (Buster Crabbe)                       

    20:        1979: My First Paid Copywriting Job for General Cassette Corp – to Success Readers      

    21:        1980: My Mini-Catalog for our “Brass Eagle” awards business                                          

    22:        1981: My version of the famous Thank-U-Gram® – The Thanks-A-Million Note

    23:        1982: PROMOTIONAL NEWSLETTER, “Generally Speaking”, for General Cassette – a

    marketing piece to a niche market (professional speakers)

    24:        1983: ‘Road Show” direct-mail piece, for seminars for speakers, featuring Nido Qubein

    25:        1983: “Success Spoken Here” Package Insert

    26:        1982: First Niche Market Catalog – for chiropractors

    27:        1982: My (very successful) EXPENSIVE EXPERIENCE $1 CASSETTE magazine ad*          

                 (*The advertised cassette and transcript are in Deluxe Edition of Archives)

    28:        1982: The Course sold by the EXPENSIVE EXPERIENCE CASSETTE, shown in a             

                  staged product photo

    29:        1982: 2-Page Ad in SUCCESS for General Cassette (3 Ads In 1)

    30:        1982: Smaller Ad, SUCCESS

    31:        1982: Catalog of “Special Reports” – to niche (professional speakers)

    32:        1983: POSITIONING PRODUCT – Clever product comprised of interviews

    33-35:  1987: Info-Product Brochures/Mini-Catalogs

    36:        1984: 2-Sided Order Form I Created for Success Education Training Company

    37:        1984: “VALUE BUILD” Side of Order Form for my co., SuccessTrak

    38:        1984: Full Page Print Ad For My Client, “Gold By The Inch”                                            

    39:        1986: Winning Version of Full Sales Letter I Wrote for Gold By The Inch                          

    40:       1986: Unique Testimonial Story Booklet I Created for Gold By The Inch                          

    41:        1991: DROP-DOWN OFFER, Direct-Mail Piece for Gold By The Inch

    42:        1986: 2-Sided “Renewal” Order Form I Created for SuccessTrak

    43:        1987: Cover Letter w. “Check Gambit”, Gift With Purchase Offer – Empire Cassette

    44:        1987: Canada target market letter – General Cassette

    45:        1988: STICK LETTER – Magnetic Marketing System®

    46:        1990: Article of mine, in DM NEWS, re. infomercials

    47:        1990: POSITIONING ARTICLE of mine, in a niche (chiropractic) + much more

    recent Positioning Article, generic, in SUCCESS

    48:        1991: Sales Letter for Psycho-Cybernetics Home Study Course

    49:        1991: Ad for My Cassette Programs in ENTREPRENEUR

    50:        1992: Workshop Brochure for Small Business Emergency Survival System

    51:        1992: Original SUCCESS EVENT Brochure – with Zig Ziglar, Peter Lowe and Me            

    52:        1993: BUCK SLIP with Big Bonus Offer

    53:        1993: BOOK AD TO ENTER NICHE (MLM industry)


    55:        1993: Original Version, My Famous “$4,000.00 A Day In Your Underwear Ad” for           

                  JPDK (Jeff Paul)

    56:        1993: Cover of the original “Little Yellow Book” for JPDK

    57:        1993: OPPORTUNITY AD – for another client


    59:        1993: One of my most clever pieces – VIP DISCOUNT LIST EXAMPLE

    60:        1993: “Atlanta Sinkhole Kills 2” Lift Note

    61:        1994: MAGALOG: Original Magalog for No B.S. Marketing Letter                                     

    62:        1994: Original Masthead Photo, No B.S. Marketing Letter

    63:        1994: Evolved SUCCESS EVENT Brochure – with addition of celebrity speakers

    64:        1994: ORDER FORM – Mine, from the Success Events

    65:        1994: “ONE SHEET” – My Speaker ‘Brochure’

    66-68:  1994: LITTLE YELLOW BOOKS – I believe the first two to “copycat” the Jeff Paul/

    JPDK Little Yellow Book.

