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A Step-by-Step Guide that guides you through safety standards, supplier sourcing, product sample orders and customs procedures.

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  • Tutorials, task lists and document templates:Go A to Z from product specification to sample orders, quality control and product delivery.
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  • Dashboard: Book lab testing, quality inspections and worldwide shipping, from one account.

From product sheet to delivered product in 6 steps


Step 1: Create Product Specification

  • Create a product specification for any OEM (custom Designed) or ODM (Private label product)
  • Confirm mandatory US & EU product safety standards, labels and certificates.
  • Learn how to protect you designs and brand name.

Step 2: Supplier Matching (PDF Report)

  • We identify 6 – 7 supplier options, based on your product design, quantity and country.
  • The supplier selection is based on product certification, ISO 9001 & social compliance.
  • Supplier List (PDF) delivered within 2 working days.

Step 3: Order Product Sample

  • Ensure that the product sample is made according to your design and quality requirements.
  • Learn how to manage and follow up during the sample production process.
  • Claim IP and tooling ownership.

Step 4: Production

  • Use the Sales Contract template to confirm all product specs and order terms.
  • Use our checklists to avoid payment fraud and other scams.
  • Learn how and when to pay your supplier, using telegraphic transfer.

Step 5: Quality Check

  • Use the Quality Checklists to communicate your quality requirements to the supplier.
  • Book quality inspections via the Dashboard (PDF report in 5 days)
  • Book EU, US & other lab tests via the Dashboard (PDF report in 5 days).

Step 6: Product Delivery

  • Book your shipment directly via the Dashboard – to your home or an Amazon center.
  • Competitive rates on worldwide ocean and air freight, through our partners at Freightos.
  • Complete overview of import duties and taxes for the United States and the European Union.

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Import Manual

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Checklists, Labels and documents for compliance with mandatory standards.

Shipping & Tax Manual

Tutorials and tools for shipping, import duties and other taxes.

Importer Assistant

We answer your questions within 24 h, and help in case of supplier disputes.

Supplier Lists

We match suppliers based on your product criteria.

Book QC & Shipping

Book quality checks, lab testing, shipping & more via the online dashboard.

Document Templates

Product Spec Sheet, Label Files, Mandatory Certificates, Contracts & More.

Material Guides

Quality and print options for metals, plastics, textiles & other materials.

Video Library

More than 20 videos covering the whole importing process.

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4 Part Import Manual

Part 1: Create Product Specification

Get your product right, the first time. Learn how to prepare product specifications, bill of materials, label files, design files and other attachments that you need for your custom designed (OEM) or private label (ODM) product.

This is covered

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Research Product Specifications
  • 1.2 Create Product File Package
  • 1.3 Research Product Regulations
  • 1.4 Create Label Files
  • 1.5 Create Design Files
  • 1.6 Task List
  • 1.7 Attachment: Pricing Your Product
  • 1.8 Attachment: Calculate Your Costs
  • 1.9 Attachment: Setting Your Timeline
  • 1.10 Attachment: Private Label Products
  • 1.11 Attachment: Product Packaging
  • 1.12 Attachment: Trademarks & Patents
  • 1.13 Attachment: File Formats & Measurements
  • 1.14 Attachment: Materials Guide
  • Template 1A: Product Specification Document
  • 2 Video Walkthroughs

Part 2: Supplier Research

Identify qualified suppliers, and avoid scammers. This is a step by step supplier sourcing system, guiding you from shortlisting suppliers on and, to communication tools and supplier verification.

This is covered

  • 2.0 Introduction
  • 2.1 Create Supplier RFQ File
  • 2.2 Create a Supplier Shortlist
  • 2.3 Send RFQ File Package to Suppliers
  • 2.4 Supplier Verification
  • 2.5 Final Supplier Selection
  • 2.6 Task List
  • 2.7 Attachment: Factory Inspections
  • 2.8 Attachment: Guide to Communicating With Chinese Suppliers
  • 2.9 Attachment: Guide to Price Negotiation
  • Template 2A: Supplier RFQ
  • Template 2B: RFQ Overview
  • Template 2C: Supplier Letter
  • Email Template #1: RFQ
  • 5 Video Walkthroughs

Part 3: Product Sample Development

Get a prototype of your custom designed product, or a private label sample with your logo – to test your supplier’s capability to reach your quality requirements. This part covers everything you need to go from design drawing to a product sample in your hand.

