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Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0


After taking my online consulting business from zero to $106K in four months; creating a supportive and highly-engaged community of over 50,000 entrepreneurial men and women; and helping hundreds of students as they break free from their 9-5’s, it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about building sustainable and profitable online businesses.

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Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0

Are you unhappy at your job?

Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck and wishing you were doing something more meaningful?

Something which gave you more freedom, more flexibility and more time to live life on your terms.

Do you wish you had the confidence and knowledge to create a life doing what fulfills you?

What if you didn’t have to spend the rest of your life in a 9-5, doing things you only mildly tolerate, working in an office that suffocates you, and dealing with people who seem to have forgotten that life takes place OUTSIDE of the cubicle?

Right now, I’m guessing that…

  • You know there has to be more to life…right? You’re smart, and you have good ideas, but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to really get things off the ground. And, if you do make it happen, how long will it realistically last?
  • You don’t want to look back and regret wasting years sitting behind a desk. You have friends, a family, people you want to spend time with and places to see. You want the freedom to actually live your life.
  • You want to travel more and enjoy life. You want to frolic on the beach in Greece, hang by the pool in Bali, and spend a weekend in New York City, but the reality is that those dreams cost money, and to make that money you need your job (you know, the one with limited vacation time). You’re stuck in a catch-22.
  • You want more out of your career. You’re smart, a high-achiever, but you can only go so far, so fast in the corporate world. You have big visions and want to make your mark.

Forget waiting.

Your time is NOW.

It’s not lazy. It’s not crazy. It’s not nonsense.

It’s your future. And it’s completely possible.

You can make the leap from desk to dream.

From trapped to free.


You don’t need to spend your days chained to your desk to pay the bills. You don’t need to waste 8 hours a day on tedious tasks. You don’t need to work for people who don’t appreciate you.

You only live once and you deserve to make a living (and a great one at that) doing what you love.

And that’s exactly why I created Employee to Entrepreneur, the only proven, step-by-step system to build your online service-based business and replace your corporate income in 6 months flat.

You CAN spend 100% of your life doing things you love.

You can have a career that you’re furiously passionate about, spend time with people you love, and explore all the places that you’ve wanted to see for years. All you have to do, is take the leap (strategically, of course).

Now hold up a second! I know what you’re thinking. Your brain (more like your fear-based inner voice) is probably screaming–

“That sounds impossible!”

“Are you crazy?”

“Hello, empty promises!”

“That won’t work for me!”

Allow me to prove you wrong…

Why is Employee to Entrepreneur so powerful?

It’s a unique comprehensive system that gives you the exact step-by-steps, scripts, and marketing strategies to replace your monthly income and build your online coaching/consulting business BEFORE you leave your 9-5.

It takes you from scratch to getting booked out with one-on-one clients to leveraging your time and income with group programs and courses.

That’s right, even if…

  • You only have a couple hours a week to devote to business building
  • You’re not sure what kind of business to start
  • You don’t think you have any marketable skills
  • You don’t have an MBA
  • You have tried other systems and failed (miserably)
  • You spent years getting to this income level and think it’s bonkers to possibly replace it in 6 months

For years, word on the street about starting your own business was that you had to:

  • Struggle for years marketing yourself before getting clients,
  • Spend your life blogging, guest posting, or hanging out on social media,
  • Go back to school, develop a certain skill-set, or get a certification first, or
  • Be someone who’s rich, special, or has damn good luck!

But guess what? That’s a load of B.S.!

The Employee to Entrepreneur system has helped hundreds of “ordinary” men and women make the transition from cubicle to CEO

Take these 3 regular ETE’ers for example:

  • They aren’t extroverts with natural-born sales skills (but they learned how to sell their services with ease)…
  • They didn’t have have Ivy League educations or lots of certifications…
  • In fact, when they signed up for Employee to Entrepreneur, they weren’t even sure what kind of business they wanted to start (even though they KNEW the kind of lifestyle they wanted to have).

