Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine - Giovanni Maciocia

Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine – Giovanni Maciocia


This is the culmination of Giovanni Maciocia’s 30-year clinical experience in his busy clinic using both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. As Giovanni highlights in the introduction to the book, the greatest strength of Chinese medicine does not lie in its theories but in the placing of the patient at the centre of the clinical encounter. Diagnosis is at the heart of this encounter.

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This is the end result of Giovanni Maciocia’s 30-year medical enjoy in his busy sanatorium the usage of each acupuncture and Chinese natural medication. As Giovanni highlights withinside the creation to the ee-e book, the best energy of Chinese medication does now no longer lie in its theories however withinside the setting of the affected person on the centre of the medical encounter. Diagnosis is on the coronary heart of this encounter. Giovanni has devoted his expert existence to transmitting his medical abilities and to retaining the maximum subtle (and difficult) components of the diagnostic procedure in Chinese medication, consisting of tongue and pulse diagnosis.

The ee-e book combines an in depth evaluation of medical manifestations, complete quotations from the classics with the nuggets of expertise from Giovanni’s medical enjoy. Of the capabilities of Giovanni’s diagnostic paintings is the potential to conform Chinese medication’s diagnostic procedure to the realities of Western sufferers. For this reason, the listing of signs and symptoms and symptoms and symptoms in Part five of the ee-e book carries many signs and symptoms which are ordinary of Western sufferers and that aren’t discovered in Chinese books (e.g. “Craving for sweets”,”Hyperactivity in children”, etc.).

The ee-e book is split into 4 Parts handling the conventional 4 components of the Chinese diagnostic procedure, i.e. Observation, Interrogation, Palpation and Hearing/Smelling. In addition to this, Part five lists the signs and symptoms and symptoms and symptoms independently of whether or not they may be elicited from commentary or interrogation. This permits the practitioner to fast seek advice from the ee-e book whilst faced with a affected person showing a selected symptom: Part five on Symptoms and Signs will listing the styles giving upward thrust to that precise symptom. A complete index of signs and symptoms and symptoms and symptoms will then permit the practitioner to delve deeper into that signs and symptoms withinside the Parts of Observation or Interrogation.

Contents include:

  • Diagnosis by Observation
  • Diagnosis by Interrogation
  • Diagnosis by Palpation
  • Diagnosis by Hearing and Smelling
  • Symptoms and Signs
  • Identification of Patterns

Special features of the book include:

  • The book is richly illustrated with many colour photographs and figures.
  • The book has a very long and detailed section on pulse diagnosis that does not only give the reader the classical pulse qualities but also Giovanni’s unique insights on this difficult art.
  • The Chinese diagnostic process is adapted to Western patients in a way that will make it easy for readers to relate it to their clinical practice.
  • Unparalleled depth of information.
  • Clear outline of the decision-making process in key situations to help readers through the most challenging clinical situations.
  • Logical organization so that readers can quickly find the information they need in clinical situations.

Published by Elsevier Ltd.

ISBN 0 443 06448 2 First edition 2004 1127 pages.

For 16 years Giovanni Maciocia has been the one author in the field of oriental medicine whose books have become the essential study and practice texts from an entire generation in the West. With this long-awaited comprehensive book on diagnosis and differentitation of symptoms, he adds to this impressive body of work and no student or practitioner will want to be without it.

Peter Deadman

Editor, Journal of Chinese Medicine

Maciocia draws on many years of meticulous clinical observation and long and thorough study of the classics to provide a series of profound insights into human pathology and differential diagnosis that are invaluable to the modern practitioner of Chinese medicine.

Jeremy Ross Dr Ac, BSc, MNIMH

Giovanni Maciocia has consistently provided the West with precise knowledge and profound clarity concerning Eastern medicine. This new work continues his unique scholar-practitioner tradition of teaching and writing that simultaneously supplies immediately practical information with direct clinical application with theoretical insight and wisdom that makes one consider and ponder and see the Eastern tradition from new perspectives. This is an invaluable addition to what can only be described as the ongoing ‘Maciocia transmission.’

Ted Kaptchuck, OMD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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