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Cash Funnel Machine is a four-part video course that’s supposed to teach you how to make money setting up email autoresponders and driving traffic to landing pages.


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What Is It

Cash Funnel Machine is a four-part video course that’s supposed to teach you how to make money setting up email autoresponders and driving traffic to landing pages.

Short Review

This product is full of upsells and general information. It’s all there to entice you into spending more and more money. The concept of a “sales-funnel” can’t be taught with generalized theories. Each market is different. Therefore, mapping out a sales-funnel, and saying it will work in every industry is complete nonsense.

It is for that reason, and several others I cannot recommend this product.

Before You Buy

On the Cash Funnel Machine sales page, you’re given the option to buy the product for $1.

Of course the regular price is “$197”, and they slashed it down, eventually offering you the product for a trial price of $1. Don’t be fooled by this. This actually takes you to a series of new upsells.

In addition to that, buying the trial offer sets up an automatic payment of your credit card.

The fine print says this: “Future payments of $9 will be once a month for two months or until cancelled.”


It’s that last part that worries me. If you don’t go in and manually cancel this payment it could go one forever. And chances are it will.

What I Liked

On the sales page, as I said above, they give you a chance to get this product for $1. Usually this means the product’s creator has some faith in his product. The willingness to give you a free (or almost free) trial says a lot about the product.

Email Basics

In the second video they give you some basic information about how to use Aweber. Aweber is a popular emailing software that you're probably going to use if you start a business online.

In this video they show you how to setup and run a campaign using Aweber. This information can save you a little bit of time later on.


Most of this course is done in video, which is great. I think courses done this way are much better than ones done using ebook or audio format. Video can be time consuming, but they’re much easier to digest.

Also, with video courses you’re able to pick up some useful nuggets of information that weren’t necessarily intended as part of the course. Teachers often skip over trivial details, or things they do everyday.

For a beginner, that information might be valuable. You just can’t get that from any other format besides video.

What I Didn’t Like

Buying Traffic

In order to use this course and make it work for you, you have to know how to buy trafficonline. This is often referred to as “Pay-Per-Click” (PPC).

To do this you can go to places like Google and FaceBook to buy advertisements. Those ads (PPC ads) attract their users and drive them to your website, or sales page.

PPC is a very difficult traffic strategy to master. Sometimes it can take years to learn. And even a lot of the professional online marketers avoid PPC because it’s so expensive.

As a beginner, it’s very likely you’ll spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before you get a handle on this strategy. Unfortunately it’s a major part of this course.

Multiple Upsells and Affiliate Offers

Once you click through and get to the actual product, you land on what’s basically another sales page. There’s a sales-video at the top of the page with tons of links and affiliate offers below it. It’s a salespage!

What makes this so bad is you’ve already bought the product. You’ve just given them your money and they prove they don’t care about anything else besides extracting more from you. I found this to be very disrespectful.

Coding Skills Required

When you buy the course you also get a package of landing page templates. They tell you these templates have been tested and they’re proven to convert. I seriously doubt that, but whatever.

The real problem I have is that you can’t use them unless you know how to code. Either that or hire a programmer, which we all know isn’t cheap.

The templates have to be customized with your name, your businesses name and your own message. But you can’t even change the text without digging into the code. I’ve never seen templates that you have to recode to add text. This is just terrible.

No Substance

Throughout this course all your offered is general information. They say things like, “Create beautiful landing pages” and “You have to grab their attention”.

The only real information offered is when they tell you how to setup their product.

3rd Party Support

While I was going through this course I was looking for a support link. It took me a while but I finally found it. It was hidden at the bottom of the page with dark grey text on a light grey background.

On top of being hard to find, I realized that it’s a third-party support provider. That means that they’ve been hired to handle support for this product, which is probably why the link was hidden.

Third-party support providers don’t have any knowledge of the product. They can’t help you with technical questions. And they certainly won’t give you any advice. Usually they are there to provide refunds and that’s about it.

While I’m happy they have that option, I would like to see more support offered from courses like this. Without support you’re truly on your own, and building a business requires help.

What Now?

You can sign up for the 7 day starter account at the internet’s best business training community. This is where I learned to build my business. When you do, you’ll get access to live support 24/7. That includes help from me, the owners and the entire community. Also, you get an easy to use website builder, all the training you could ever need and it’s all in one place.

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