“Sold out first group program.. over $20,000 in 2 months” ~ Tracy T.

“0 to $30K in just 3 months… more progress than all last year” ~ Sanae F.

That’s a total of over $80K, all created within 4 months” ~ Courtney G.

Hey there. I’m Luisa Zhou, a serial entrepreneur and 7-figure business owner.

After taking my online consulting business from zero to $106K in four months; creating a supportive and highly-engaged community of over 50,000 entrepreneurial men and women; and helping hundreds of students as they break free from their 9-5’s, it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about building sustainable and profitable online businesses.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship because I’ve seen how building an online business can completely transform someone’s life and since we only get one, I believe it’s crucial to make it count.

Making the jump from 9-5 to online business owner is an art and a science, which takes a mix of creativity and skill. In my years as an entrepreneur and business coach, there are 10 common mistakes I see being made all the time.

Luckily, knowledge is power and if you’re aware of the mistakes, you can avoid them! So, without further adieu, I give you (*drumroll*)…

10 Most Common Mistakes Made While Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur

Mistake #1: Falling for the Online Business Fairytale

You’ve heard it all before…

  • Start coaching and make 6-figures overnight!
  • Get blogging and your ideal clients will quickly be knocking down your door!
  • Sell affiliate products and you’ll be millionaire in just a few years!
  • Become a self-published author and you’ll find fame and fortune in a flash!

The truth: These are baloney.

Yes you can make 6-figures as a coach, yes blogging is helpful, yes being an affiliate will help increase your profits, and yes being an author will get you some street-cred BUT, none of these steps will take you from broke to billionaire overnight.

Making money with your online business is absolutely possible but there’s no “silver bullet.” It takes work, strategy, and most importantly, guidance from someone who really knows what she’s doing and has a track record of proven results.

Mistake #2: Relying on traditional business advice

Online business is constantly changing – it’s nothing like it was 5 months ago, let alone 5 years ago. That’s why it’s imperative that the advice you’re getting is current and applicable to your specific situation.

Think about it; back in the day, online business was a novelty. To get going, all you needed was a website and some blog articles. These days, with more and more people building their own businesses (in fact, Intuit estimates that by 2020, over 40% of the workforce will be freelancers), standing out and getting the best clients takes a lot more strategy and sophistication.

The thing is, not every “business mentor” will tell you that (or even be able to!)

It’s up to you make sure the mentor you choose knows her stuff, that she’s overcome the obstacles that you’re currently facing, and that she knows how to help you in a way that’s efficient and effective.

Mistake #3: Taking advice from people who haven’t walked in your shoes

You’ve got a job and you’re looking to escape the 9-5 ASAP, right?

Well, here’s the thing: most big name marketers didn’t have a corporate job when they started. Plus, they built their businesses 10 years ago so the strategies they used are completely outdated.

They’ll advise you to go the slow and steady route; to build your business by working every night and weekend, making guest posting your priority, waste hours hanging on social media to build your traffic, and so on and so forth to finally sign a couple clients and make a sale… at some point in the far off future

That method might seem ok on paper but let’s be real – you don’t want to be working 20 hour days and you’re not into super slow results. You want strategies that work, now.

With the Employee to Entrepreneur System, you can say “Sianara, slow + steady” and “Hello, quick + easy”

Mistake #4: Not following a systematic blueprint and wasting years before you can escape your 9-5

Building a business and leaving your 9-5 doesn’t have to take years! 

With the Employee to Entrepreneur process, you need just six months to make it happen.

How? I’ll tell you.

Step 1: Get Proof.

If you’re ready to roll, the best thing you can do is get out there and get proof of concept for your business – and build your own confidence! – by signing on your first paying clients. (I’ll show you how.)

Step 2: Scale.

Once you have a few paying clients, it’s time to start systematizing. I’ll show you how to create an automated marketing funnel that brings in clients like clockwork – without you having to spend all day in front of your computer marketing yourself.

Step 3: Leverage.

