60$. Designing to Delight

Designing to Delight


You’re tired of stalled projects, frustrated clients, and out-of-control timelines. You’d love to uplevel your design business so you can charge more for your work – but you’re stuck on a hamster wheel and too overwhelmed to see a way through the drama.

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Designing to Delight

Designing to Delight is now OPEN!

The step-by-step web design process proven to allow you to create confidently, charge more, and totally delight your clients.

  • Master the Art of Drama-Free Design

You’re tired of stalled projects, frustrated clients, and out-of-control timelines. You’d love to uplevel your design business so you can charge more for your work – but you’re stuck on a hamster wheel and too overwhelmed to see a way through the drama.
How do you…

  • Take complex projects in confidence, knowing you can deliver?
  • Master your design schedule and keep clients on track?
  • Guide clients and avoid endless changes, revisions, and frustration?
  • Master the “taking what they say and turn it into a design they love” part of design?

You might be questioning your design skills… or wondering if this business you love is actually viable. You might be wondering what you’re doing wrong and feeling wounded when clients can’t just relax and trust. But here’s the thing – it’s not personal, your problem is your process.
You need a design process that allows clients to participate with you – at the right points along the way – securing their trust and making your projects go profitably and oh-so-smoothly.

Designing to Delight is a behind-the-scenes look at my design process, created to show you exactly how I gather client information and translate it into a design my client loves and is happy to pay for.
Over the last 5 years, this same design process has allowed me to more than 10x my income per project (for the same work).
In DtD, I’ll guide you through the discovery and design phases of a typical web design project, specifically Client Intake, Research, Wireframing, Styling and creating a Homepage concept. Worksheets and other prompts will help you apply what you learn to your very next project. You can take immediate action, and even kickstart the stalled projects on your plate right now.

Here’s what you get in Designing to Delight
Designing to Delight teaches you how to master the art of drama-free design — specifically — establishing a smooth design process and guiding clients through it.
Each video lesson is approximately 10-20 minutes long, with the optional tutorials running a little longer. It’s a course you’ll take action on immediately, incorporating what you learn into your very next project.

Lesson 1: Course Overview

Learn the “how-to” behind strategic design thinking and learn how shifting your approach gives you confidence (before you even get started) so you can reach the perfect design solution, for every client, every time.
Discover how a repeatable design process will allow you to dedicate your creative energy to the design, rather than become a slave to the process.


Lesson 2: Interpreting the Client Intake

Use the sample blank client intake + cheat sheet

provided to craft a questionnaire that extracts what

you need from the client to deliver the best result.
Learn how to translate your client’s answers intothe

next steps for their project (it’s easier than you think).

Lesson 3: Researching Relevant Inspiration

Understand why visual brainstorming is an important part of crafting designs that are perceived by the world as intended.
Discover techniques for helping clients establish the right brand personality words that will serve as a strong foundation for your visual research.
Learn how to break down your client’s answers into a starting point for your research, so you can gather the most relevant inspiration to be influenced by (which is the fastest way to the best solution).

Lesson 4: Creating a Custom Wireframe

Create an effective, functional structure for your client’s website based on their business goals. Learn why involving clients this early increases trust and reduces revision cycles.
Save tons of time! Get your wireframes started using a complete set of custom Illustrator wireframe templates.

Lesson 5: Establishing a Design Starting Point

Learn how style tiles can completely streamline your design process and keep you from wasting hours going in the wrong direction.
Discover how incorporating style tiles allows the client to participate (and build trust) before “real design” begins (not after everything is set in stone!)

Lesson 6: Designing the Homepage Concept

Learn how to consolidate the collaborative work you’ve done so far into a single “best” solution your client will love.
Discover how client approval on structure and styling will significantly shorten design time and reduce revision cycles.

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