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Divine Healing Inner Circle – Wendy De Rosa


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Clear emotional and energetic blocks as you heal the sacred space within you.

Receive deep guided healings to open a stronger connection to your Higher Self and Soul.

Experience a heart-aligned community inside a safe, intimate circle that enriches your journey like never before.

As these unprecedented days continue to unfold, many of us are finding that the old ways of living and being no longer serve us. Why would they?

And while these times certainly feel unfamiliar on the surface — your soul incarnated for this exact moment.

You’re likely experiencing a strong pull toward deep personal healing…

And since your personal healing journey is interwoven with your Higher Mission.

You, Wendy, and your Divine Healing Inner Circle Community together will create a powerful container to meet you right where you are — as you receive healing, become fully grounded, and process all that you’re experiencing.

You’ll release blocked and stagnant energy so you can be present for yourself, your family, your community, and beyond.

As you deepen your levels of healing and become who you’re meant to be, you’ll be empowered to help shift consciousness at the energetic level.

Accept this moment as an invitation to grounding deeply and thriving fully as a beautiful expression of the Divine.

Here’s what you’ll receive EVERY month with your membership:  

  • 90-minute Divine Guidance Healing with Wendy: Receive a guided healing to help you clear blocked energy, deepen your grounding, and open to your intuitive guidance.
  • 60-minute Integration Session with LIVE Q&A: Join Wendy live to ask your most pressing questions and receive support to integrate the healing you receive that month into your daily life.
  • Guided Practice: Receive a guided practice from Wendy to support your healing process throughout the month.
  • Exclusive Online Healing Community: Access the support of a heart-aligned, safe, intimate circle with a shared desire for healing and spiritual growth.
  • Member-only Events: Access exclusive member-only events with guest teachers, extra healing sessions, and advance registration on special events.
  • Member-only Content: Receive a monthly content curated to support your healing focus for the month. Includes spiritual practices, energy healing teachings, meditations, and other tools.
  • Member-only Discounts: As a Divine Healing Inner Circle Member, you’ll receive exclusive discounts on Wendy’s events and products — as well as School of Intuitive Studies trainings, programs, and certifications.

Your Divine Healing Inner Circle Bonus Collection:

Teachings, Practices & Tools to Deepen Your

Healing, Spiritual Growth & Intuitive Gifts!

Are You an Empath? How to Stop Taking on the Energy of Others

Exclusive Video Teaching

Are you an empath? Do you take on the energy of others or struggle in holding your energetic boundaries? There’s a reason for this! In this exclusive bonus teaching, you’ll learn why this oversensitivity forms, what’s happening in your energetic body, and how to transform blockages so you can live in your body in a way that’s truly empowered.

Energy Healing Through the Chakras Ebook & Audio Healings

Learn about how belief systems form in the power centers in your body — and how to clear the energy blocks held there. This book comes with 7 audio recordings of deep guided meditations to clear energy in your chakra system. These powerful healings help you deepen your connection to yourSelf, clear your blocks, and embody your power.

Teachings, Practices & Tools to Deepen Your
Healing, Spiritual Growth & Intuitive Gifts!

Receive INSTANT ACCESS to Powerful 2020 Divine Guidance Video Recordings.

When you be part of today, you’ll get hold of an advantage series of 4 of our maximum impactful, transformative month-to-month classes so that you can begin receiving Wendy’s guided restoration and practices proper away! Here are the subjects looking ahead to you:

  • Evolving Past Limitations: Healing Unworthiness and Blocks to Thriving
  • Embrace Your Higher Self: A Healing for Feeding the Soul, Not the Saboteur
  • Releasing the Invisible Wounds beneathneath Abundance: A Healing to Clear Karmic Wounds of Lack and Under-earning
  • Align With the Source: A Healing to Deepen Connection with Your Divine Self

Doorway to your Spiritual Heart: Transform Loss, Loneliness & Longing For Intuitives, Empaths & Healers

Receive INSTANT ACCESS to this entire 2-part event.

Clear blocks in your energetic anatomy to transform grief, loss, loneliness, and longing into Divine Love.

Discover how to stop taking on the energy and emotions of others….

Feel more grounded in your body as you open to your intuitive gifts… strengthened by your Spiritual Heart. 

During these 2 workshops, you’ll:

  • Discover the way to heal the active anatomy of your coronary heart
  • Understand how loss and longing open the entrance for your Spiritual Heart
  • Clear active blocks and emotional styles to your coronary heart middle
  • Receive recuperation practices to open you to self-love, unconditional love, and Divine love
  • How your non secular coronary heart awakening is likewise a doorway into your intuitive capabilities getting stronger, and the way to paintings with this.
  • Receive a complete guided recuperation from Wendy (in every workshop!) to heal your coronary heart middle and input the entrance of your Spiritual Heart.

Wendy invites you to join her for this intimate, healing circle…

The Divine Healing Inner Circle is a powerful catalyst for growth.

When we connect as a group, we celebrate each other’s breakthroughs and aha moments — and support one another in becoming who we’re meant to be.

In the Divine Healing Inner Circle, we’re here to support you through these unprecedented days.

These deep levels of healing you’ll experience from within this empowering container will clear energy blocks, allow you to ground in your body — and expand your personal healing, spiritual expansion, and growth.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Divine Healing Inner Circle – Wendy De Rosa” course at only [$119]

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