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What you’re Going to Learn in this ” 7 Day Live Documentary”

✅ Day 1: My “Finding Buyers First” Process

I’m going to walk through the exact process that I go through to make sure that my product is something that people want and zero in on my ideal customers for the product. You’ll get a crystal clear understanding of how I know that my digital business has a high likelihood of succeeding before I start creating any of the products.

✅ Day 2: Mapping a 6-7 Figure Product and Sales Funnel.

I’m going to show you exactly how I map out my core products and sales funnel. You’ll see the exact strategy that I’m following to get paid customers fast and turn those paid customers into higher ticket sales.

You’ll also see exactly how I map out the content for each of the core products for the brand (the low ticket, the mid ticket, and the high ticket)… and how I do it quickly.

✅ Day 3: Creating our Audio Book from Scratch.

I’m going to record an entire audio book on this day. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at what I’m using to do that and how I get the work done so quickly. You’re going to get a view of the actual work that I’ve never shown anyone else before.

When this day is over, you’ll understand exactly how you can create a book (that you can use to grow your business) in just a day.

✅ Day 4: Creating the Core Product (Part 1)

I’m going to create the full keynote/powerpoint presentation for the core product on this day. You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how I go about creating full digital courses (based on my expertise) in just a few hours.

You’ll be able to use this exact process to create your own digital courses (based on the information that is already in your head).

✅ Day 5: Creating the Core Product (Part 2) and FB Support Group.

I’m going to take the keynote/powerpoint presentation that I created in Day four and flip it right into a complete video schooling today. You’ll see precisely how I put together for the schooling and the way I quick get it shot, edited, and uploaded to the net for use as a product.

I’ll additionally be taking walks you thru how I positioned this content material right into a consumable format (you will see my “excessive tech” participants vicinity in addition to how I create merchandise for a lot inexpensive once I want to hold price low.

I’ll additionally be taking walks you thru the technique of putting in place a “Facebook Support Group” for all of my merchandise (which is likewise a very good region to promote my better price price tag program)

✅ Day 6: Creating the Sales Material.

I’m going to stroll you thru how I customise some center income templates right into a complete blown income funnel that is custom designed for my new product and brand. You’ll see precisely how I prepare income copy, take money, and supply the goods that I simply sold.

You’ll see the income pages, upsell videos, and e mail scripts that I use to make the whole lot work.

You’ll get all of the down and grimy portions to how this all works and connects in order that I without a doubt have some thing up on the market fast.

✅ Day 7: Cleaning Everything up and Going Live.

On day 7… we are going to join all the portions that we have got constructed to date and push the product stay in order that we are able to promote it to the public.

On day 7, I’m additionally going to cowl precisely how I plan on advertising the product for the following fifty one weeks of the yr to show it right into a 6-7 parent brand.

Keep improving yourself today with this “7 Days Until Launch – Ben Adkins ” course at only [$39]

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