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What Is It?

Make YouTube videos about potty training dogs.

Short Review

This is an extremely small portion of what’s possible with affiliate marketing and will not be appropriate for most people. Kristie Chiles makes a shockingly poor attempt at launching a “make money” product and alienates her dog-lover audience.

Before You Buy

Kirstie Chiles is a B-Level internet marketer that I’ve run into before researching other products. Her and James Knight have a Google Hangout they do where they pump up other beginners trying to do their own product launches.

If you are curious to know whether this is a person whose advice you can trust, I encourage you to browse James Knights YouTube channel videos and make your own decision.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a newbie. But when you are encouraging people to buy stuff based on your recommendation, at least know what you are selling.

Kristie also has a series of other products called “Emergency Cash”, which I feel is extremely misleading and may lead to folks buying it in times of need. Making money online is never fast, and you should never spend you last dollar on a “make money product” to fix your money problems.

What I Liked

To be fair, Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm was quite up front and honest about what was offered. The sales page was a little misleading as you’ll find out below, but going through the videos I was able to figure out that this product was going to teach me about selling potty training dog products.

Inside the PDF guide, there was some OK information about keyword research.

And yes, ranking YouTube videos in low-competition niches is quite easy to do. Making money off of links in the description is NOT as easy to do, but it is possible if you make good videos.

What I Didn’t Like

OMG Are You Serious?

Let’s get this out of the way because it’s the most glaring issue with Emergency Affiliate Storm. You know those “silly videos” that we’re supposed to be making to generate hundreds of dollars in commissions?

"How a 56 Year-Old Baby Boomer Single Mom Uncovered A Super Simple Way To Make $579.05 in A Storm Of Emergency Affiliate Cash With Silly, Little Videos…."

They are not silly. They are terrible. In fact, they are completely useless. I am not exaggerating here. Below is a screenshot of a video about How To Train A Yorkie To Not Pee or Poo in the house

A full 1:48 video of a plain text that does not change (with royalty free rock music playing in the background). There is literally zero information in the video, and nothing in the description except a link to an affiliate product.

Not only will it absolutely not convert to sales, but it will piss people off. Look at the number of thumbs-down in the above screenshot, and look at the comments below.

If perhaps, she had done a more informative and high quality video, THEN posted a link to more information on her website, THEN linked to an affiliate product, I could see this being a legit strategy.

In fact, I’ve done the same thing. But I don’t charge $10 to teach people how to do it.

n00b Mistakes

If you’re going to teach people how to make money online, it’s probably a good idea to make sure your launch is at least a little bit professional.

  • Her PDF download is actually searchable in Google so you don’t have to pay to get the product.
  • Her links in the PDF don’t work and don’t let you copy paste so you have to manually type them into your browser.
  • I also dislike when product owners put ads like this in their members area.

In summary, it looks like she took a day or two to write up this PDF, found a few pictures and stuffed them in, then called it a day and tried to sell it on JVZoo or wherever it launched.

This is sloppy work, and not worth my money.

Final Review

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storma is not to be used in emergencies. It probably won’t generate cash. Most of all, training a dog not to poo in the house is not going to be interesting for most people.

What Now?

Why limit yourself to dog poo videos when you could enter into absolutely any niche topic you want?

  • cooking
  • real estate
  • surfing
  • gardening
  • healthy eating
  • traveling
  • kids/family
  • etc, etc

There are literally tens of thousands of different websites you could build, all based on topics that interest YOU.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to take my word for it. Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY internet marketing training center I recommend because they don’t play games.

Get 7 day access without a credit card and build two free affiliate sites with training and support. See what they offer for free, THEN decide if their premium membership is for you. There’s no other place like it.

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