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#1. Aibox - Absolute Power Dating - Brent Smith
$25 Absolute Power Dating - Brent Smith

Absolute Power Dating – Brent Smith


The APD technique allows men to design a lifestyle where women are naturally attracted to them even if they’ve never had success with women before. It’s about having Absolute Power over attitude, enjoying an amazing social life and most of all having fun. Anyone can learn and use the APD system regardless of looks, social status, or wealth.

Purchase Absolute Power Dating – Brent Smith at Aibox! You get access to all files. Direct Download Link and No costs are incurred (No Ads, No Waiting Time, No Capcha). Our courses come with a lifetime warranty, we're always here to help if you need it.

Absolute Power Dating – Brent Smith course is available you will get immediately after payment only $25

What will you get: 


  • Brent – Bad Breath – LA4235_12_2_2009_1077285.mp3
  • Brent – Champagne After Party Revealed – LA4235_9_29_2009_1075820.mp3
  • Brent – Girlfriend – LA4235_10_28_2009_1076554.mp3
  • Brent – How Abstinence Can Be HOT – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078269.mp3
  • Brent – How Ass Banter Works In Ireland – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077978.mp3
  • Brent – How Come Women Don’t Chase Me around – LA4235_12_17_2009_1077700.mp3
  • Brent – How many girls have you slept with – LA4235_12_10_2009_1077502.mp3
  • Brent – How To Approach Without Showing TOO MUCH Interest – LA4235_3_18_2010_1079678.mp3
  • Brent – How To Approach Younger Women – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077976.mp3
  • Brent – How To Attract Money To Pay For Coaching – LA4235_12_16_2009_1077650.mp3
  • Brent – How To Avoid Questions In Bed – LA4235_12_26_2009_1077800.mp3
  • Brent – How To Banter About Being A Manwhore In Front Of Women – LA4235_3_20_2010_1079736.mp3
  • Brent – How To Banter With Strangers – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078267.mp3
  • Brent – How To Change Your Energy Levels – LA4235_3_17_2010_1079650.mp3
  • Brent – How To Change Your Enery To Have Women Approaching YOU – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078272.mp3
  • Brent – How To Choose Intriguing Magazines For Your Coffee Table – LA4235_3_22_2010_1079773.mp3
  • Brent – How To Deal With Negative Self-Talk – LA4235_12_17_2009_1077701.mp3
  • Brent – How To Deal With Resistance In Bed – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077973.mp3
  • Brent – How To Do Affirmations – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078263.mp3
  • Brent – How To Find Guys Who Are Good With Women – LA4235_3_22_2010_1079775.mp3
  • Brent – How To Have A Better Relationship – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078260.mp3
  • Brent – How To Hookup Without Going To Bars, Clubs Or Social Events – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078268.mp3
  • Brent – How To Identify Limiting Beliefs and Change Them – LA4235_12_26_2009_1077802.mp3
  • Brent – How To Jump Start Your Social Life – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078265.mp3
  • Brent – How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – LA4235_1_2_2010_1077869.mp3
  • Brent – How To Keep Your Power When Giving Out Your Number – LA4235_12_26_2009_1077801.mp3
  • Brent – How to kiss a girl FAST – LA4235_10_28_2009_1076553.mp3
  • Brent – How To Know If In-Direct Messages From Women Are Actually About Hooking Up – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078270.mp3
  • Brent – How To Know If You’re Taking Advantage Of Her – LA4235_3_18_2010_1079675.mp3
  • Brent – How To Know Whether Your’e Pursuing Or Playing It Safe – LA4235_3_22_2010_1079756.mp3
  • Brent – How To Know Which Affirmations Are The Most Powerful – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078259.mp3
  • Brent – How To Live Outside Your Comfort Zone – LA4235_3_22_2010_1079771.mp3
  • Brent – How To Make A Decision And Take Action – LA4235_3_22_2010_1079772.mp3
  • Brent – How To Make Affirmations & Visualizations More Powerful – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078262.mp3
  • Brent – How To Make The Mental Shift From Wanting To Having – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078275.mp3
  • Brent – How To Make Women Approach You – LA4235_3_18_2010_1079674.mp3
  • Brent – How To Make Women Reliable – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078264.mp3
  • Brent – How to meet chicks from Facebook – LA4235_12_16_2009_1077651.mp3
  • Brent – How to NOT Be Scared Of Beautiful Women – LA4235_12_16_2009_1077647.mp3
  • Brent – How To NOT Pay For Drinks – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077974.mp3
  • Brent – How To NOT Pursue Online – LA4235_3_18_2010_1079667.mp3
  • Brent – How To NOT Sit At Home On New Year’s Eve EVER Again – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077977.mp3
  • Brent – How to not take on other people’s negative beliefs – LA4235_12_9_2009_1077468.mp3
  • Brent – How to progress faster – LA4235_10_26_2009_1076506.mp3
  • Brent – How To Respond When Guys Are Bashing You – LA4235_12_26_2009_1077797.mp3
  • Brent – How To Stand Out From Other Guys – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077980.mp3
  • Brent – How To Stare At Boobs – LA4235_3_18_2010_1079676.mp3
  • Brent – How To Stop Being A Victim – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078271.mp3
  • Brent – How To Stop Resisting – LA4235_1_19_2010_1078261.mp3
  • Brent – How To Successfully Close A Girl – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077982.mp3
  • Brent – How To Transition With Women At Networking Functions – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077984.mp3
  • Brent – How To Treat Hot Women Like Average Women – LA4235_10_7_2009_1076031.mp3
  • Brent – How To Turn Casual Into Serious – LA4235_1_7_2010_1077981.mp3
  • Brent – How To Weave Multiple Goals Into One Story – LA4235_12_26_2009_1077803.mp3
  • Brent – Kevin Interview – LA4235_7_11_2010_1082310.mp3
  • Brent – Let them pursue you – LA4235_10_6_2009_1076007.mp3
  • Brent – New Year’s Eve Aftermath – LA4235_1_6_2009_1069032.mp3
  • Brent – New Year’s Eve Success Stories – LA4235_1_6_2009_1069032.mp3
  • Brent – Rick H Interview 2010 – LA4235_6_2_2010_1081505.mp3
  • Brent – She held my hand – LA4235_8_8_2009_1074558.mp3
  • Brent – She is really hot, don’t you think – LA4235_12_4_2009_1077351.mp3
  • Brent – Steve Indifference Interview 2 – LA4235_8_10_2010_1083039.mp3
  • Brent – Steve Indifference Interview – LA4235_7_11_2010_1082309.mp3
  • Brent – Success Story Backlash – LA4235_7_10_2009_1073854.mp3
  • Brent – Using Banter To Give Chicks Your Number – LA4235_1_9_2010_1078032.mp3
  • Brent – What Goes Through Your Head – LA4235_10_2_2009_1075969.mp3
  • Brent – What You Do When You Get To Her Place – LA4235_12_2_2009_1077286.mp3
  • Brent – What’s on the agenda for tonight.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – New Year’s Eve – LA4235_11_7_2009_1076804.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter On Chicks At Clothing Stores – LA4235_1_30_2010_1078586.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter On HOT CHICKS At Starbucks – LA4235_1_14_2010_1078143.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter On The Plane To Get FREE DRINKS And MORE… – LA4235_1_9_2010_1078030.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter To Get FREE Stuff – LA4235_1_30_2010_1078585.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter To Get UPGRADED To A SUITE So There’s Room For MORE HOT CHICKS – LA4235_1_14_2010_1078142.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter To HOOK UP With Strippers – LA4235_2_3_2010_1078708.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter To MAKE OUT With Women FAST – LA4235_1_9_2010_1078031.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Using Banter To Start The Champagne Party – LA4235_1_30_2010_1078583.mp3


