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As social media moves more and more towards video, I knoooowww you're thinking of dropping the caption altogether. 



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Instagram is obsessed with video. So do captions even matter?

As social media moves more and more towards video, I knoooowww you're thinking of dropping the caption altogether. 

Pop in an emoji – call it a day, right?

Well, we all aren't Kylie Jenner and the more times we do this, the more we're missing out on cold, hard sales back to our biz. Lemme explain.

When entrepreneurs and marketers caught onto the power of Instagram back in 2016-ish…

The (unofficial) 10 Commandments Of Instagram Growth went like this:

1. Thou shalt post every single day.

2. Thou shalt post 3 times a day if you really wanna go viral.

3. Thou shalt curate a cohesive feed that does not stray from the first design you choose.

4. Thou shalt spend the majority of your time selecting and editing your photos.

5. Thou shalt edit out any blemishes, stretch marks or humanly imperfections.

6. Thou shalt engage in comment pods to get the same 10 people to comment each time you post.

7. Thou shalt incessantly ask for likes and comments.

8. Thou shalt pose in a flowing dress if you really want to be an influencer.

9. Thou shalt choose one Instagram filter and use it on every single post (or else be punished).

10. Thou shalt post to appear perfect and to ensure your followers covet your life.

The truth is – I followed these 10 Commandments. Almost to a tee.

And they worked! For a little while.

That was until 2018-ish, when followers got exhausted.

A rebellion of sorts rose up!

People began to unfollow famous influencers and in turn, demanded truth.

They wanted the REAL person behind the ~influencer~. 

They wanted the raw, unedited photos. And they wanted to know that they, as an imperfect human, were not alone.

Smart brands were sitting back, watching all of this unfold, thinking:

 “How do we connect with our followers on a deeper level?”

The answer? It lies in the CAPTION.

Sure, a visual stops the scroll in a feed. 

But a caption is what keeps someone ON your post – for a longer time. (Which the algorithm definitely notices – hint hint.)

Not surprisingly, each year we’ve seen a shift in brands where captions have gotten longer and longer.

And the result of longer captions?

  • ​Storytelling that goes beyond just spewing product information
  • Higher engagement rates, resulting in hitting the Explore page and getting in front of new followers
  • ​C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N (resulting in more sales and conversions)

“Alright, I’m with you so far. But honestly, writing captions is painful.”

I hear you. I’ve been writing captions for myself and clients since 2013.

In fact, I estimate that I’ve written or proofed 9,268 captions over the years. #noexaggeration

And yes, I’ve experienced aAaAaLlllLllLll the emotions when it comes to caption writing:

  • Anger, at myself for leaving the captions for a client to the last minute – again
  • ​Comparisonitis, from checking out competitor accounts and being in awe at the number of comments on their posts
  • ​Tears, at the realization midway through my friend’s birthday party (and 3 drinks in) that I had posted a caption for a client with a glaring typo (this was before the editing feature came out so I had to delete the post)
  • Pick-cuticles-itis, from staring at my hands for 10 minutes while wondering what to write
  • ​Regret, for not having posted during the entire month of February 2019 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

One day, even as watching my personal feed which I had unnoticed for weeks due to the fact my mind changed into so fried from writing different people’s captions, I found out something:
The most effective time while caption writing got here smooth changed into after I observed this system… and I didn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel every time.
I began out jotting down what this system ought to be…

And then positioned it to the take a look at in my personal feed…

I posted this publish the usage of the system ➡️

The outcomes of this one caption?

​3X the quantity of common comments
one hundred thirty five Saves
​12,515 debts reached, 14% of whom weren’t following me
​327 profile visits
Imagine Cutting Your Caption Writing Time In Half, While Seeing A Measurable Boost In Your Post’s Engagement?

​What in case you had tried-and-approved caption templates written for agencies that led to real income from social media?
​Imagine getting DMs saying, “Your remaining publish spoke to my soul. How can we paintings together?”
​What in case you in no way needed to write a caption from scratch again!?

one hundred Caption Templates for Coaches (value $197)

Struggling to get your training enterprise booked out? 

With those one hundred caption templates designed especially for coaches (fitness coaches, life, enterprise, relationships – you call it), you’ll get caption templates divided among five classes: Visibility, Engagement, Leads, Sales and Random. 

You’ll pick the class you’re feeling the maximum proper now, after which adapt that caption template in your area of interest and target target market (I’ll display you the way inside).

one hundred

 one hundred Caption Templates for Services (value $197)

In want of greater customers? 

Whether you’re an on-line provider issuer like a freelancer, VA or agency, or you’re an in-man or woman enterprise like a actual property agent or an esthetician… customers are key to healthy, coins flowing months. 

These one hundred caption templates written especially for the provider issuer cowl all classes of what your enterprise may want the maximum proper now: Visibility (AKA followers), Engagement (AKA feedback), Leads (AKA emails or calls) and Sales (‘nuff said). 

one hundred

 one hundred Caption Templates for Products (value $197)

Trying to promote out your extra product stock again? Are your virtual merchandise accumulating proverbial dust? 

Use those one hundred product-associated caption templates to develop your followers, increase your engagement, generate income or even near income (yes – it’s all possible). 

Whether your merchandise are bodily or virtual, those caption templates may be tailored to any precise area of interest, target target market or product. (Not positive how? I’ll display you inside.)

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