Now that you’re getting clients – and revenue – consistently, it’s time to start leveraging your time. Group programs are an excellent way to scale because you can have greater impact while working less. (Yup, I’ll teach you exactly how to do this too in Employee to Entrepreneur.)

Having systematic strategies that work are essential if you want to build a business that grows quickly so you can get out of your j-o-b asap. Having a comprehensive roadmap that takes you from your desk to your goal (perhaps on a laptop in Bali?) is the only way to make it happen.

Mistake #5: Putting all your marketing eggs (and money!) in one basket

The ETE philosophy is comprehensive. It doesn’t rely…

…solely on Facebook marketing,

…just on blogging, or

…simply on an email list

Why not? Well, the traditional approach that tells you to go all-in on just one platform is dead wrong.

Success comes when you put the marketing puzzle together using a carefully curated, proven, and comprehensive method.

(Real talk: You could invest in a bunch of different courses that each teach you just one of the marketing methods. It would cost roughly $2,000 per course and you’d probably need about 5. That’s a $10,000 investment. OR, you could invest in Employee to Entrepreneur which teaches you everything for a fraction of the cost of piecemealing programs together.)

In Employee to Entrepreneur, you’ll get unique guidance and support on how to:

  • Use Facebook, blogging, and email marketing to build your business
  • Create automated webinar funnels that grow your business 24/7
  • Have non-salesy sales calls that turn into sales
  • Use social media to get clients
  • Execute a flawless and profitable group program launch
  • Reframe your mindset for success

In short, Employee to Entrepreneur is going to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to make connections, attract clients, AND make the sale. And honestly, that’s priceless.

Mistake #6: Relying on tips from blog posts / free webinars as your strategy

Free advice has its time and place; It’s great to get you acquainted with the digital landscape and for when you need a quick refresher, but it’s never comprehensive enough to get you all the way from A to Z.

Building a business is like building a house; you need a solid foundation and help from an expert all the way from the beginning to the end.

The truth is, comprehensive strategies just aren’t given away in free webinars. If you’re serious about going all the way with your business, you have to have have a plan from everything, from marketing to sales to mindset.

Cindy was SUPER hesitant about investing in her first paid course but her results have been astounding →

Mistake #7: Taking advice from someone who didn’t work in corporate & is only on her first business

Here’s the thing about people who don’t have a lot of experience in various industries (including working in a corporate job)…

  • They can’t relate to where you’ve been…
  • They only know the tactics that worked for them. And…
  • If their methods don’t work for you, they won’t know how to help you troubleshoot.

After all your years in the corporate world, you speak the language of planning, strategy, and execution. That’s why when you think about working with someone who “went from homeless to 6-figures in a flash,” a red flag goes up! And rightfully so.

Trust your intuition here. You want to work with someone who has done what you want to do, knows how to leverage your strengths, and who has been doing it for years.

Mistake #8: Not following a systematic blueprint and wasting years before you can escape your 9-5

Making the jump from corporate to self-employed is not one of those situations you want to figure out as you go.

To make your transition as seamless and as risk-free as possible, you need a comprehensive strategy. You have to think about everything from business model to marketing to sales and figure out exactly how you’re going to replace (and increase!) your income.

Employee to Entrepreneur does just that. We cover every single step you need to take from deciding you want your own business, to leaving your 9-5, and beyond. We’ll go over:

  • Money-Making Mindset so you can confidently get paying clients, break through your income ceiling, and make those dollars flow
  • Your Badass Branding & Offerings so you have a memorable look and services (like killer group programs that make beaucoup bucks) that sell
  • Creating a Digital Presence that Dominates so you don’t waste time on strategies that don’t work
  • Designing a Phenomenal Funnel so your business makes money while you sleep (hello, passive income)!
  • Leveraging your time and income with a course or group program so you can increase your impact and income while working less
  • Executing an Extraordinary Exit Plan so you can ditch the 9-5 once and for all!

