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    How to Write Money Making Emails In Under 20 Minutes Using Proven Email Structures and Formulas

    Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside:

    • The ultimate secret to getting good at writing email FAST (once I started doing this I found my “voice” and speed of writing improving dramatically while having a SHITLOAD of fun.)
    • The little-known subject line type that gets higher opens, clicks, and SALES than any other. (Plus, the exact formula for how to write them.)
    • Why no “test” is true for your list and how to find out what actually works for your list. (Split test results are generally bullshit, you need to know the principle, not the result.)
    • The best day of the week to send to make massive sales (once you know which day it is it’ll make perfect sense and you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing it earlier.)
    • How to use music to kick-start your “copywriting brain.”
    • How to create a list of email ideas so long you’ll never have “writer’s block” again. (The only hard part will be choosing which one to write about that day.)
    • How to kick “writer’s block” square in the nuts with the “brain hijack” maneuver.
    • The best two types of “first sentences” to use to open an email. (even if the topic is boring , it will be impossible for people for people to stop reading because of the deeply engrained psychological principle behind the method)
    • The rarely used email type that your subscribers will basically write for you.
    • How to use the psychological principle of “state congruent memory” to force your brain into writing kick ass copy. (do NOT underestimate how valuable this is. I use it every single day to get shit done.)
    • The exact amount of words your subject line should never go over. (I’ve never seen a subject line win with more than this amount of words)
    • The “Sean Connery” writing secret that completely destroys writers block
    • An “idiot proof” formula for writing a welcome email that cements your customers to you like glue
    • The most important email in your autoresponder and how to write it in 15 minutes
    • How to use punctuation in email to guarantee people read your entire email
    • The true goal of email marketing (understand this one strategy and you’ll be able to create virtual ATMs on demand)
    • How to get an infinite list of email ideas without doing any “research”
    • How to turn ANY event in your life into a profitable email
    • Plus, a whole bunch more…

    Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Get

    80/20 Email Copy Today:

    • 2 Guides that will teach you the philosophy behind writing emails that ethically FORCE people to buy from you.
    • Daily emails straight your inbox 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The content of these emails will teach you each specific email type, and give you a proven structure for all of the most profitable types of emails that exist.
    • Daily hand writing exercises that will take less than 25 minutes to complete. These are all emails that entertain, teach, build a long-term relationship…and most of all MAKE MONEY.
    • You’ll have a complete 10 day autoresponder (minimum) of your own in just 4 weeks. (That’s an absolute MINIMUM. Some people will have 20 emails. Some 30 or more. It just depends on your commitment level.)
    • An exact day-by-day sequence to use for your autoresponder.
    • 71 winning subject lines and email formulas proven to make money in any niche.

    In the advanced trainings you’ll receive:

    • 2 Kick-ass email copywriting guides
    • 600+ Subject Lines
    • “Over the shoulder” email writing demo
    • 4 advanced webinars with Derek Johanson and Ian Stanley
    • 2 Live online workshops
    • “Frankensequence” Double Your Conversions Training
    • The best way to split test emails to exponentially increase conversions.

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