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You are officially on your way to gaining extreme vision and clarity for your "future self." It is time to set a higher bar for action, accountability, and aligning your identity and environment to your 10x vision.

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AMP Program

You are officially on your way to gaining extreme vision and clarity for your "future self." It is time to set a higher bar for action, accountability, and aligning your identity and environment to your 10x vision.


This is where you take it to the next level with the help of an accountability coach and regular coaching by Dr. Benjamin Hardy. 


This is where you will gain the background knowledge necessary to build your vision and work towards your goals. Completing these exercises will help you jump into AMP with confidence.

AMP Library

This is where you will find previous AMP content organized by the month and year it was created. Remember you don't need to "catch up" but build from where you are. 

AMP Community

This is a great place to connect with other AMP members, participate in book discussions, and share your wins. 

You are also welcome to join us on Facebook. 

AMP Success Tips

Here are some tips for success in the program. If you have any specific questions, or need additional support, feel free to email

What other resources are available?

If you would like to improve your journaling or writing skills, we have two great resources for you to check out from Benjamin Hardy. 

Journal Mastery Course

Genius Blogging

If you would like more reading suggestions or quick links to Ben's past trainings and articles, here is an index to help you find what you need: 

AMP Index

What amount of time do I need to dedicate to AMP?

AMP is designed to free up time in your schedule and help you live a life you design. It isn't meant to be one more "thing" on your to-do list. Some AMP essentials are: 

Morning Routine and Journaling

Evening Routine

AMP Content

Weekly Content and Assessment (15-30 minutes) 

Daily Accountability Partner (1-3 minutes of tracking/reporting daily)

Weekly Pod Accountability (1 hour)

Reading or Listening to a monthly recommended reading (7-15 hours)

How do we set up accountability and track gamification?


Accountability Partner

An Accountability Partner is someone from within your POD or current circle of family and friends who has the desire to improve their lives and is willing to check-in DAILY in order to: 

  • keep each other accountable
  • support one another
  • share progress towards “Big 3” 

Accountability Partner Sample Structure

  • Check-in each day at an established time to report on that day’s accomplishments: i.e. “Accomplished 3/3 goals today (or 2/3, 1/3, or 0/3)”
  • Commit to 3 goals for the next day. Your goals or “frogs” should be in line with your vision of your future self and Big 3 for the year.
  • Optional: a 15-30 min phone conversation weekly to provide context to the goals and look at the week ahead

Possible tracking and reporting platforms/tools: 

  • Texting/WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Habit Share
  • CommitTo3


We suggest that you join a weekly POD to help build and maintain the momentum towards your future self. For assistance in joining a POD, email 

POD is a group of 8-12 people with the desire to 10x their lives, who meet together weekly to keep each other accountable, support one another, and share progress toward their goals.

POD Meeting Sample Structure

Rotating weekly discussion leaders is recommended. 

  • 1 minute welcome from POD facilitator or Weekly Discussion Leader. 
  • Welcome new members and let them introduce themselves.
  • 2-3 minutes for each member to check in and report on their progress towards their BIG 3. (wins, losses, fixes and AHA’s) 
  • 15 minute group discussion on weekly AMP content, questions, and readings
  • Any additional time can be used to support members who need extra support.

End the meeting within 45-60 minutes.


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