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Finally, One of the Most Respected Authorities on Email Marketing Reveals His….

"Breakthrough Email Response Strategies Based on Over 22 Years of Proven Results And Not Guesswork…"

From: "Big Jason" Henderson

Las Vegas, NV

To my fellow email marketer,

If you want to know how to easily and instantly increase the response to every single email you send… regardless of the niche, then this is the most valuable course you've ever seen. <

Here's the deal:

I've created a course called… Email Response Warrior

Unlike other courses you may have taken, the strategies you're about to learn are based on actual results…. not fancy, made-up theories which sound pretty. 

Some of the proven strategies included in my course (used by me in over 1 billion emails sent since 1996), include the following:

  • The simple strategy that will sky rocket your open rates. (And it has nothing to do with your subject line, but it is sure to piss off all the self-appointed email "gurus"…)
  • How to easily send your click rates through the roof. (While building rapport and a relationship with your list that's built on trust.)
  • No more guessing! The #1 and most ACCURATE way to tell if your emails kick ass or need improvement. (A client is painstakingly changing OVER 1000 emails based on this strategy… Yes! It's that IMPORTANT!)
  • Warning! Before you listen to anyone about email marketing, ask yourself these three questions… (Blindly following advice from fake experts can –no will– KILL your email response!)
  • The three things you MUST ask yourself before hitting the send button. (Don't do this, and you'll suffer the consequences… like sending a dud of an email!)
  • The psychological strategy that compels your subscribers to read more of your emails. (Without using deception or stupid tricks like many of the so-called email "experts"…)
  • The insider's secret to testing emails…EFFECTIVELY. (The number of so-called email "experts" who don't even know how to do a valid or effective email test, properly interpret the results or even how many times they should be testing emails is mind blowing!)
  • How to format your emails for MAXIMUM response and sales. (Hint: This will be considered an utter abomination to those who would mislead you with false information on email marketing. But your subscribers and bank account will welcome it with open arms…)
  • Improve the amount of revenue from every single email… without saying a word… (Your prospects will immediately stop what they're doing and reach for their credit card once you implement this little-known strategy).
  • The 5 step plan that improves conversion, not just in your email, throughout your entire funnel… (We're talking upwards of 219% increase in revenue across the board, in some cases).
  • Make sure you NEVER _____ in your email… (This will instantly kill your response).
  • Curiosity is the number one emotion to use in your subject line… Right? Wrong!
  • How to get higher click through rates and sales… (while reducing unsubscribes).
  • The number ONE factor affecting the response to your emails… and how to use it to write cash-pulling emails.

Anyway, here's what you get with my course…

Email Response Warrior

  • Email Mad Scientist Lab ($97 Value) – Improve the response to every single email you send with surgical precision. Some people will call you crazy… until they see your bank account…
  • Open Rate Operating Table ($97 Value) – Your list "was" on life support. Get more of the opens you want and emails read like never before.
  • Click Through Conspiracy ($97 Value) – The way you've been taught to generate clicks from your emails is all wrong. You're going to discover the truth and start to immediately generate the amount of clicks you want from all your emails.
  • Email Revenue Relevation ($97 Value) – Wait till you see how to maximize the revenue of every single email you send.
  • Ultimate Affiliate Email Offers ($97 Value) – Discover the secrets to my multiple top ten finishes in affiliate contests… with small, beat up lists.

If that's not enough, take a look at this!

Here's Your

Ultimate Bonus for Crafting Emails

That Work Like Gangbusters!