  • B & M – Holiday Hookups – LA4235_6_2_2010_1081485.mp3
  • Brent – [Vimeo-8228118] Dallas.mp4
  • Brent – Adam Erotic master – LA4235_8_19_2009_1074905.mp3
  • Brent – Another Success Story – 22 years old student – LA4235_8_24_2009_1075004.mp3
  • Brent – Coaching Questions.mp4
  • Brent – Coaching Questions Answered And Coaching Specials.mp4
  • Brent – Coaching Review – LA4235_8_13_2010_1083119.mp3
  • Brent – Group Coaching Weekend Overview [HQ].mp4
  • Brent – Holiday Hookups teleseminar – LA4235_11_7_2009_1076803.mp3
  • Brent – LA Coaching Special _ More Questions Answered___.mp4
  • Brent – LA Coaching Special Plus Free Tip (one day only).mp4
  • Brent – MB Coaching Weekend.mp4
  • Brent – Mitch 2 – Coaching Announcement – LA4235_9_5_2009_1075166.mp3
  • Brent – Mitch – Coaching Announcement – LA4235_8_28_2009_1075166.mp3
  • Brent – More Coaching Questions Answered.mp4
  • Brent – New Tax Break Coaching Package Announced_ (New Video).mp4
  • Brent – Phone Coaching FAQ.mp4
  • Brent – Rick H Coaching Weekend June 25-27 in Bucharest.mp4
  • Brent – Tax Break Coaching Update.mp4
  • Brent – Tax Break Specials FINAL COUNTDOWN.mp4
  • Brent – Tax-Break Coaching Specials.mp4
  • Brent & Mitch – BRAND NEW Group Coaching Format – LA4235_3_9_2010_1079471.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Do You Want To HOOKUP With MULTIPLE WOMEN On Valentine’s Day – LA4235_1_26_2010_1078454.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Halloween Group Coaching – LA4235_10_22_2009_1076420.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Holidays Hookup – LA4235_11_7_2009_1076803.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – How Banter Leads To ANYTHING You Want – LA4235_12_28_2009_1077811.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – LAST CHANCE To Hang With Us, DO IT NOW – LA4235_2_3_2010_1078709.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – NEW 1-Day Crash Course LA4235_3_20_2010_1079737.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – New Year’s Eve – LA4235_11_15_2009_1077001.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – NYC Coaching LA4235_10_22_2009_1076418.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – NYC Coaching Update – LA4235_10_22_2009_1076418.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Patrick’s Coaching Weekend Review – LA4235_8_16_2010_1083177.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch – Summer Hookups Promo – LA4235_6_2_2010_1081485.mp3
  • Brent & Mitch Coaching REVIEW – ds400317.mp3
  • Brent Smith LifeStyle.mp4
  • brent-monaco.mp4
  • Mitch Coaching Weekend Recap – LA4235_9_26_2009_1075785.mp3
  • Mitch Weekend Recap 2 – LA4235_9_29_2009_1075822.mp3
  • Mitch’s Phone Coaching Program – LA4235_9_4_2009_1075330.mp3
  • Trunk Club.flv


