Arcturian Freedom Transmissions

Arcturian Freedom Transmissions


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This three component collection of stay institution healings is supposed to get rid of and launch the idea paperwork and electricity of worry. We can be specializing in all dimensions of ourselves (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine) and the more surroundings as we use diverse Arcturian Healing Method frequencies to perform this goal. In particular, in all 3 sessions, there can be the publicity to the Arcturian Freedom Frequency (AFF) which mainly goals styles and idea varieties of worry in all of the diffused our bodies and releases them.

Here is the breakdown of every session:

1) Focus on the Physical/Etheric Dimensions– In this sessions we will be clearing fear energies and frequencies from the physical and etheric body.  In particular, we will work on the amygdala in the brain which is responsible for the process called the “Amgydala Hijack.”  We will also work on balancing the Prefrontal Cortex involved in feelings of well-being and when unbalanced in depression.  Also, we will balance the Vagus nerve (Vagal tone) which leads to the relaxation response and the sympathetic nervous system responsible for our sense of fight in the fight or flight response.  We end the session with exposure to 20 minutes of the Arcturian Freedom Frequency (AFF) which integrates and further deepens the process on the physical and emotional bodies.

2) Focus on the Emotional/Mental Dimensions– Here we will specifically be targeting thought forms of fear held in the emotional and mental bodies.  We will be using the Arcturian-Metatron Astral Device for Emotional Balancing to clear these fear thought forms on the 1) individual level and then 2) collective level.  We will then use the Arcturian FreedomFrequency (AFF) to clear and balance these two bodies for 20 minutes.

3)  Pearl of Great Price Transmission- The remaining day will cognizance in most cases on the “Pearl of Great Price” transmission. This turned into mainly given with the aid of using the Arcturian Consciousness for this collection of transmissions. This will region energetically a white pearl electricity shape in each your coronary heart and root chakra to convert the worry of survival into the concept and emotions of love. This is a specific transmission handiest provided right here in the course of this collection of transmissions. The consultation can even consist of in the course of the second one 1/2 of of the consultation a 20 minute publicity to the Arcturian Freedom Frequency (AFF) geared in the direction of clearing and balancing the causal (karmic) and religious bodies.

Each consultation consists of the 50 minute organization electricity consultation accompanied with the aid of using a 30 minute discussion. You can also be despatched the mp3 recordings of every consultation. This is beneficial in case you can’t make the real stay consultation as you could concentrate to the recording to absolutely get hold of the consultation. Also, the usage of the recording in addition deepens the procedure whenever you concentrate to it.

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