    69:        1990: IRRESISTIBLE OFFER AD – Free Las Vegas Vacation by Bob Stupak                    

    70:        1990: LIST BUILDING “TRICK” – Bob Stupak                                                                  

    71:        1994: IRRESISTIBLE OFFER DIRECT-MAIL PIECE – Bob Stupak                                    

    72:        1995: My Fax-On-Demand Reports/Sales Letters Catalog (UNIQUE Piece)

    73:        1996: My Seminar Ad – “Double Your Income – Fast”

    74:        1996: TESTIMONIAL LIFT NOTE – from Greg Renker + complete sales letter to

    speakers it was first used with

    75-76:  1996: “ANNUAL REPORT”-FORMAT PERSONAL BROCHURES                                     

    77:        1996: EARLY NICHE MARKET BOOT CAMP Promotion (photography studio owners)

    78:        1996: ENVELOPE TEASER COPY EXAMPLE – from Gary Halbert

    79:        1996: REFUSAL OF MY AD – Letter from Nat’l Infomercial Association & “The Ad

    They Refused To Run”

    80:        1997: ANTI-COPYCAT COMPETITION AD – I wrote for Joe Polish

    81:        1996: “READ THIS ONLY” Cover – I wrote for Joe Polish

    82:        1997: “EXPOSED!” Ad – I wrote for Joe Polish (since used by many)                              

    83:        1997: TESTIMONIAL AD – I wrote for Joe Polish

    84:        1997: “LITTLE KNOWN” Opportunity Ad – Brian Kay

    85:        1998: “TOXIC WASTE DISPOSAL BAG” Direct-Mail Piece

    86:        1998: Nightingale-Conant Sales Letter for my Psycho-Cybernetics info-product               

    87:        1998: Nightingale-Conant “TRUE STORIES”-Format Testimonials for P-C                       

    88:         1998: “STEAL – WITHOUT A GUN” Sales Letter

    89:         1998: “LITTLE MONEY” GRABBER Sales Letter (for Power-Points)

    90:         1998: Sales Letter Sequence Step (for Power Points)

    91-93:     1998: My Catalog Business DISCOUNT OFFERS

    94:         1998: Further Evolved SUCCESS EVENT Brochure (New Buy 6, Get 1 Free Offer)

    95:         1998: “Scariest Direct-Mail Piece I’ve Ever Received”

    96:         1998: My Version of ‘Desperate Housewife’ Ad

    97:         1998: “#1 PRACTICE GROWTH GURU” Front Page Promotional Piece

    98:         1999: NEWSPAPER PAGE FORMAT SEMINAR BROCHURE (My SuperConference)      

    99:         1999: “NAME YOUR PRICE” Offer (SuperConference)

    100:       1999: POST-SUPERCONFERENCE REPORT – Sales Letter

    101-102: 1999: CATALOG PAGE, Nightingale-Conant, for my Magnetic Marketing System®

    103:       1999: POSITIONING ARTICLE to niche (MLM)

    104:       1999: CATALOG ADS for two of my products (Nightingale-Conant)

    105:       1999: The Nightingale-Conant version of the main sales letter for my                             

                   Magnetic Marketing System®

    106:       1999: THEMED SALES LETTER for a seminar-in-a-box info-product

    107:       1999: NO B.S. MAKE-MORE-MONEY CATALOG

    108:       2000: “I VOTED MYSELF OFF THE ISLAND!” Gold-Plus Coaching Sales Letter


    110:       2000: Cover of Package for Testimonial Audio Cassettes

    111:       2000: “WHAT IF?…” HEADLINE/SALES LETTER EXAMPLE, I Wrote For

    Greg Stanley.

    112:       2000: “MISSING OUT ON” BOOT CAMP IN BOX SALES LETTER – I Wrote For

    Joe Polish

    113:       2000: My Favorite Sales Letter That Was Never Mailed – I Wrote For Joe Polish

    114:       2000: BIG BRIBE LETTER – for No B.S. Marketing Letter

    115:       2000: “THE FREE MONEY LETTER” for joint ventures – I Wrote for Michael Kimble

    116:       2000: CATALOG of Psycho-Cybernetics Products

    117:       2000: Testimonial Collection Form, Version ‘A’

    118:       2000: Testimonial Collection Form, Version ‘B’

    119:       2000: POLITICAL AD – My Anti-Gore Ad                                                                         

    120:       2000: POLITICAL AD – My Anti-Hillary Ad                                                                      

    121-122: 2000: “HOW TO GET RICH” Lift Notes – Written For Joe Polish and Rory Fatt

    123:       2001: FIRST CONTINUITY SALES LETTER for No B.S. Marketing Letter                        

    124:       2001: BOOT CAMP IN BOX Sales Letter – “confrontational approach”

    125:       2001: TELE-SEMINAR RECORDINGS Sales Letter

    126:       2001: “S. MOUSE LETTER”                                                                                            