Mistake #9: Quitting [your job] at the wrong time

There’s a sweet spot for leaving your 9-5.

If you go too soon and don’t have your finances in order (aka a stack of cash saved), you’ll be feeling desperate in no time, praying for clients, and wondering how the heck you’re going to pay your bills.

Sounds terrible, right? The good news is, in Employee to Entrepreneur you’ll learn exactly how to set yourself up for success so you don’t experience an income dip. In fact, you’ll likely be in a better financial position than ever before.

Check out Britny’s story. This amazing lady left her desk and built her business so she could travel the world and do what she loves. (Last time I checked, she was #workingfromwherever from Barcelona!)

Mistake #10: Judging a book by it’s cover program by its size

It’s tempting to do. You scroll down and add up the value of every piece of the program – you think about the hours it’ll take you to get through it all, you wonder if it’s a “good deal.”

But, here’s the thing; just because a program is massive, doesn’t mean the content is useful or strategic.

Perhaps you’ve purchased huge (and pricey) programs with tons of videos but…after even after watching all of them, all of that information still didn’t actually teach you what to do.

Employee to Entrepreneur is different.

Not only is it completely comprehensive, but it also recognizes the fact that you have limited hours in a day. Each module includes short videos and a series of actionable Implementation Guides so you spend your limited on actually building your business and getting results instead of on taking a course and filling out worksheets.

You are smarter than these mistakes.

You are bigger than your fears.


Seriously — you are…

  • You don’t have to have a business yet (Heck, you don’t even need to have a clear idea)
  • You don’t need to know the ins and outs of building a business from the ground up (That’s what Employee to Entrepreneur is for!)
  • You don’t have to be completely confident that you can make this happen (It’s natural to have some doubts, but don’t let your fear control you)

Whether you’re:

Still in a day job and have to squeeze your business activities in at lunch or on the weekends,


You’ve been at this for a little while, tried a few other programs, and are struggling because nothing’s working

I’ve got your back.

These ETE’ers did it, and so can you!

$80,000 in 4 months…

When we started, I had no clients and no sales. Today, it’s the 4th of the month and I’ve already signed 2 new clients plus sold out my group program so over $40K for the month. Yes. That just happened.

That’s a total of over $80K in just a few months! That includes 2 sold out group programs, being completed booked with 1:1 clients, and a community of over 2,000 raving fans. All created within 4 months of working with Luisa.

Working with Luisa has literally been life-changing. I can’t recommend her enough.

Courtney G.

Look at all she did in just 6 weeks:

Before I started working with Luisa, I felt lost and disappointed in myself because my business wasn’t growing as quickly as I hoped it would.

Within 6 weeks of working with Luisa I:

  • Got my first paying client
  • Booked 50 sales calls from one post
  • Scored a podcast interview
  • Had my article featured on two blogs

Joining Luisa’s program was a no-brainer. Why? Because she’s the real deal! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.

Brittany T.

Made double her investment in 2 months

I cannot say enough great things about Luisa! I literally can’t even. Barely a month in her group program & I landed my first 3 clients-from scratch.

Within 4 months after I first signed up, I also:

  • Made back double my investment within 2 months
  • Sold out TWO group programs
  • Doubled my private 1:1 rates from $1,500 to $3,000 (while selling more packages than ever!)
  • Repeatedly created $3K+ days on demand
  • Been a featured speaker at a national conference

With her gentle, classy, no BS, remarkably clear guidance I’ve been able to grow my Facebook group to hundreds, have regular clients without spending my life marketing, and am launching a Mastermind in just a few months!

Summer W.

$0 to $30k in 3 months…

I had left my job and only had 2 months’ savings when I started the program. I knew I had to make it work or else go back to a j.o.b.

With Luisa’s guidance, I went from $0 (doing it on my for the previous 12 months!) to $30K in just 3 months. I hit my first 5-figure WEEK in January so now I know what is possible, I feel unstoppable. I’m currently on my way to my first $40K MONTH!

