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Brush Lettering Bootcamp is a collection of the most powerful and effective lessons for learning brush lettering in a step-by-step online course. You'll understand how to turn your shaky letter attempts into beautiful, confident art.


About this course

Brush Lettering Bootcamp is a collection of the most powerful and effective lessons for learning brush lettering in a step-by-step online course. You'll understand how to turn your shaky letter attempts into beautiful, confident art.

After working with over 300 students in our BLB coaching program and making updates to the course based on their feedback and results, we're confident that this curriculum will get you the results you're looking for.

Get Brush Lettering Bootcamp – Loveleigh Loops, Only Price $49

Plus, it's all in one place, so no more scouring the internet or bookmarking a bunch of different sites. With this system, you can easily track your progress and not miss a single step in your journey.

What does Brush Lettering Bootcamp include?

‍We've created a comprehensive course that gives you all tools you need to transform into a confident and skilled brush lettering artist. It includes:

  • 6+ hours of video lessons
  • Worksheets to follow along with the videos
  • Assignments to apply what you learned

‍The course is online. You get lifetime access from any device.

Wanna hear the class chatter? Here's what current students are saying…

  • "I'm totally the person who went, "Ooooooh, THAT'S why my ascending stem loops are smaller than my descending ones!"…"
  • "I never knew these finer points and they are so helpful. And the little tip about the thin stoke size….AMAZING!!"
  • "I am so impressed with the materials and details of this course. All the information is taught at a great pace and with just the right amount of detail and examples."
  • "Even though I knew it was supposed to be more pressure on down strokes and less on up strokes, I just wasn't getting it until I saw how you taught it."

You can turn your interest in brush lettering into a lifelong skill that will pay you back in more ways than one.

We believe that anyone can learn brush lettering. You don’t need beautiful handwriting, you don’t need a fine arts degree, and you definitely don’t need endless amounts of time.‍

It doesn’t take any magic. It just takes practice, feedback, accountability, and the right strategies, which we've perfected and compiled into our online course.

Interested in the specifics of what you'll learn?‍

We thought you might be. Here are some curriculum details:

The Fundamentals

  • What is brush lettering? Find out what it is (and isn’t)
  • A demonstration of 8 different brush pens (6 large, 2 small) and pros/cons of each
  • How to use the brush pen and guide sheets: Learn the correct angle and grip, how to create stroke variation, and how to use the guide sheets. Plus: Are your strokes too thin?
  • Fundamental strokes: A detailed breakdown of the basic components of the letterforms including angles, shade placement, transitions, white space

Lowercase letters

  • Alphabet broken down into groupings based on their fundamental strokes to help reinforce important combination-specific strokes,
  • Deep dives into “don’ts” of each grouping (for both left and right-handed letterers)
  • Emphasis on exactly where to lift your pen and place the tip back down for every stroke
  • Overview of letter variations, including traditional and modern variants


  • 8 steps to combat shakiness
  • 7 tips for creating consistency
  • How to transition between thicks & thins:
  • Multiple lessons specific to right-handed and left-handed letterers
  • What’s happening when your shade isn’t working and why?
  • A deep dive into ovals using the “crescent” method
  • A look at hand and finger movement
  • A special lesson for lefties on how to position the tools to achieve better results.

Letter Connections

  • How to categorize letters by exit/entrance type, how to connect every possible combination of strokes, and where to lift your pen on long connections
  • Example words to show the concepts in action, plus the one thing that all connections have in common
  • Double letter connections tips and examples
  • Tricky letter connections based on requests from prior students

Capital letters

  • The 3 principles of creating capital letters and numbers
  • Breaking down the modern and traditional capital alphabet into the 3 main elements
  • How to write the capital alphabet in two styles

Numbers & Punctuation

  • Traditional numbers including shade placement, where to lift the pen, and how to create consistency
  • Punctuation Variations on the most common marks and examples of them in use
  • Special accents for multilingual characters

Bonus: Illustrative Tools & Techniques with Brush Pens

  • Learn 7 additional tools and techniques:
  • Blending (2 methods), 3 styles of shadows plus our shadowing cheat sheet, embellishments, watercolor intro, embossing, brush pen florals, greenery and wreath

Lessons come in the form of video lessons and printable worksheets.

Please note that this course is completely online. No physical product will be shipped to you. You will have lifetime access to the materials.

Get Brush Lettering Bootcamp – Loveleigh Loops, Only Price $49

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