    127-129: 2001: RENEWAL LETTERS for No B.S. Marketing Letter

    130:       2001: “LIFETIME OF SECRETS” Sales Letter

    131:       2001: Australia Version of Lifetime Of Secrets

    132:       2002: LIFT NOTE – Outstanding example from Dr. Tom Orent

    133:       2002: The VERY UGLY Letter

    134:       2002: “JAMES BOND ENVY” Letter – I Wrote for Michael Kimble

    135:        2002: “OPEN LETTER TO” Full-Page Lead Generation Ad

    136:        2004: Re-Work of same ad (#135) with Celebrity

    137:        2003: SPECIALTY BOOT CAMP Sales Letter for Consulting/Coaching Business

    138:        2003: CUSTOMIZED ORDER FORM for a ‘Host”

    139:        2005: CELEBRITY ENDORSER AD for a local business

    140:        2005: “WHY – COACHES” Article I Wrote, used by many to sell coaching                    

    141:        2006: By Bill Glazer – Full-Page Dan Kennedy Ad

    142 -148: 2006: Assorted Advertising/Marketing I created for Miracle-Ear®                                   

    149:        2007: APPOINTMENT, NO SALE FOLLOW-UP LETTER EXAMPLE                                

    150:        2007: MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE LETTER – “Letter Of Regret”                                        

    151:        2007: SUPERCONFERENCE BROCHURE Featuring Gene Simmons (KISS)                 

    152:        2009: “Unsettling” Outer Envelope

    153:        2009: By Bill Glazer – “RUSTY OLD TYPEWRITER” POSTCARD

    154:        2010: “Penguin & Polar Bears” Letter’

    155:        2010: CEO LIFT NOTE

    156:        2010: LAST CHANCE To Get Off The Hamster Wheel

    157:        2010: “IN CASE YOU ARE STILL UNDECIDED”

    158:        2010:  PURLS, Drive To Web Site Picture Postcard

    159:        2010: PROMOTIONAL BOOKLET EXAMPLE – Cover. (Complete Booklet In Deluxe

    Edition of Archives) + Sales Letter

    160:        2011: One of the best INFO-Summit Sales Brochures

    161:        2012: MAKING GUEST SPEAKER RELEVANT Copy Example

    162:        2012: POSITIONING ARTICLE – from Success Magazine                                               

    163:        2013: “Evergreen” Opportunity Ad – I Wrote For

    164:        2013: COMIC BOOK FORMAT Marketing, done for me by Amazing Ad-Men

    165:        Year Unknown: “For Adults Only”

    166:        Year Unknown: Yellow Legal Pad Letter

    167:        Year Unknown: “THIS LETTER IS GUARANTEED”

    168:        “Last-Ever” Registration Form

    169-195:  Client Work – Examples from my work for Restaurant Marketing Systems

    169:        2003: Giant Fold-Out Self-Mailer

    170:        2005: “Binoculars Enclosed” Follow-Up Letter

    171:        2005: “Free Magic Book Inside”

    172:        2005: Rory Is Sawing Kathleen In Half! – Postcard

    173:        2005: Wally ‘Famous’ Amos – Magical Life Booklet

    174:        2005: Mike Ditka

    175:        2006: How I’d Run The Circus (An Homage To Dr. Seuss)                                             

    176:        2006: George Foreman CD Label

    177:        2006: “Not All Members Are Receiving This Letter….”

    178:        2006: “Red Clown Nose”

    179:        2006: “Read This If You’re Going To Say No”

    180:        2006: From Oscar The Obnoxious Elephant (my favorite created character)

    181:        2007: The Angry Monkey Letter

    182:        2007: The Zoom-Zoom Letter

    183:        2008: Paris Hilton – “It’s Hot!” Envelope

    184:        2008: Grabber Mailing

    185-188: 2008: Five Alarm Fire

    189:2008: (For A Good Time) Call Me! Kristi

    190:2008: I Dare You To Read

    191:2008: Endorsed Mailing Example

    192:2008: Viva The Clumsy Cleaning Lady

    193-195:2009: Deal Or No Deal?


    196:        1960: Psycho-Cybernetics Record Album Cover

    197:        1975: Answering Objections (MLM) Cassette Album Cover

    198:        1979: Audio Cassette Care Instruction Card (!)

    199:        1979: Foster Hibbard

    200:        1979: Jack Canfield Cassette Album Cover

    201:        1979: Success Trak: How To Talk….