  • 01.png
  • 23.png
  • brent.PNG
  • Rick H.jpg


  • 01 – Welcome to Absolute Power
  • Brent – APD Opening Video.mp4
  • Brent – Approaching LARGE Groups of Women.mp4
  • Brent – How Average Looking Guys Can Get HOT Chicks.mp4
  • Brent – How Being Used For Sex Leads To A Relationship.mp4
  • Brent – How No License and No Job Can Get You Laid.mp4
  • Brent – How To Be Friends With Her After Hooking Up.mp4
  • Brent – How To Be More Of A Challenge.mp4
  • Brent – How to be perfect for ANY job.flv
  • Brent – How To Change Your Self-Image.mp4
  • Brent – How To Deal With Friends Who Still Pursue.mp4
  • Brent – How To Develop A Sexy Edge.flv
  • Brent – How To Get Invited To High-End Parties.mp4
  • Brent – How To Get Physical With Women You’re Attracted To.flv
  • Brent – How To Get Women To Make The Next Move.mp4
  • Brent – How to have threesomes consistently.mp4
  • Brent – How To Help Women Make The Final Move On You.mp4
  • Brent – How To Keep Your Power When Chicks Try To Set You Up With Their Friends.mp4
  • Brent – How To Know If You_re Missing Out By Having A Girlfriend.mp4
  • Brent – How To Let Go Of Wanting Results.flv
  • Brent – How To Love Bars _ Clubs.mp4
  • Brent – How To Make Your Stories Come True.mp4
  • Brent – How To Manage Interest From Multiple Women.mp4
  • Brent – How To Meetup With Hot Chicks From Facebook.mp4
  • Brent – How To NOT Be Too Available.mp4
  • Brent – How To Put Your Past In Your Past.mp4
  • Brent – How To Respond To Text Messages From Women.mp4
  • Brent – How To Socialize With A Girl_s Family.mp4
  • Brent – How To Socialize Without Drinking Alcohol.mp4
  • Brent – How To Stop Caring.mp4
  • Brent – How To Stop Dating And Get Them Over To Your Place.mp4
  • Brent – How To Stop Doubting Yourself.mp4
  • Brent – How To Stop Seeking Approval.mp4
  • Brent – How To Sustain Success.flv
  • Brent – How To Talk To Women At The Grocery Store.mp4
  • Brent – How To Talk To Women On The Street.mp4
  • Brent – How To Turn Your Problems Into Opportunities.mp4
  • Brent – How_To_Talk_Girls_On_The_Beach.flv
  • Brent – I can_t afford it.flv
  • Brent – Intro to APD.mp4
  • Brent – My Take On DYD_s Cocky_Funny.mp4
  • Brent – Talking To Women At Starbucks – Part 1.flv
  • Brent – Talking To Women At Starbucks – Part 2.flv
  • Brent – The Rick H Interview – AHW Bonus.flv
  • Brent – Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths.mp4
  • Brent – Understanding Indifference.mp4
  • Brent – What To Do AFTER You Offer Your Number PLUS Coaching Special.mp4
  • Brent – Why Practice Is Important.mp4
  • Brent & Mitch – Banter.mp4
  • Mayor_1.mp4
  • Mayor_2.mp4

