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It’s understandable. After you have talked to your friends and family, you need to learn how to cold market prospect (if you want to be in control of your income). And frankly, cold market prospecting SUCKS (In person AND online).

  •     It’s too slow
  •     It doesn’t feel natural
  •     You’re always chasing people
  •     It’s time consuming
  •     Too much follow up
  •     You attract the wrong kind of people
  •     They don’t always give you the respect you deserve
  •     Sometimes they’re downright mean
  •     You have to answer STUPID questions and objections
  •     When they DO sign up, they waste your time

Attract and Enroll Better People By Following these 12 Modules!
Why Cashflow?

  •     What Makes This Network 20 Times Better Than Others?
  •     Mindset: Farmer not Hunter
  •     Multiple Streams Of Income

First Steps

  •     Shopping List (On a Shoe-String Budget)
  •     Where To Order From (Savings!)
  •     Creating Your Feedback Form


  •     Finding a Venue to host the game
  •     Choosing the Best Time to Host Games
  •     Creating a “Code Of Honor”
  •     Finding People To Join Your Club (Even If None Of Your Friends Are Entrepreneurs)

Building Your Automated Meetup Funnel

  •     How to Get (Almost) Free Advertizing
  •     How to Optimize Your Home Page to Grow Your Group
  •     How to Name Your Club
  •     Selecting the Proper Tags
  •     How to Set Up Recurring Events
  • Launch (The Best Way To Grow Membership)

Final Checks

  •     Download And Print Checklist
  •     Detailed (Minute By Minute) Game Flow
  •     “Cheat Sheet” To Remember Rules To Explain
  •     Music Choices and Music Players

Game Time!

  •     Venue Setup (Based On RSVP’s)
  •     Being a Facilitator VS Being a Teacher
  •     How to Protect Your Network From Vultures

Get Paid! (Follow Up)

  •     Fortune is in the Follow-Up
  •     (Universe Loves Speed)
  •     80/20 Rule- Finding the Best Prospects
  •     Reason to Come to the Next Game
  •     Selling Without Being Pushy

Building Your Database: The Real Asset

  •     Owning Contact Information VS Renting
  •     Making Your Marketing Simple (With Tags)
  •     Multiple Streams Of Income

Growing Your ONLINE Meetup Numbers

  •     How to Profit From Other Groups
  •     Networking
  •     Business Cards (With a Purpose)
  •     Public Speaking Events
  •     “Home Field Advantage”

NEW Players Attending Your Games

  •     Asking The Right Questions
  •     Themed Event Cycle
  •     Download Theme Ideas
  •     How To Incentivize New Players
  •     “What To Expect Video”

REPEAT Players

  •     Getting Players to Return Over and Over (Lifetime Value of Customers)
  •     How to Run Cashflow 202 Games
  •     Advanced Games of Cashflow 101 (Rule Changes)
  •     Suggested List of Rules NOT to Change (And Why)
  •     Abundace Game, Residual Income, Millionaire Maker Game

Long Term (Culture)

  •     Create Larger (Yearly) Culture Events
  •     My “Freedom BBQ” Case Study (And How Much $$$$ It Has Made Me)
  •     Getting Your Event Sponsored
  •     Leveraging Other Speakers And Trainers

Private Facebook Group

Hate getting stuck? Me too. Everything in the course is set up to be step by step, and in many cases you can just copy and paste what I do. But even then, sometimes you just need one little question answered to help you max out your club. Introducing your private facebook group! I FREAKING LOVE private facebook groups. I am in one for creating online courses (without it this course wouldn’t exist!) and one for building great webinars (without it we might not have met!). In both cases, the Facebook group alone has been worth the cost of admission. Why? Because your network is your net-worth. There is something to be said about being around other top quality entrepreneurs who think like you do. Ask questions and get real-time feedback. Oh, and I pop in there from time to time too!
Team Piggy Bank

Refer other network marketers to this course and get a 20% commission. What to do with the money?

  •     Give teammates a 20% discount
  •     Put the money into a team fund to use for culture events
  •     Use it to run a team-wide contest
  •     Buy yourself something nice
  •     Let your spouse steal it

*Goes to 50% after 20 referrals
Taking Over Existing Meetup Groups

On top of the two groups you are going to create for yourself (My suggestion is one custom group, and one cashflow club) you want to keep one spot open (Meetup lets you organize 3 groups for the price of 1) so that you can “take over” existing groups. This happens when an organizer of another group “steps down”, and you get a chance to “step up”.

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