    202:        1979: Why People Fail Album Cover

    203-209: 1985: SuccessTrak: my teaching notes

    210:        1986: Training Album Given To Speakers, To Teach Them How To Sell Their Products

    211:        1980: Typical back cover format for cassette albums

    212:        1981: Top-selling staff training product

    213:        1983: Two products I developed for a major B2B catalog company

    214:        1983: Cover, Course for speakers

    215:        1983: SuccessTrak “Product Bundle” Notebook Cover

    216:        1988: My product, Ready To Go Sales Meetings

    217:        1990: $100,000.00 Target System cover – actually Magnetic Marketing for Real Estate

    218:        1997: Magnetic Marketing for Chiropractors

    219:        1989: Complete Copy: “63 Killer Marketing Strategies” Manual                                     

    220:        1997: SUCCESS Events Souvenir Book

    221:        2003: How The Renegade Millionaire System began…

    222:        Date Unknown: “No B.S. Spray”


    223:        1972: First Content Writing Project – Paycheck Stuffer Booklet

    224:        1972: Sales Letter used by Publisher (for #223)

    225:        1972: “Success Vitamins”

    226:        1975: Vitaminds Illustrated Page (Dr. Edward Kramer)

    227:        1972: Financial Success Statistics (on which Income and Wealth Pyramids are based)

    228:        1972: “IF” copy

    229:        1981: “How Can I Tap More Of My Potential?” – Complete Sales Presentation            

    230:        1980: Content Example from Training Course for chiropractors

    231:        1982: My “Seven Fundamentals Of Practice Promotion”

    232:        1982: Welcome Kit/Shock ‘n Awe Package Contents List for chiropractors

    233:        1983: Overview of System taught to chiropractors in 2-day training

    234:        1985: Notes summarizing Chiropractic Marketing Boot Camp

    235:        1987: Slides – from presentation (#231) – leading to offer                                             

    236:        1985: The famous Giorgio Letters (Demonstration)

    237:        1996: Success-Wheel illustration

    238:        1996: Development of Hyper-Responsive Customers illustration                                  

    239:        1996: Complete Info-Marketing Business illustration

    240:        1996: Ascension illustration

    241:        Year Unknown: Marketing/Business Development illustration

    242:        1999: Money Machine illustration

    243:        2007: 50th Anniversary Tribute to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged                                     

                   (From: Renegade Millionaire Magazine)

    244:        2012: What Will Go Wrong Next? (Seminar Slide)

    245:        Year Unknown: “Message To Garcia” (Note: Public Domain. Anyone Can Use.)

    BOOKS & BOOK PROMOTION                                                                                                   

    246:        1991: Getting Into Business Guides

    247:        1991: First Use of Dan-On-Bull

    248:        1993: First Edition of No B.S. Business Success Book – Publisher’s News Release    

    249:        1993: First Edition of No B.S. Time Management – Cover                                             

    250:        1993: First Nat’l Magazine Ad for a Dan Kennedy Book                                                

    251:        1996: “The Brain Behind” Book Ad for Make Millions With Your Ideas

    252:        1994: INC. Magazine List of 100 Best Business Books                                                  

    253:        1997: Book Review in SUCCESS Magazine

    254:        1998: Article – Book Marketing Up-Date (The Business Behind The Books)                 

    255:        1998: Zero Resistance Selling (Psycho-Cybernetics) Book Flyer

    256:        2001: Salvador Dali Painting depicting Psycho-Cybernetics (originally, 1972)

    257:        2001: First Use of Dali Painting on Book Cover of my design                                       

    258:        1996: Barnes & Noble Mail-Order Catalog Page

    259:        2001: Publishers Weekly Ad for Psycho-Cybernetics

    260:        2001: Royalty Statement – from China

    261:        2003: Amazon Pages – Prices paid for out-of-print Dan Kennedy books

    262:        2004: #1 on Amazon

    263:        2004: Appearance on BusinessWeek Bestseller List                                                      

    264:        2004: “Inside Baseball” – actual book industry sales statistics

    265-266: 2004: Book Ads tweaked for Farm Bureau Journals

    267:        2004: Book Ad tweaked for Nat’l Speaker Association trade journal

    268:        2005: Amazon promotions

    269:        2006: Trade journal article placement demonstration (article from book)                       

    270:        2006: Promotional book cover

    271:        2006: No B.S. book series ad

    272:        2006: “Who Else Wants To?…” – borrowed Donald Trump book ad

    273:        2006: Complete Print-Out of PROMOTIONAL TOOLKIT CD provided to                        

                   people promoting my books

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