The APD technique allows men to design a lifestyle where women are naturally attracted to them even if they’ve never had success with women before. It’s about having Absolute Power over attitude, enjoying an amazing social life and most of all having fun. Anyone can learn and use the APD system regardless of looks, social status, or wealth. announced today its release of the Absolute Power Dating application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This new mobile application provides free dating tips, lifestyle coaching videos, as well as in-app purchases for additional exclusive content. Users can also connect to the Absolute Power Dating web site, Twitter, and Facebook media through the application user interface.

Available for free at iTunes, the Absolute Power Dating iPhone application is designed for use on iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. The app provides lifestyle coaching that helps men meet more women and design a lifestyle where women are naturally more attracted to them.

Users can download the app for free with options to purchase two separate seminars for $1.99 each; each including eight videos to help men: Design a lifestyle where women are naturally more attracted to them, Establish absolute power over dating life and control everything, Reprogram mindset from failure to success; creating a new story, Establish the power of indifference, Understand the psychology of socializing, Own an amazing social life, Provide In-field tactics, and Interpret the psychology of a woman

Seminar I Videos:

Being the Mayor, Changing your energy, Changing your story, Pursuing vs not Pursuing, Women testing you, Champagne parties, Befriending the Staff, Going out tired

Seminar II Videos:

Giving out your number, Showtime, Indifference, Texts, Creepiness, Doubt, Confidence, Banter

Absolute Power Dating co-founder and app co-producer Brent Smith is widely recognized as one of the top contemporary social dynamic, dating, and lifestyle experts in the world. Brent has worked closely with David DeAngelo and helped inspire David’s book, Double Your Dating. Brent and his partner Mitch Rabin regularly host social events, lifestyle coaching, and seminars throughout the world. Mitch Rabin, Brent’s partner, spent the last 20 years in the music business working with some of the biggest bands in the world. He’s traveled the globe with artists, attending the industry’s most exclusive events; socializing with the stars. Brent and Mitch coach that “if you’re tired of pursuing everything in your life and want to start living a life where it comes to you, then we’ve got coaching programs that will help you start down that path right now.”

Absolute Power Dating brings a unique experience to the iTunes platform as one of the only applications aimed at improving men’s dating lifestyle. Here’s what current customers have said about the courses:

“I would like to say thank you for the coaching I’ve received from you Brent. I know that without your help I wouldn’t be in the place I am now or as happy as I am. “

“I am happy with the person I am becoming under Brent’s coaching”

“Your teachings have changed my life.”

About Absolute Power Dating

Absolute Power Dating is a Manhattan Beach, Ca. based company producing and publishing lifestyle coaching methods and techniques for men; online, in mobile media, as well as in-person events. Absolute Power Dating has created one of most powerful systems that exists for meeting and attracting men to women. Once men learn it, they never look at the world of socializing and dating the same way again.

About Vain Media

Vain Media develops, markets, and sells mobile and online applications, games, and software solutions. Formed in 2009, based in Los Angeles, and comprised of industry software veterans, Vain Media specializes in custom production, marketing, and sales services for entertainment, celebrity, and brand clients globally.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Absolute Power Dating – Brent Smith” course at only [$25]

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