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Sister, it's time to fully embody the Feminine Power that's been left behind…

Our greatest grandmothers knew the song of the goddess

Our ancestors are calling us home to our power!

The Blue Butterfly Women's group has been operational since 2008, founded by Kenya K Stevens and Jessica McMorris. The group has grown in spirit for the past 12 years! We are now a sorority of free women of every sexual orientation, age and "race"!!

Over the years, we have supported thousands of women in reaching beyond their conditionings, programs and stories into a new world of FLIGHT! We call it the ascension of the Blue Butterfly from a caterpillar to an airborne beauty!

This year we will embark upon yet another year, long journey into the depths of trust, power, sensuality and peace! At the helm of this program is PLA Certified, Feminine Power Priestess, Gabrielle Zalina along with Corina Nare!

This year we will begin at the Fall Equinox (although you can join anytime) and move through all eight seasons with a self-determined goal to RISE!!! This is a vulnerable space, a safe space for women to convene and heal. Everything we do here is kept 100% confidential and there is an entrance interview and NDA to sign upon entrance.

Come along with us as we prepare for another year of heavenly bliss, sensual magic, tantra, PLA tools, and camaraderie!

Here's an overview of the program:

Here's what's inside Butterfly Ascension..

Entry to Chapter 1…

Here, we begin the journey & enter the phase of inception. Merely, eggs of the Butterfly – nursing and cultivating the foundations of Goddess


The Inception Phase | Seeking & Dreaming

Below you will find a sample of the first quarter of materials we will present and indulge with the Blue Butterfly Women!

Each quarter there will be a fresh set of skills, tools, assignments, rituals and activities!

September 21 – October 4

Progressive Love Tenets as a basis for viewing life through the Higher Self.

October 5 – October 18

UPLVL Communication as a basis for sharing authentically.

October 19 – November 8

Accessing Higher Self as a basis for Self-Acceptance, Peace and Supportive Meditation Practices.

November 9 – November 22

Bagua Archetypes as a basis for understanding the spectrum of energetics ranging from Masculine to Feminine to Androgynous.

November 23 – December 6

Conscious Queening as a basis for mothering your current sphere of reality; loving the relationship with the King.

December 7 – December 21 DreamCasting as a basis for nurturing the new reality awaiting.

Each Quarter of the Year will Deliver A New Set of Tools and Skills

Here are a few of the ways we reach you, stay present with you and support you!

Transform into full Goddess Embodiment with all Four Chapters.

Each New Activation begins at the Solstice & Equinox points of the year…

Here is a description of each of the four phases:


Four 90 Day Guided Chapters of Power & Growth for Women who want to Ascend to the Goddess Within

  • CHAPTER 2 – DECEMBER 21 – MARCH 5 2021
  • CHAPTER 3 – MARCH 5 – JUNE 21 2021
  • CHAPTER 4 – JUNE 21 – SEPTEMBER 21 2021

From the point of our inception, the Butterfly Women have held freedom and love as the most nurturing gifts a woman can give herself! There is nothing in the way of you creating exactly the kind of lovestyle you want!

We love to congregate in our online Facebook group – very cozy and private, we promise – and support one another in creating the love lives we dream of!

And Abundance is important to us too! All Butterflies get OUT of their jobs (if they do not like it) and transform their financial wealth into something dreams are made of! It has happened over and over again without pause for the past 12 years!

An opportunity to come home to yourself where you'll discover…

An intimate connection with your internal world we

release, we create, we connect and we listen.

A new sense of personal power and agency with practical tools for next level communication!

An expansion of pleasure in sensuality and relationships with less effort.

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