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    Claytrader - Robotic Trading Skill SharpeningClaytrader – Robotic Trading: Skill Sharpening

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    Take Your Chart Reading Confidence to a Whole New Level. Improve your ability to read stock charts with technical analysis of stock trends (Trend Identification), support and resistance

    Get ClayTrader – Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening at the fexmall

    technical indicators (Support and Resistances), candlestick charts (Candle Sticks), and stock chart patterns (Pattern Plays).

    Master the Four Foundations of Charting

    One of the most common questions I am asked is, “do you offer 1-on-1 mentoring classes?” My answer has always been “No”… until now!

    Robotic Trading Interactive is designed to give you a “1-on-1 atmosphere” of teaching that I believe will truly sharpen your skills.

    Interactive Study Guide Included

    Each training course comes with a study guide filled with examples that you and I will cover one by one. I will ask you questions, you will then take time to answer them, and when you are ready, click the “Play” button again, and I will give you my thoughts. You can then compare your notes with mine and see how you did.

    Get ClayTrader – Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening at the fexmall

    There is no better way to learn that sitting down next to someone and going through examples together… and this is the exact educational blueprint these training courses use.

    20 Videos with 15 Hours of Content

    The training covers the four key foundation areas in technical analysis: trends, support/resistance, candle sticks, and technical patterns.

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    The Exact Videos You Will Receive

    • Trend Identification: Session 1
    • Trend Identification: Session 2
    • Trend Identification: Session 3
    • Trend Identification: Session 4
    • Support & Resistance: Session 1
    • Support & Resistance: Session 2
    • Support & Resistance: Session 3
    • Support & Resistance: Session 4
    • Candle Sticks: Session 1
    • Candle Sticks: Session 2
    • Candle Sticks: Session 3
    • Candle Sticks: Session 4
    • Candle Sticks: Session 5
    • Candle Sticks: Session 6
    • Pattern Plays: Session 1
    • Pattern Plays: Session 2
    • Pattern Plays: Session 3
    • Pattern Plays: Session 4
    • Pattern Plays: Session 5
    • Pattern Plays: Session 6

    Get ClayTrader – Robotic Trading Skill Sharpening at the fexmall

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