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EasyDimeSale Pro – The Only Combined Scarcity, Time Limited & Price Increase WordPress Plugin You'll Ever Need!!


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EasyDimeSale Pro –  The Only Combined Scarcity, Time Limited & Price Increase WordPress Plugin You'll Ever Need!!

Dear Fellow Marketer. 

I'll make this short because I know you dont want to trawl through a long sales page to get to the end…

First of all, what exactly is a dime sale??

A dime sale is when a product is offered with a low starting price and the price rises after each sale.

Lots of people love dime sales especially when they can get in at the start, it's good for both the vendor and the buyer because the vendor sells lots of his units and the customer gets a bargain before the price rises too much. It's a way of encouraging people who are undecided to buy now so they get in at the lower price. (A win win situation for both parties).

It's called scarcity marketing and scarcity sales have been hugely popular for a number of years. They encourage your would be customers to buy your products whilst they are still at a low price.

Scarcity marketing is good businessand the secret to making it work, is to ensure transparency for your past present and future customers. This means making as much information as possible about your pricing visible so they can see you mean business. (we've all seen those pages where the vendor says the price is going up shortly and its still the same weeks or months later)…

The best way of ensuring you're running a decent dimesale without having to worry about keeping an eye on it all the time is to use a good dimesale script, and as most marketer's use wordpress nowadays, it seemed logical to develop a dimesale script as a wordpress plugin…

So if you've been looking for a supersonic dimescript to power your sales  then look no further because we have just what your looking for. 

EasydimesalePro is exactly what it says on the lable, it's an easy to use dimesale script that is ridiculously easy to upload  to your WordPress Site, you just literally plug it in and activate it with a few clicks. The beauty of easyDimeSale is it's simplicity. You won't need a degree in PHP or any other programming language to use it, so if you're a bit of a newbie, we've got you covered as well as the more experienced marketers. 

So, how does it work?

First of all, there's the old favourite…


The plugin takes care of your inventory and removes your buy now button when the limit you set has been reached. So if you want to sell 6 0r 600 units, no problem because EDS has it covered. Just set it to whatever you want.


The plugin counts down to a date and time of your choice, and once it's passed, it removes your buy now button. So now you can prove to your visitors that when you say an offer is over, it really is over AND you dont have to worry about being near your computer to take the offer down yourself.

Just those features, make a pretty GREAT SCRIPT, don't you think?

But take a look at what else we've built in…


The EDS script will increase the price of your product by an amount of your choosing, Not only that, but, you also choose the increment.

For instance…

  • How about increasing by $10, after every 10th sale? Easy
  • How about increasing by $1, after every 4th sale? No problem
  • How about increasing by $8.24 after every 325th sale? You get the point!!

It's ALL built into the script.

As an Internet Marketer, you want your life to be easy don't you? we sure hope so, because we built a simple user interface into the script to handle ALL of the functions above easily. No more messy coding, no more trying to integrate two or three scripts together, no more fuss…

The script generates two simple pieces of copy/paste code to place into your salespage, the backend handles the rest, so what are you waiting for…

Build trust with your customers because there's no longer a need to FAKE scarcity, do it the RIGHT WAY and watch your sales pour in.

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