In A Few Minutes, You're Going to Discover…

The Exclusive Email Copywriting Boot Camp

  • John Carlton on Email Copywriting (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – The reclusive, old-school copywriting and marketing genius agreed to let me interview him exclusively for this product and reveal his deep, dark and dirty email copywriting secrets…
  • Omar Michael on $20,000,000 worth of Emails (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – The former head copywriter for the epic marketing machine, MindValley, reveals his top email copy strategies that have contributed to over $20,000,000 in sales over four years.
  • Bond Halbert on How to Halbertize Your Email Copy (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – Son of the legendary copywriter, Gary Halbert, shows you the Halbert way of writing emails.
  • Harlan Kilstein on How to Use NLP in Your Email Copy WITHOUT Looking Like A Complete Douchebag… (Webinar Recording) – Master NLP practioner and copywriting ninja shows you how to elegantly use neurolinguistic programming to give your email copywriting super powers.
  • Tony Flores on Market Research (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – Don't write another email until you listen to the author of Clayton Makepeace's Desktop Copy Coach.
  • Scott Haines on Shortcut Email Copywriting Secrets (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – One of Gary Halbert's most successful proteges reveals his shortcuts to email copywriting success…
  • Adam Lapp (Associate Director of Marketing Optimization and Strategy, MECLABS) on How to Optimize The Way Your Prospects Think About Your Emails (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – Learn how to craft emails and landing pages that effortlessly lead your prospects to the decision that is best for them (trusting you and what you have to offer).
  • Austin McCraw (Director of Training and Certification, MECLABS) on How to Use Your Emails to Develop Your Unique Value Proposition in 5 Simple Steps (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – How to use personality and story telling to take your email copywriting to another level…
  • Scott Haines on Shortcut Email Copywriting Secrets (Webinar Video & Audio Recording) – One of Gary Halbert's greatest copywriters spills the beans on what he's been doing to pull every last dollar out of the pockets of his client's email list subscribers…

And the best part is you have ZERO RISK…

If within 60 days, you don't feel like you've received at least 100x times the price of your investment or for whatever reason you're not happy with the decison you've made today, I want –NO I demand– that you contact me personally for a refund.

Just email me by replying to any of my emails, and I will process your refund for you.

Heck! Call me at 650-843-9170 even with just one minute left in the 60 day trial period, and your no-hassle refund is a done deal!

All you have to say is:

"Big Jason. My name is ___________. My order number is ___________ My membership email is __________. Refund me."

It's that simple!

And yes, I'm that confident that you will be utterly blown away by what you're about to discover in a few short minutes.

Don't want to talk on the phone? Email me personally at bigjason [@] or contact me via skype @ bigmarketing (refund requests only please).

But please listen to me.

It makes me sick to see product owners always playing the blame game with their customers.

If you don't see a drastic improvement in your email response, you haven't failed…

I have failed you.

Every ounce of my 22 years of email marketing experience, over four certifications as an email marketing optimization professional, online tester and value proposition developer by MECLABs is going into making sure that DOESN'T HAPPEN.

So what are you waiting for, either your email response increases — or you don't pay.

I wouldn't have it any other way!

Yes, Big Jason! I'm Ready to Put Email Response Warrior into Action!

I understand I'm going to be receiving the following:

  • Email Response Warrior ($497 Value) – The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Email, Open Rate Operating Table, Click Through Conspiracy, My Coveted Email Swipes, Personalization Power (Soon to be released), Segmentation Science (Soon to be released) and Four Horsemen of The Email Apocalypse (Soon to be released).
  • Email Copywriting Boot Camp ($497 Value) – 8+ Webinars with myself, John Carlton, Bond Halbert, Omar Michael (former head copywriter for MindValley), Harlan Kilstein, Tony Flores, Scott Haines, Adam Lapp and Austin McCraw (Both from MECLABS – Over one billion emails tested…).
  • 5 Killer Email Swipes ($197) – My best templates which have generated over $100,000 for you to outright…STEAL.
  • PLUS a whole multitude of unannounced bonuses like where I show you how to know what emails are kicking ass and which ones should be BURNED…

And thanks for making this insane offer!

Plus, If I'm not 120% thrilled with Email Response Warrior, I can ask for a no-hassle refund in the first 60 days!

Get Email Response Warrior – Jason Henderson, only price $77

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