5 Meditations that Will Make You Rich - Steven Hall

5 Meditations that Will Make You Rich – Steven Hall


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Your Subconsious Mind Is STEALING Money From You!!!

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“Do You Want To Know The LAZY-WAY To Transform Your Mind Into A POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET?”

Can you imagine being able to just sit back and RELAX while I re-program your mind for you? Effortlessly transforming your into a MONEY MAGNET!

With my powerful ‘Millionaire Mindset’ hypnotic audio program you can do exactly that! Read below to see what real people (just like you) had to say after trying my revolutionary ‘Millionaire Mindset’ audio program…

Now You Too Can “Effortlessly Transform Your Mind into a POWERFUL MONEY MAGNET With My MILLIONAIRE MINDSET Hypnosis Audio System!”

  • See how easy it is to make money when you are completely aligned with unlimited Abundance!
  • Feel like Making Money is a Struggle? If you think making money is hard, it’s because you’ve been fighting against a poverty blueprint that is hidden in your subconscious mind.
  • The amount of money you attract into your life depends on your inner wealth mindset. These Powerful Hypnotic audios will program your mind so that you have a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET!
  • Have you ever noticed how rich people never seem to lift a finger? Have you ever noticed the way they just seem to Attract Money? Read on and I’ll share with you their SECRET to EFFORTLESS RICHES!

From: Steven Hall

Re: The LAZY-WAY to Become RICH!

Are You Struggling to Make More Money?

The truth is, nobody can make more money if their subconscious mind is not aligned with abundance.

What your subconscious mind believes about money dictates exactly how much you earn.

Most people have been programmed to be poor, and they continually struggle against hidden beliefs that will never allow them to be rich. They jump from one ‘get rich quick’ scheme to another desperately trying to make money but nothing works.

Sometimes they make a little progress, but the second they relax, they find themselves right back where they started… or even worse

Get 5 Meditations that Will Make You Rich – Steven Hall, Only Price $27

Does This Sound Familiar?

Let me reassure you of something… It’s NOT Your Fault

It’s not your fault that you are not rich. Society has been secretly programming you to be poor for your entire life. You have been conditioned to be ‘complacent’. You have been conditioned to ‘accept you lot’ and ‘make do’.

Two Examples Of The Way You Have Been Secretly Programmed Into Poverty

When you were growing up at school, do you remember maths questions like this…

‘How many apples and oranges can you buy for a pound, if apples cost 20 pence and oranges cost 15 pence?’

I sure do.

If you talk to someone that went to a private school, such as Eton, you’ll discover that they had very different maths questions.

One Eton student remembers a particular question that started like this, ‘You are buying a small engineering company that has shown limited profitability in the first three years of operations…’

Spot the Difference? Both problems are designed to teach math, but they are also very carefully engineered to condition and filter you into one of two classes.

The schools that produce the top 2 or 3% of people that will go on to run the country have a curriculum that is designed to produce people that are comfortable and capable in that role.

The rest of us are conditioned to be one of two things. Factory workers or cannon fodder.

It’s subtle, but it works. And this is only one example. You have been subjected to a continual onslaught of influence for your entire life.

TV adverts telling you ‘Where there’s blame there’s a claim’ are robbing you of your power. You’re being coerced into giving up your control to the corporate giants, and you are spending your entire life feeding their pocket.

Here’s another example…

Have you seen the film Titanic?

Based on that film and nothing else, what would be your perception of rich people? Are they kind, loving and generous? No. They are conniving, devious and deeply disturbed. Now let’s go below deck, and see how the film represents the poorer classes.

Here we find dancing, drinking, love and loyalty.

And it’s not just Titanic, almost every single Hollywood blockbuster is programming you to be poor. They force us to associate with the underdog, they twist our values and feed us emotions that make us hate what we thought we wanted to become.

We know it’s just a film, but our subconscious minds don’t. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality, that’s why horror films scare people. To the subconscious mind it’s a program. A program that simply says, ‘Rich people are horrible, I never want to be one.’

This conditioning is happening to you every day of your life. It’s time to take back what is rightfully yours, stop being manipulated and start creating the kind of mindset that you want. One that will support your increasing abundance and make it so easy and natural for you to be rich that you’ll wonder why you ever struggled.

If you’re not earning the amount of money you desire right now, or if you find that increasing your income feels like a struggle then you will be very happy with the information I am about to share with you.

The ONLY way to get rich (and STAY rich) is to program your subconscious mind for abundance. As soon as you do this making money is EASY.

Think of it like this….

Right now, your subconscious mind is like a powerful river, flowing towards poverty. But you want to go towards abundance. You’re sitting in a small canoe floating on this river. You can see all of the riches you desire just up stream and you’re paddling like crazy to get to them.

It’s a struggle. You have to keep pushing and pushing. You can almost taste the success you desire. But you are exhausted, and the moment you stop to catch your breath, your canoe gets pulled back by the current and you find yourself right back where you started.

Each time you think you’re going to make, but you never do. And every-time you fail, you convince yourself that ‘next time will be the one’ but it won’t.

How long have you been punishing yourself like this?

How long do you plan to go on?

Albert Einstein Once Famously Defined Insanity As…

“Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results.”

It’s time to change what you are doing.

STOP Struggling To Paddle Up-Stream!

The secret is to shift the flow of the river itself and then just relax and let the current carry you to riches you desire.

This is what we mean by aligning your subconscious belief with your conscious desire. You’re making the river flow in the direction you want to go. So you can stop fighting it and start enjoying effortless success.

