5 Day Marketing Roadmap - Harmon Brothers

5 Day Marketing Roadmap – Harmon Brothers


Join Daniel Harmon & Benton Crane as they walk you through the roadmap we use to take companies from startup to international brand the smart way.

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In a series of 5 videos, Daniel and Benton will show you how we approach businesses at different stages—from startup to household name—to help them plan their marketing efforts to get to where they want to be. Once you start seeing your business through this lens, you’ll be well on your way to greater brand awareness, greater marketing effectiveness—and overall greater sales.



  • ​Learn why seeing the big picture as it relates to your business is critical in marketing effectively.
  • ​Learn the phases of the marketing roadmap and why most businesses will (and should) operate in each of them at some point as they progress.
  •  Lastly, learn how this knowledge will enable you to make the right marketing moves at the right time.



  • ​Learn to make sure you’re creating a product or service people actually want to buy.
  • ​Why you should choose a good name over a perfect name for your company or product—and the red flags to watch out for.
  • ​What to look for in a logo—and again, why good is better than perfect.
  •  The three steps to making sure you “nail it” so that you can move on to “scaling it.”



  • ​Learn the three characteristics of most successful sales videos.
  • ​Learn how clarity is the key, why you should start cheap, and how to incorporate product demonstrations.
  • ​You’ll learn how creating a longer-form sales video will provide you with content for testing and use throughout your sales funnel, along with some ideas of what to test.



  • ​Learn about building Brand Characters and the two essential characteristics they must possess.
  • ​Learn about building your Brand Voice, and why—although it’s not the only option—we love the use of comedy in brand voice.
  • ​Learn about building a Brand Universe and the ways in which it allows you to tie product demonstrations, metaphors, and brand characters together.



  • ​Learn why most marketers are wrong when it comes to branded entertainment plays and how this phase fits into the Marketing Roadmap.
  • ​Learn the elements of great branding campaigns.
  • ​Learn how to tell when it’s the right time to move to this phase of the Marketing Roadmap.
  •  Hear what we’re working on in this new frontier of the marketing world and how you can get there, too.


We mentioned this training is completely free, right?

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