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  • How the Best Get Better
  •  Grow your Income 10x
  •  Focusing On Your Unique Ability
  • 40 Objections to Growing Your Entrepreneurial Business 10x
  •  How to avoid the gap
  • Pure Genius – Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-Mastery
  • The Unique Naming Strategy
  • The Time Breakthrough
  • The Dan Sullivan Question
  • The Laws of Lifetime

Descriptions of some of the products:

 Pure Genius : Dan Sullivan’s Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-mastery

That’s the challenge Dan Sullivan extends to the thousands of entrepreneurs who attend his worl-renown Strategic Coach Progam. In this exclusive workshops and consulting sessions, Sullivan reveals time-tested principles that enable individuals to double, triple even quadruple their personal incomes. More importantly, they undergo a profound transformation, focusing the skills that have brought them financial prosperity on a newfound commitment to acheiving success in all aspects of their lives. In PURE GENIUS, you too will learn how to effectively apply the proven concepts and techniques of life success that Sullivan shares with the members of his elite program. This cd set includes 7 cds.

Grow your Income 10x

When you aim for a 10x bigger future, suddenly everything gets simpler and easier. Dan Sullivan explains why 10x will transform your thinking and innovation in a way that incremental goals won’t. Are you still thinking about growing 10x?

Want to increase your income 10x? This is a very powerful program! A 2 hour Live Stream Recording, The Video Quality is NOT the Highest Quality but The Content is the Highest Quality!

40 Objections to Growing Your Entrepreneurial Business 10x

The 40 obstacles that hold 95 percent of entrepreneurs back-and strategies to transform them into extraordinary success.

Do you want your business to grow? Most entrepreneurs would say yes. Yet when you present them with the possibility of 10x growth, they say, “Yes, but …”

In this powerful manifesto, Dan Sullivan takes the 40 biggest obstacles to 10x growth and dismantles them one by one, then gives you a reason and a strategy for achieving extraordinary success in each of those areas.

These audios will help you transform the objections in your mind and in the minds of those around you, and open up a much bigger world full of possibilities and freedom.

How the Best Get Better

Global forces, unleashed by the application of the microchip, have caused an entrepreneurial revolution in every society on the planet. The most successful entrepreneurs are taking advantage of new capabilities to create greater wealth and autonomy for themselves, while providing new income and employment opportunities for millions of others. The best entrepreneurs are also role models and teachers for countless others. Entrepreneurs have a results-oriented concept of how the world works. By focusing strategically on their most important abilities, relationships, and opportunities with a passionate, long-term commitment, they are able to create value for others, which assures their continued success. How the Best Get Better® is an evolving lifetime focusing system of concepts and strategies, enabling any individual to acquire the capabilities – and the results – of the very best entrepreneurs.

Focusing Your Unique Ability

There’s something compelling about people who are talented. Not only do they produce tangibly superior results, it’s as if what they’re doing doesn’t use up energy. It actually seems to give them more — so much so that in their presence others have more energy too.

Fringe scientists have been searching for decades for “free energy” from inventions like perpetual motion machines. But the laws of conventional physics dictate that it isn’t possible to get more energy out of a machine than you put in.

In the case of people, though, that’s not true. Each of us has within us a source of limitless energy, creativity, and potential growth. It’s called “Unique Ability.” If you can tap into your own, you’ll find your life’s direction and the source of all your best successes. If you can tap into others’, you have the makings of a dream organization.

Your Unique Ability® is a combination of your talent, the passion you have for using it, and the incredible value it creates when you deliver it to the world.

The Laws of Lifetime Growth: Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past

Written by Dan Sullivan, the acclaimed speaker, author, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups, Laws of Lifetime Growth provides refreshingly simple laws that will instantly shift your perspective to help you make your future bigger than your past, and fully realize your personal and professional potential.

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