Have you ever noticed how millionaires hardly ever seem to lift a finger? Now you know their secret… They’ve discovered how to redirect the river. And you can too…

“Are You Ready To Effortlessly FLOW Into Abundance?”

The easy (and LAZY) way to make money is to program your subconscious mind for wealth.

By listening to our “MILLIONAIRE MINDSET” hypnosis audio system you can effortlessly program your mind for abundance completely automatically.

All you have to do is sit back and relax, put your feet up, pop on a pair of headphones and enjoy the relaxing tones as the powerful hypnotic suggestions penetrate deep into your subconscious mind transforming you into a natural money magnet.

Each Audio track combines powerful hypnotic language patterns, neuro-linguistic reprogramming strategies and positive embedded suggestions that allow you to quickly and easily create a millionaire mindset.

You just relax and let the technology do the work for you

Each audio program is designed to target a specific area. Helping you to remove blocks, expand possibility and take action towards your financially abundant future.

As you listen, the powerful suggestions remove all of the negative programming that has been holding you back and install a whole new set of empowering beliefs about money, wealth and abundance.

Very soon, you will notice that the way you think and feel about money is changing. You will notice that you feel lighter when you think about your finances. And you’ll consistently have amazing ideas of ways you can easily attract more money into your life.

By listening to these audio programs regularly you will develop a millionaire mindset and wealth will seem to naturally flow into your life from everywhere.

Very soon, having money will be your natural state. To your joy, you will soon discover that…

Keep improving yourself today with this “5 Meditations that Will Make You Rich – Steven Hall” course at only [$27]

Attracting Money Is Now As Easy As It Was Once Difficult

When you think about what has happened you will realise why this is so. The powerful river of your subconscious mind has stopped flowing towards poverty and is now flowing towards abundance. Carrying you effortlessly along for the ride.

Changing Your Life Couldn’t Be Easier… Just Relax And Allow The Hypnosis Audio Programs To Do It For You!

Because these hypnotic recordings are designed to target your subconscious mind you don’t have to do anything. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. The sessions are profoundly relaxing and very hypnotic so they’re really nice to listen to.

Below you’ll find a short description of each audio recording with a sample for you to listen to.

1. The Wealth Thermostat – Thinking BIG!

Your wealth thermostat dictates how much money you can earn… and if you’re not earning as much as you’d like, yours is set too low!

  • Stretch your ‘wealth thermostat’ beyond its limits – and feel comfortable earning more cash on every level
  • Eliminate false beliefs that have kept you trapped in poverty
  • Align your inner wealth blueprint with your conscious desires for abundance

The ‘Thinking BIG!’ hypnotic session stretches your wealth thermostat way beyond its limits, and just like a spring that’s been over-stretched it can never return to its original size.

2. The Wealth Thermostat – The Control Room

The control room hypnosis session takes you on a journey deep inside your subconscious mind and gives you the power to set your own wealth thermostat and create whatever life you desire.

  • Experience the emotions of true abundance as you test out your ever increasing income
  • Uncover and eliminate hidden beliefs that have robbed you of your right to be rich
  • Take full control of your life and set your income at the level you desire

The control room hypnosis session goes way beyond your wealth thermostat, you gain full control over every aspects of your life. Giving you the power to truly sculpt your reality the way you want it.

3. Modeling The Rich!

Modeling is powerful NLP technique that puts you in the shoes of the rich, completely transforming the way you feel and think about wealth. Creating a new you from the inside out.

  • Step right inside the emotions of your goal already manifest
  • Resonant in harmony with abundance and harness the power of the Law of Attraction to make it real
  • Transform your emotions into a cosmic wealth magnet!

If you’re a fan of the Law of Attraction you’ll really love this session because, as you know, when you feel it on the inside… you experience it on the outside!

4. Finding GOLD!

You’ve heard the expression, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ well now all of your clouds are lined with Gold! This powerful session teaches your mind to see (and seize) opportunities!

  • Transform your perception of reality and find the very best outcome in every situation
  • Eliminate the stress of problems as they morph into exciting challenges and amazing opportunities
  • Reconnect to joy as you develop a life changing positive outlook that transforms your entire world

This powerful hypnotic session completely transforms the way you see the world so that opportunities leap out at you. You get out of life exactly what you expect and this powerful session programs you to always expect the very best.

5. Your True Goal

The ‘Your True Goal’ audio program challenges you to explore the emotions that are hiding behind your desire and teaches you how to use them as a powerful force of creation that automatically attracts your desire to you like a magnet attracts metal.

  • Turbo-charge your creative powers by tapping into the raw emotions that drive your success
  • Discover the real reason behind your goal and connect with your true desire instantly
  • Get what you really want, without wasting time chasing empty goals

The insights you’ll discover during this session will completely transform the way you create your reality and give you the power to create anything you desire faster than ever before.

4. Get Motivated & Take Action

Getting motivated to take action is essential if you want to be successful. This incredible audio program will have you fired up and ready to step right into your abundant future.

  • Connect to the dual powers of away and towards motivation as you catapult yourself into abundance
  • Sculpt every aspect of your perfect reality and completely reprogram your inner wealth blueprint for success
  • Allow the awesome power of your future emotions to motivate you into taking action right now

This life changing hypnotic session takes you on a roller coaster journey into the future. Then it blasts you into a world of prosperity and abundance that completely reprograms your inner wealth blueprint for lifelong success.

Keep improving yourself today with this “5 Meditations that Will Make You Rich – Steven Hall” course at only [$27]

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