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  • Instantly improve your copywriting
  • Get all of your marketing working together
  • My checklists make your marketing bullet proof
  • Get instantly better results or your money back

Why did David Ogilvy buy my business?

If you asked the top masters in this business – the legends, the people who make millions a year – the secret of their success, what do you think they'd say?

Is it talent? Is it creativity? Is it determination? Is it experience? Is it being in the right place at the right time? Is it networking – knowing the right people?

All these things are important. But one thing matters more than anything else.

The answer is simple. They know more. They study. And they don't stop studying.

They didn't get rich quick. They did it the old-fashioned way, by discovering what works, what doesn't – and why.

Ask Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, Gary Bencivenga, Joe Sugarman. They'll all tell you.

They read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos, copy each other's ideas… but most of all they study the people who shaped this business.

To give you one example, every one of these people has read and reread David Ogilvy – as I hope you have.

Studying gives you a massive advantage. But, it takes time. There is however, a shortcut: Working alongside someone you can learn from.

If you are lucky enough to shadow someone who has made millions – for himself and his clients – you'll learn more than any book can teach, however good, and in a lot less time.

Now I'm giving you the opportunity to shadow me…

You get over 167 quick fire videos, on every aspect of marketing. And seeing

as an ounce of example is worth a ton of BS, here's one:


But it's not just my 'sit down' videos you'll get.

Also included are the seminars people paid thousands to attend:

The last Hurrah

People paid as much as $2,000 to attend – it’s a complete compendium of all you need to know to succeed.

And my guest, Trevor Crook,  shows you exactly how to extract big money from your prospects.

  • Bristol Copywriting seminar

    Discover the simple principles for writing copy which sells. In 90 minutes, you understand more than 90% of people who write advertising.

    I also explain 2 basic principles of exceptional copy, so you grab the reader’s attention and move them to action with charm.

  • Churchill’s War Rooms

    Andy Bounds is one of the world’s greatest salesmen. He once helped Barclay’s Bank close a deal worth £2.6 billion.

    I’ve learnt more from him than anyone else about presenting and selling.

    Now you can profit from Mine and Andy’s secrets. Together they are powerful stuff.

  • How to write and persuade

    How to write and persuade – all three videos in my best selling series.

In these videos I spell out every tip, trick, principle and rule I've learnt over the last 40 years – with copious examples, not just the things that have made my clients and myself millions – but also some of the dire mistakes I've made along the way, so you don't have to.

If you are an old hand, you'll be reminded of the tricks you are missing (how often do we all see something, and think, "Why are we not doing that?").

If you are new to marketing, you'll pick things up quicker then you ever imagined – and get results you didn't think were possible.

Honestly, don't you think this would make a huge difference to your career or business?

I'll not tell you anything you want to hear – only what you need to know (a point brutally demonstrated by a client who recently said, "If you don't want to face facts, don't deal with this guy" – Paul Leadbitter, Liverpool Victoria).

Now, if you're still reading this, I know one thing about you – and I'm going to guess another.

I know you agree that "knowledge is power." You realize the more you know, the more you can do.

I guess that means you already study this business.

But I wonder if you suffer from one nagging frustration that was explained to me by a man who flew from Zurich to get my advice recently.

He said: "I subscribe to newsletters. I read books and articles. I get a torrent of advice from all sorts of very good people. It all makes sense. But I just don't know where to begin – what to follow, what to ignore."

Do you ever feel something of his frustration?

Would you feel it was worthwhile to put it all in context? To:

  • Find out how to get more for your money
  • Discover how to persuade people in all media
  • See how small firms can beat the "big beasts"
  • And how big firms can avoid the perils of too much success
  • Discover how to get ideas
  • How to build a foolproof marketing plan
  • What to test and why
  • How to time your campaigns for the best results
  • Common mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • How to position your product without spending a fortune
  • How to minimise your risk
  • How to put it all together

– and much, much more.

And with the aid of using the way, how might you want to be entertained as you cross along?

Yes: entertained. If you do not have a laugh whilst you are learning, you simply may not live awake – simply consider the remaining 3 powerpoint displays you saw.

So on one in every of my videos, you may not simply get to my choose brains as though we had been sitting subsequent to every other. We'll proportion some laughs, too.

And they've one large gain over stay seminars. You do not simply take notes, depart and overlook everything. You can view them once more and once more.

You know, I'm biased, however I suppose my series of vidoes will locate you income that earlier than you'll otherwise "depart at the desk". In fact, I assure it. Why so sure?

Read this electronic mail despatched to me in July with the aid of using one of the world's pinnacle commercial enterprise academics, Prof. Srikumar Rao of Columbia, New York and London Business School:

"I changed into speakme with my proper buddy Joe Sugarman, and the verbal exchange grew to become to you. He credit you with making him many hundreds of thousands of greenbacks because of more than one thoughts consisting of having a discount prominently displayed in his ads. He nonetheless shudders on the idea of ways a good deal cash he left at the desk earlier than that."

All you want do is observe the standards which have weathered the check of time – withinside the proper order – and probabilities are you may appearance and sense like a hero at the following board meeting.

Each established precept is defined with examples, how-tos and why they work. And extra importantly, the way to get them running for you.

This makes every video like cash for your pocket. Easy to implement, and with out costing a fortune – and frequently nothing.

One 7 minute video right away offers you a slap withinside the face with a advertising standards that in no way fails to boom response.

Think approximately that. I've in no way visible it fail. In the remaining 40 years this gem has converted businesses.

Yet it's miles unnoticed with the aid of using nearly each company I know. Madness.

I'd wager the blouse on my returned this simple, low-value concept places cash for your pocket (any other formidable statement? Try it for your self and spot what happens).

Still now no longer convinced? Here's any other brief video for you:

And here is any other for you:



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