Coffee Money Masterclass - Ben Adkins

Coffee Money Masterclass – Ben Adkins


Part 1: Finding the Clients that are Looking for you.

Watch over Dr Ben Adkins’ shoulder as he shows you the exact process that he’s using to find new clients every single week.

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WEEK 1: How to Get Clients from a Coffee House.

Part 1: Finding the Clients which can be Looking for you.

Watch over Dr Ben Adkins’ shoulder as he suggests you the precise procedure that he is the usage of to locate new customers each unmarried week. You’ll get an extensive information of why this almost untapped area of interest of human beings is huge open for the excessive price price tag repurposing provider and learn the way you could locate and phone them together along with your offer (in a fab way) beginning this week.

Part 2: The Money From a Distance Email Campaign

Get the total e-mail marketing campaign that Ben is the usage of to attain out to bloodless on line enterprise proprietors and flip them into month-to-month habitual customers. You’ll get the precise phrase-for-phrase template in addition to see an instance of it in use withinside the actual world.

Part 3: Dr Ben Adkins’ Coffee Close Script

You’ll examine the precise remaining method that Ben makes use of to sign on customers for his unique repurposing provider. You’ll see the precise psychology this is used to get the customers to shut themselves all through the quick 15-20 minute meeting (we handiest use this whilst we do not near through e-mail).


Part 4: The Stepladder Content Breakdown System

This is one of the maximum treasured abilities you could have as an internet entrepreneur. In this section, you will learn the way to interrupt down anyone’s content material introduction procedure so you can effortlessly repurpose their content material intelligently. Once you know the way this works, you may be capable of upload price to anyone’s on line enterprise (and receives a commission excessive price price tag charges due to the fact they see which you “recognize them-.)

Part 5: How to Create Pristine Assets on your Clients.

You’ll examine precisely the way to create weblog content material, optin bait, engaging video and audio teasers, lively infographics, and static pix to be able to increase your customers brand. You’ll see precisely the way to layout those for Instagram. Facebook. and another social community which you need to paintings with. Most importantly, you’ll examine the procedure to create those belongings fast, even as maintaiing excessive great.

Part 6: The Silver Platter Delivery Technique

How you supply your paintings for your customers matters (despite the fact that that is some thing maximum provider companies overlook). You’ll examine precisely the way to organize, present, and supply your paintings in order that your customers are inspired month after month (that is a large a part of retaining your customers happy).


Part 7: How to get to ten Clients in 12 months (with out stress)

You’ll examine precisely what you want to do to get to ten customers (paying you $2k+ every month) withinside the subsequent 12 months. You’ll grasp the bloodless e-mail system, in addition to how you could deliver your enterprise a brief enhance via way of means of the usage of some unique techniques. You’ll examine Dr Ben’s “Fast Clients from Small Events” method, his “Facebook Live Clients” method, in addition to see his “Client Crabber Facebook Ad” Campaign.

Part 8: How to Outsource all the Work (the Dream Scenario)

Once you stand up and running, you’ll need to begin hiring out a number of the paintings so you can experience the end result of your labor. The key is being capable of rent out the paintings and keep the great which you’ve established. In this section, you’ll examine precisely in which to locate brilliant skills and the way to teach them to offer extraordinary paintings on your customers (and the way now no longer to overspend on this).

Part 9: Elite Agency Business Mechanics.

In this section, you will discover ways to legally setup your repurposing enterprise, the way to ensure which you’re getting paid each month automatically, and the way to make your complete enterprise comes off extra professionally than you competitors. In this very last section, you will grasp what takes maximum enterprise years of trial and mistakess to fasten in.

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