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Arcturian Flying Dragons Training (Thousand Oaks- CA)

Arcturian Flying Dragons Training (Thousand Oaks, CA)


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Arcturian Flying Dragons Training

Saturday, October 27 from 2:30 PM to 9:30 PM; and Sunday, October 28-Wednesday, October 31 from 10 AM to 5 PM; $888

In this training, you’ll be attuned to five Arcturian Flying Dragon frequencies. These frequencies constitute abilties referred to as the Five Enlightened Activities: Peaceful, Magnetizing, Wrathful, Increasing, and Supreme. As we paintings withinside the international to advantage others, we are able to name on those sports as had to carry out the duties that want to get done. By sitting for the transmissions, contributors will extra completely encompass those abilties and additionally be capable of bring them out with ease. Participants may also be attuned to those five Arcturian Flying Dragon Frequencies that allows you to use them of their periods for others and boom their customers’ abilties to carry out the Five Enlightened Activities.

The 5 Arcturian Flying Dragon Frequencies and their related Five Enlightened Activities are as follows:

1. Arcturian Violet-Blue Flying Dragon-Peaceful

The non violent sports encompass healing, calming, soothing, and in widespread assisting repair stability in any unique scenario or person. The Arcturian Violet-Blue Flying Dragon embodies this thing and imparts its understanding to contributors in addition to the cappotential to percentage this with others.

2. Arcturian Orange-Red Flying Dragon-Magnetizing.

The extra not unusualplace knowledge of the time period magnetizing in our current non secular tradition is manifestation. With the powers and abilties from the Arcturian Orange-Red Flying Dragon, contributors will boom their cappotential to magnetize or occur their dreams and desires. When blended with the desire to advantage others, this serves as a mighty cappotential to get matters done.

3. Arcturian Silver-Black Flying Dragon-Wrathful

There are instances while difficult love is referred to as for in situations. The Arcturian Silver-Black Flying Dragon imparts this cappotential in contributors in addition to the understanding and knowledge to recognize while to apply this type of mighty pressure with out damage to others and imbalance to the environment. The transmissions additionally permit contributors in order to channel this frequency to customers who’re caught due to overwhelming obstacles.

4. Arcturain Green-Yellow Flying Dragon-Increasing

The growing cappotential is the ability to boom knowledge, lifespan, merit, abilties, and capacities. This additionally consists of boom wealth, prosperity, and money. The cappotential to boom is wanted at instances which contributors might be capable of do as directed via way of means of their Higher Self.

5. Arcturian Gold-White Flying Dragon-Supreme Activity

This frequency embodies all of the above four frequencies plus permits contributors to transport extra quick in the direction of complete awakening and enlightenment. Ultimately, our intention is to recall who we in the long run are-our divine birthright and nature. Spiritual traditions seek advice from this as Oneness, Union with the Divine or Godhead, and Enlightenment. This very last set of transmissions and frequencies assist contributors flow in the direction of this intention in an expanded style in addition to have the cappotential thru channeling this frequency to assist others flow in the direction of this remaining vacation spot extra quick.

Each day we can be going thru 45-minute transmissions to down load the frequencies and abilties embodied via way of means of every Arcturian Flying Dragon. We may even have adequate time to exercise the use of those frequencies as associate exchanges and speak the deeper meaning, implications, and makes use of of every enlightened activity.

Requirement: Arcturian Healing Method Level 1

Please deliver eye cover, yoga mat, blanket, pillow, notes, pens, and pencils as needed.

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