A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling - Robin Manuell

A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling – Robin Manuell


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A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

“What Is The Secret Tool Used By Barack Obama, Milton Erickson, And Chris Rock to Capture The Hearts and Minds Of Everyone They Talk To, And Effortlessly Compel Them To Do What They Want?”

In A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling, Below You’ll Discover How, Igor Ledochowski, Author of the Best Selling Hypnosis Training Program Of All Time, Forced Me To Reveal The Secrets I Use To Tell Spellbinding Stories That Practically Always Work. It’s So Simple That ANYONE Can Do It…

From the Desk of Robin Manuell, C.Ht. NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner SNLP December 27, 2013

A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling helps to learn to tell a persuasive story, and to be honest, you have a bit of an unfair advantage. Not only can hold people spell bound with an irresistible story you made up on the fly, but you’ll also be able to…

Gain instant rapport with anyone you meet

Overcome resistance and eliminate any doubts or objections to your ideas and suggestions

Instantly change beliefs and rapidly allow even the most stubborn of people to change their mind, and see the world a different way

Free people from problems and limitations which had been holding them back

Unleash in yourself and others more confidence, personal power and inner resources than people ever knew they had!

The Rock Star Of Hypnotic Storytelling…A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

In 1996 I went on my first NLP Practitioner course with NLP lengends Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Breen.

Bandler came on to a Jimi Hendrix sound track, raw and powerful.  He swaggered onto the stage, dressed up in a black shirt, rings on his fingers, a pony tail curling round his left shoulder.   He looked like a refugee from the 60’s rather than one of the world’s greatest hypnotists.

He started telling stories about his friends, about the early days of NLP and the people like Milton Erickson who he modelled. Pretty soon I noticed that people in the room were drifting into trance. Even I started to feel good for no apparent reason.

And as we listened to Richard tell his stories I realised that we were learning things on a deep level. Without even realising it, we were absorbing and internalizing one of the most powerful skills known to man!

It was then I discovered the true, unstoppable power of hypnotic storytelling. I’ve spent the last 14 years working tirelessly to break down every aspect of this process, and take it to a level of mastery many people believe has never yet been reached. In the process I’ve studied and modelled some of the greatest storytellers of all time.

Why Hypnotic Storytelling Is The Easiest and Most Powerful Way To Influence People, and Has Been For Over 5000 Years…

Before computers, newspapers,  TVs and books, all information was passed on by word of mouth, in the form of stories. Just the magic phrase “let me tell you a story” still causes people to begin to drift off into a trance, because it activates an ancient trigger embedded in the neurology of every human being.

A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling helps to learn to tell spellbinding stories, and your words will be charged with the history of the entire human race!

If you have ever wanted to…

Hypnotize an audience at will,  capturing their hearts and minds as soon as you begin…

Always be the life of the party and have  total strangers hanging off your every word, desperate to hear what you say next…

Lift people out of their problems and troubles, and inspire people to live life to the full with powerful, targeted hypnotic metaphors…

Be able to instantly form a deep connection with people, and speak directly to their deepest desires and core emotional drives…

Effortlessly move people’s emotions like a conductor in an orchestra!

Guide people through vividly powerful hypnotic experiences just with the power of your words…

…Then Let Master Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski And I Take You By The Hand and Show You Exactly How It’s Done…

Click Here To Order Your Hypnotic Storytelling Masterclass And Get Instant Access

I am a HUGE fan of your work

Robin, your storytelling Master Class is breath-taking! There are SO MANY people just TALKING ABOUT hypnotic storytelling, but offering very little actual practical advice. Your masterclasses are VERY different.

They are practical, useful, down-to-earth and just work! You are hands down the BEST hypnotic storyteller that I have ever come across – and your master classes give others the chance to follow in your footsteps. You really are the “Real McCoy!” and I am a HUGE fan of your work.

Igor Ledochowski,

Street Hypnosis – A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

Robin is a Hypnotic Storytelling Virtuoso

I have known Robin for 15 years, as a friend, business partner and collaborator. One day we ran a workshop for members of an organisational change team employed by a well-known UK retail group.

Robin led one of the sessions. The participants thought he was simply telling a story. They had no idea that the story was metaphorical. I looked on in wonder as the embedded commands slipped under their radars unnoticed. Robin is a Hypnotic Storytelling virtuoso and a master alchemist.

Jack Martin Leith,

The Centre for Creative Action

Storytelling is a vital life skill

Fascinating stuff Robin, well done! Storytelling is a vital life skill: central to how we interact as human beings, how we connect and transmit information. As an expert in metaphor that’s something I’ve been aware of for a long time, and I’ve spent much of my professional life telling stories in writing.

