23$. Boyfriend Destroyer System - Derek Rake

Boyfriend Destroyer System – Derek Rake

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Your Boyfriend Destroyer System®comes with unlimited coaching from Derek Rake’s team of certified experts. We will be ready to answer all questions and help you every single step of the way to overcome any challenges that may arise.

Boyfriend Destroyer System – Derek Rake

Boyfriend Destroyer System®: How To Get A Woman To Leave Her Boyfriend For You

WARNING. This is the only place on the Internet where you can buy the original Boyfriend Destroyer System® by Benjamin Damien and Derek Rake. If you have bought a copy on eBay (where it’s sold for $1,000) it’s likely to be fake. Get the original by clicking this button below –

*ERASE* Her Love For The Other Man

The legendary Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence consists of the following battle-tested routines which you can deploy to get her to forget her boyfriend completely and make her run after you like a love-stricken puppy in heat

  • “Know Your Enemy” RoutineWhat you must do to identify the boyfriend’s weaknesses… and discover exactly how to exploit those weaknesses ruthlessly
  • “Undercover” RoutineLearn how to be go completely “undercover”… so that she is not aware that you’re making her love her boyfriend a little less, day by day
  • “Objection Remover” RoutineThe biggest objection that an attached woman can give you… and how you can overcome it easily with this simple routine
  • “Bigger Man” RoutineHow to create the illusion that you’re the “Bigger Man” – and make her naturally love you more because she will perceive you as the “better deal”
  • “The Vanishing Anchor” RoutineWe have tested this in more than 500 use cases, and this is the most effective routine you can use to overcome the “I Have A Boyfriend” objection
  • “Extreme Polarity” RoutineA neat little routine you can use to “suggest” to a woman that her boyfriend is an idiot and covertly get her to consider YOU as the replacement
  • “Future Projection” RoutineA simple (but effective) technique you can use on a woman you have just met (and told you that she’s attached) – you must know this
  • “The Annihilator” RoutineAn advanced technique which would make a woman associate bad feelings with her boyfriend, and in contrast, grow increasingly fond of you
  • “Lighting Rapport Builder” RoutineA routine you can use to instantly build emotional connection with a woman you’ve just met… so that she feels that she has known you for years
  • “The Comparison Test”Use this routine to make a woman compare her boyfriend with an illusory “perfect man”, forcing him to look highly inadequate and loser-like
  • “Extreme Compliance” RoutineUse this routine to control a woman’s feelings and make her obey your commands – works on any woman of any age
  • “Make Her Your Leech” RoutineMake a woman feel emotionally dependent on you so that she won’t be able to quit you – think of it as the “Anti Boyfriend Destroyer” routine
  • “Communication Seduction” RoutineUse this patented Derek Rake routine to seduce an attached women with a “one-two punch” combination of verbal and non-verbal assault – highly effective!
  • “The Rollercoaster” RoutineThe most powerful routine of the lot and absolutely not for the faint-hearted – use this as the “finishing move” to completely destroy the boyfriend

What’s Inside The Box

Get armed to the teeth with the original (and best) boyfriend destroyer routines, and have the entire team of Derek Rake’s certified coaches on your side

Get The Entire Motherload

The complete Boyfriend Destroyer System® consists of two components: the Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence (in mp3 and pdf format) and the Advanced Boyfriend Annihilation Patterns (in pdf format). These materials are delivered online through our exclusive DerekRakeHQ platform, and are accessible immediately upon successful checkout.

Need Help? Relax..We’ve Got Your Back!

Your Boyfriend Destroyer System® comes with unlimited coaching from Derek Rake’s team of certified experts. We will be ready to answer all questions and help you every single step of the way to overcome any challenges that may arise.

This service comes at no extra charge, and is good for one (1) full year from the date of purchase.

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