Easy Paycheck Formula 2 – Sara Young


A video-based course on affiliate marketing using some new techniques but mostly common approaches that are used to earn money online.


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What Is It?

A video-based course on affiliate marketing using some new techniques but mostly common approaches that are used to earn money online.

Before You Buy:

When you purchase Easy Paycheck Formula 2, you are paying for access to a six-part video course. This course focuses on providing users with information about how to earn money through affiliate marketing with free tools. You can expect to sit through a considerable amount of talking, and honestly Sara takes a while to get to her actual point.

The product itself is basically a course, primarily presented through videos, although users are also provided with a ‘quick start’ guide and an eBook to accompany the course. While there is some useful information in the course, it does take a long time to get to and most of the information can be found elsewhere.

What I Liked:

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 is a legitimate form of training that has the potential to result in profits for users. The product does not promote illegal or risky approaches to making money. Because the product focuses only on using free techniques for earning money, users do not need to have a large amount of cash available. The step-by-step nature of the product made it easy to follow, particularly for people who already have some experience within the field of affiliate marketing.

What I Didn’t Like:

Difficulty in Purchasing the Product

The first thing that put me off about this product is that it was actually challenging to get to the purchasing page and some of the links I clicked on appeared to be dead.

In fact, the working link for where you can buy the product is actually located below any of the three free videos that are on the site.

If this wasn’t concerning enough, the link goes to this site here:

Normally, sites that sell products do so from their own domain name, not from a forum. Now granted, the forum is related to the product, but it is a little concerning that the author of the product doesn’t sell the product on her own site.

As you might expect, the link to actually buying something is near the bottom of the site after a large amount of sales pitch and ‘proof’ of the effectiveness of the product. Honestly, I think that if a site has to take that long to convince me that their product is any good, odds are it isn’t. This is something I have found with most products that I have reviewed, and often the point is to manipulate the reader, without providing them with a large amount of information about what the product actually is.

So, once you get through all this mess of marketing and redirection, you have the ability to actually purchase the product.


This product is really strongly hyped throughout the sales pitch and the reviews. However, this is really just one side of the story. Most sites that are trying to sell something focus only on the most positive and enthusiastic reviews. This applies to forum posts too, which is why you do not see negative reviews or forum posts on the website. The site is very carefully tailored to make the product seem amazing and too good to be true.

However, nothing is too good to be true.

In reality, Sara is selling training and techniques for affiliate marketing. Many of the approaches that she uses are well-known for making money online and can be found just about anywhere. She does suggest some methods that are not used as often, but honestly, these methods are no better than the techniques that other people use for making money online.

Take a look at some of the hype that surrounds the product:

Honestly, I have problems with most of what is being said in this piece, but I want to focus on two aspects.

First, the idea that you can make profit after just two weeks sounds fantastic, but this isn’t nearly as good as it sounds. In reality, some new users do make money after a short period of time for just about any way of making money online. However, people who make money fast are the minority, and it takes most people months to earn anything. This is as true with Sara’s system as it is with any other. Notice, she gives no indication of how many people actually make money this fast, which suggests that it probably isn’t an impressive number.

Second, the product promotes the use of free tools. Yes, you can make money onlinewithout ever putting any money down, but this is something you can do without having to pay for Easy Paycheck Formula 2.

Support and Assistance

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 appears to be primarily targeted at people new to the field of making money online, although there is some support for people with more experience. The problem with this is that the amount of support and information provided can make it difficult for new people to pick up on what is going on, and it can be challenging to get direct answers for questions or problems. With a field as complex as affiliate marketing, this is a major downfall, and a lot of new users will probably give up on Sara’s strategies because of this long before they see any profit.

Who Is This Product For?

People with a background in affiliate marketing who are looking for new techniques to potentially improve their success, and are prepared to spend the money to see whether Sara’s approaches are relevant to them.

What Now?

For people new to the field of affiliate marketing or making money online in general, Easy Paycheck Formula 2 is likely to be complicated and challenging to follow. Even though the product makes use of graphics and step-by-step directions, these do not cover some of the basics of the processes, which may undermine the attempts of users.

For experienced online marketers, this product may provide some new tools and techniques, but it is not worth taking the time to wade through the excess information, particularly when Sara’s techniques are not that different than those available for free online.

Even though ‘secrets’ and ‘techniques’ are highly promoted online, they are not the key to making profit. Probably the most important factor is having support, which includes the ability to find information on a range of topics and to ask questions from people who are experienced.

This is not something that Sara’s product offers, and is absolutely critical for both new people and those experienced in the field. This is why I like using Wealthy Affiliate, because it provides tools for making money online, and has a community that can be used to find out information, to ask for feedback or even simply to bounce ideas off.

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