And yet “live” storytelling doesn’t come naturally to me. So becoming a better storyteller is something that’s been on my list for a while, and this programme is helping a lot! Every time I listen to a new segment, I find myself with a rich new vein of material to experiment with. It’s been great fun so far, and I’m looking forward to more! Thanks again.

Judy Rees,

Intelligent Influence – A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

Training with Robin is something you must do

If you want the ability to spin words like Milton Erickson and glue people to your every line, then training with Robin is something you must do. Robin is a true genius when it comes to hypnotic story telling. Just listening to him speak will send your head spinning off into wonderful realities, as Robin hypnotically installs in you the ideas, attitudes and skills of a master story teller. Take my advice – and train with him at any cost!

Nathan Thomas,

Keys To The Mind

Sure to benefit anyone wanting to improve their abilities

Robin clearly enjoys his craft, using his great skill to teach the skills of hypnotic storytelling. This series of classes provide a useful introduction to the key principles of hypnotic storytelling that is sure to benefit anyone wanting to improve their abilities in this arena.

James Burgess – A Masterclass in Hypnotic Storytelling

You can become a masterful storyteller

Robin is a wonderful storyteller with skills rarely seen anywhere in the world. His understanding of storytelling and the ways in which they can be used will change the way in which you use stories in your personal and professional lives. As an attorney, my job is to persuade people to take actions.

Storytelling is one of the most effective way I have found to gently guide people where they need to go. Robin’s ability to teach and transfer his knowledge to his students sets him apart and you can become a masterful storyteller in a short amount of time. If you ever have the pleasure of working with Robin or using one of his products, you will understand what a rare and unique gift that he is.

Benjamin Walden

In no time you’ll be even better than you thought was possible.

I’m a hypnotist and an NLP instructor and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Robin on a more personal basis. I have to say the way he thinks stories is absolutely amazing. He makes it very easy to learn. He shows you how to tell stories by telling you stories … about stories!!

He also gives you exercises and new perspectives in how you can think stories. Most of us are telling ourselves the story that we aren’t very good story tellers but as Robin says, it’s just a story! So start telling yourself another one! In no time you’ll be even better than you thought was possible. If you’re interested in stories, you’ve got to listen to this material. There are so many layers to it. I can definately recommend it!

Brian Snitgaard,

Danish Hypnosis –

Can I Be Frank With You?

When hypnosis superstar Igor Ledochowski first approached me and asked me to record these interviews for his “Masters of Hypnosis” series, I DIDN’T WANT TO DO IT.

The truth is I was scared! I was scared of just what this information would enable people to do. I was scared that bad people would use this knowledge to take advantage, to satisfy their need for power over other people- and I didn’t want to have that on my conscience!

Oh I put up a fight I can tell you. But Igor can be very persistent, and VERY persuasive. “Listen”, he said,

“You’re right. Maybe there are a few people out there who use these skills for evil. Maybe some of them will want to have power over others because they feel powerless and inadequate themselves. But I know that what you teach will not only make them feel more powerful in themselves, it will also bring them closer to an understanding of who they really are. And the better they feel about themselves, the less likely they are to mess around with other people, right?”

Well my resistance was weakening but it still didn’t feel right. That was when Igor played his trump card.

“Robin, you’re being selfish! With the attitudes and skills that you can teach people, NO ONE WILL EVER BE ABLE TO PULL THE WOOL OVER THEIR EYES AGAIN. They’ll understand so much more about how other people try to control them and they’ll be free to make their own choices  … and freedom is something that’s really important to you isn’t it? It’s your duty to tell me everything you know!”

Well I didn’t have an answer to that. And I knew that Igor was the best person to extract all the hypnotic storytelling info I’ve been cramming into my head for the last 15+ years.

Let Me Tell You Exactly How This Is Going To Work…

Click Here To Order Your Hypnotic Storytelling Masterclass And Get Instant Access

I don’t just want you to become a master of hypnotic storytelling, I want you to become one of the best the world has ever seen.

This is why you won’t just be hearing from me, you’ll also be learning directly from Igor Ledochowski. Igor is the author of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, the hypnosis world’s bestselling training program of all time EVER. He travels the world teaching hypnosis to thousands of people … in short, he knows his stuff, and he knows how to get you to master it…  fast!

We Will Fill Your Mind With Information So Potent That You Will Have No Choice But To Master These Skills on a Deep, Natural Level.


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