This is covered

  • 3.0 Introduction
  • 3.1 Create Sample Order Sheet
  • 3.2 Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • 3.3 Sample Production
  • 3.4 Task List
  • Template 3A: Sample Order Sheet
  • Template 3B: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Template 3C: Sample Revision Overview
  • Email Template #2: Sample Order Sheet
  • 4 Video Walkthroughs

Part 4: Payment, Production & Quality Control

Don’t fall at the finish line. In this part, you will learn how to draft a sales contract, manage payments, quality control and lab testing – to ensure that your products are made according to all your quality requirements. On time, and on budget.

This is covered

  • 4.0 Introduction
  • 4.1 Sales Agreement
  • 4.2 Deposit Payment
  • 4.3 Production
  • 4.4 Quality Control
  • 4.5 Laboratory Testing
  • 4.6 Balance Payment
  • 4.7 Task List
  • Template 4A: Sales Agreement
  • Template 4B: Quality Control Checklist
  • Template 4C: Purchase Order
  • Email Template #3: Order Confirmation
  • 2 Video Walkthroughs

Shipping & Taxes Manual (US & EU)

Understand the shipping and customs clearance process in the United States & the European Union? from start to finish. Follow a trusted plan of action to get your products where they need to go, without getting scammed or getting overcharged on shipping:

This is what you will learn

  • 5.0 Introduction
  • 5.1 Incoterms
  • 5.2 FCL and LCL Shipping
  • 5.3 Shipping Costs
  • 5.4 Freight Documents
  • 5.5 Restrictions and Regulations
  • 5.6 Export Packaging
  • 5.7 Insurance
  • 5.8 Air Freight
  • 5.9 Import Duties
  • 5.10 Other Taxes and Fees
  • 5.11 Attachment: Tax Calculation
  • 5.12 Attachment: Checklist
  • 2 Video Walkthroughs

Product Safety Manual

Failing to comply with all mandatory product regulations can ruin your business. In this module, you will learn how to assess all mandatory safety standards, chemical and heavy metals restrictions, labeling, documentation and testing requirements.

This is what you will learn

  • 7.0 Introduction
  • 7.1 Regulatory Overview
  • 7.2 United States
  • 7.3 European Union
  • 7.4 Compliance for Imported Products
  • 7.5 Supplier Compliance Check
  • 7.6 Compliance Checklist
  • 7.7 Task List
  • 7.8 Attachment: Label Files
  • 7.9 Attachment: Document Samples
  • 2 Video Walkthroughs

Document & Label File Templates

  • Template 1A: Product Specification Document
  • Template 2A: Supplier RFQ
  • Template 2B: RFQ Overview
  • Template 2C: Supplier Letter
  • Template 3A: Sample Order Sheet
  • Template 3B: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Template 3C: Sample Revision Overview
  • Template 4A: Sales Agreement
  • Template 4B: Quality Control Checklist
  • Template 4C: Purchase Order
  • Product Compliance: Label File Templates
  • Product Compliance: Document Samples
  • Email templates

Video Library

  • Video 1: Create Product Specification
  • Video 2: Supplier Sourcing
  • Video 3: How to use
  • Video 4: How to use
  • Video 5: Sample Orders
  • Video 6: Payment, Production & Quality Control
  • Video 7: Shipping & Customs (EU / USA)
  • Video 8: Product Safety
  • Video 9: Ensuring Compliance

Importer Assistant

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Supplier List (PDF)

Do you need help finding qualified suppliers? You can order a Supplier List, directly from the Dashboard on the website, and we will get back to you with a report in PDF format.

Order your Supplier List via the online Dashboard. The PDF report is delivered within 3 working days by email and contains key company details about each supplier.

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