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CookSmarts Nourish 2017 – Jess Dang

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But best of all, you’ll know how to cook, a skill that will change your entire approach to food, to your health and to how you nourish yourself and your family. We’ve designed each of our 6 lessons to help you go beyond recipes and actually learn to cook…

CookSmarts Nourish 2017 – Jess Dang

The kitchen can be a stressful place because chances are, no one over taught you how to cook.

Home ec wasn’t an option in school.

Your parents taught you how to ride a bike, read your first words, but never got around to teaching you how to fix a healthy dinner, a life skill that so often gets overlooked.

You know that a home cooked meal is the better choice for you and your family, so you search for recipes. You pick up groceries. But once you’re in the kitchen, it never quite goes as planned.

Chopping takes forever cause you just don’t feel comfortable using your knife. You finally start cooking and follow the recipe to a T.

An hour and a half later, your meal is done(!). You give it a taste only to be disappointed . . . it’s dry, not that flavorful but you don’t know where you went wrong or how to fix it.

Does this sound familiar?

Well it doesn’t have to be this way. Nourish is here to transform your kitchen experience.

In the course of 6 weeks, our lessons will give you the cooking knowledge and teach you the skills you need to cook confidently in your kitchen.

Recipes will just be your inspiration. You won’t be attached to every step because you’ll be able to just wing it with your new understanding of how different ingredients cook.

Your knife will become your best friend. Chopping an onion? No problem. You’ll be able to do it while sipping a [insert beverage of choice] and chatting with a friend (who by the way is watching in amazement).

But best of all, you’ll know how to cook, a skill that will change your entire approach to food, to your health and to how you nourish yourself and your family.

We’ve designed each of our 6 lessons to help you go beyond recipes and actually learn to cook


  • For Nourish Self-Guided, all materials will be made available at the start of course, Friday, June 9th, 2017 and be made available for 4 full months
  • Since all materials will be provided online, you can join in from anywhere in the world, anytime you want!
  • Each Nourish lesson is made up of easy-to-understand videos, delicious recipes, and beautiful downloadable resources. You’re welcome to print everything out and keep it organized in a binder


  • The course will start with 3 bonus lessons to provide you with the foundation you need for your future Nourish and kitchen success. Everyone will be able to access these lessons through June 7th, 2017. After that period, only enrolled students will have access to these lessons
  • Each lesson also comes with an extra credit recipe to strengthen your newly acquired cooking skills
  • Cooking is so much more fun with the right tunes to jam to. That’s why each lesson comes with a 10 song playlist to keep you groovin’ in the kitchen!


  • Nourish Self-Guided will have access to all the same materials as Nourish Live. You’ll receive materials all in one go, so starting on June 9th, 2017, all enrolled students will be able to access all lessons
  • Self-Guided students will have 4 full months (instead of 1 year for Live students) to go through the materials at your own self-guided pace (hence the name)
  • What’s missing: Nourish Live is meant to be a high touch program with lots of access to Jess and the Nourish community. For the Self-Guided version, you’ll be missing access to the Facebook community, weekly office hours and email support from Jess (though of course we’ll always help with any website technical issues!). Many go through Nourish Live without taking advantage of these resources, so while they are nice-to-have, they’re not crucial to your learning. You’ll still get all the awesome Nourish materials without the same level of community and staff support.


  • How to Chop Like a Pro & Make Your Own Vinaigrette
  • Make your knife your best friend and say goodbye to those bottled salad dressings cluttering your fridge


  • How to Get Your Stir-Fry On
  • You’ll always have a quick, healthy, and tasty dinner on hand with our smart stir-fry steps.


  • How to Prepare Tender Juicy Chicken
  • Never eat dry, tough chicken again with our fool-proof, sear, simmer and sauce formula.


  • How to Create Fluffy Scrambled Eggs & Roast Veggies
  • Get the tricks for the lightest eggs and golden, caramelized roasted veggies.


  • How to En Papillote Fish & Saute Veggies
  • You’ll never be afraid of cooking fish again once you learn this simple {but fancylooking) method.


  • How to Cook Pasta Like an Italian
  • Toss together a pasta dish as good as your local trattoria with our easy Italian secrets.

3 Reasons to Learn to Cook


Wouldn’t it be lovely to end the day by enjoying a simple home cooked meal with your family?

Becoming a mother has been one of the best things that has happened to me, but it’s also been one of the most challenging.

Pre-parenthood, I already felt like I didn’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Now I long for all the free time I had!

However, understanding how to cook and therefore how to whip up a meal just by looking in my fridge and pantry has made my to-do list so much lighter. Instead of being stressed out at meal time, I feel completely in control.

Plus, I’m so excited to be able to pass on my love of cooking to my daughter (and future children). They may not love everything we cook and probably will go through various phases of picky eating, but hopefully when they’re older, I’ve equipped them with the skills to care for themselves through cooking.


Are you worried about how your current food choices might affect your health later on?

There are so many food options out there these days, and unfortunately, not all of them are great for us.

I by no means feel that we need to make the healthy decision 100% of the time. We are human, and if we choose cooking most of the time, we will never have to worry when we make the decision to indulge in that sinful (but well deserved) treat.

When we choose cooking, we choose to take control over what goes in our bodies. We choose to treat our bodies with love, respect and nourishment.

The meals offered in Nourish’s lessons are not about depriving yourself. Instead, they’re all about empowering yourself with the skills to cook real, whole foods.


When was the last time you invested in yourself?

As adults, we often forget that we still deserve to gather new skills and develop new interests. But life is long and it’s never, ever too late to make changes that will positively affect how we enjoy our days.

It’s easy to think of cooking as another chore you have to do, but I’m gonna ask you to think about it as a time for self care, which is another thing we so often neglect in our demanding lives.

When people are sick, our first inclination is to bring them something comforting and nutritious to eat. You don’t have to be sick to realize that good health starts with good food, and we need to start treating ourselves in the same way.

You deserve to carve out time to care for yourself, to create, to nourish.

Keep improving yourself today with this “CookSmarts Nourish 2017 – Jess Dang” course at only [55$]

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