Sanae F.

I GET IT. I’ve been where you are.

(Yup, I was sitting at a desk dreaming about being my own boss, too.)

Growing up, I was told that I needed to get a good education so I could land a great job. So I did. I hopped on the corporate ladder and started climbing. On the outside, things looked great. But, the truth was, I wanted more.

Even though I’d accomplished everything my parents had hoped for me — the managerial title, the six-figure salary, and the high-rise apartment, I wasn’t happy. I wanted to be making a difference, to be helping people, and to be in charge of my own career trajectory instead of on the path of incremental raises, minimal vacation days, and day to day monotony.

Personally, I couldn’t stop thinking, “is this all there is?” I’m all for hard work but if I only have 100ish years on this Earth, I want to spend time with the people I love. I want to explore the world and to go on adventures…

I want to feel like I’m not just alive, but truly living.

That’s why I knew I had to take my life (and career) into my own hands.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I was determined to figure it out.

I made mistakes. I felt isolated. And I spent so much time glued to the couch with my laptop. But, eventually, I did it.

When you look at my website, it’s easy to assume that success came easily for me, but, as we both know, looks can be deceiving. My entrepreneurial journey has been going on for a decade and it’s chock full of highs and lows (lots and lots of lows!)

Join me for a scroll down memory lane, won’t you?

Side hustle that didn’t take

2007: I started a high school tutoring company by accident (my mom’s friends asked and I figured, why not?). Business was good, but I dreaded spending the next 20 years of my life talking about what I’d spent the last 20 years obsessing over.

Dream job as Space Station engineer

2008: Realized my childhood dream of working as an engineer for the International Space Station. What wasn’t in my dream: red tape, office politics, and limited opportunities.

Brilliant idea but no buy-in

2012: Worked with a friend to build a brilliant idea for a mobile payment processor. We raised lots of capital, but kept getting hit with no’s for additional investments and partnerships. We lost our momentum after 2 years.

Profits, not passion

2014: Microsoft Excel tutoring business. Because… well, I saw someone else making a lot of money doing it. Forgot to take into account I’d hate it (I spent all day at my job using Excel and didn’t want to spend my free time on it too.)

Getting closer

2014: Career coaching business. I got clients and started to grow my business, but my heart wasn’t in it – I knew one day they’d want to do their own thing too. I had to let it go.


2015: Digital advertising consulting (what I did in my job at the time) business. Enjoyed my first taste of running a side business with ease, attracting paying clients who value my worth, and went on to make $106K in 4 months while still in my day job. BINGO!


2015: Created Employee to Entrepreneur to share everything I’d learned and done so that no one else would have to painfully figure out the pieces bit by bit — over a decade — the way I’d had to.

What a ride.

Over the years, there were plenty of times I was tempted to quit my corporate gig and go full time with my business, but I strategically waited it out because I wanted to make sure my business was stable and strong. (My definition of entrepreneurial freedom did not include being unable to pay the bills.)

One of the hardest parts of my entrepreneurial journey was a lack of support from my family.

They just didn’t “get” it. They wondered:

  • What was wrong with me?
  • Why I wasn’t happy with my “good” salary?
  • How the heck I’d ever be able to get my own business off the ground? (They assumed online business was a spammy scheme… can you relate?)

Keep improving yourself today with this “Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0” course at only [137$]

Then, in mid-2014, the perfect trifecta of my worst nightmares all occurred around the same time:

  • My father was rushed to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. The doctors said he shouldn’t have made it, so we got really lucky
  • My mother was diagnosed with cancer
  • My sister was hit in the eye in a freak snowball accident and was told she might completely lose her vision

It was the hardest time of my life. Not only was I in a long-distance relationship with my now-husband because of work, but the people I love most in this world were facing the biggest challenges of their lives… without me.

I should have been by their side, but instead my job was holding me hostage.

The more time I spent apart from them, the more I felt like I was the most horrible person in the world because I was short on the one thing that mattered most: time with my loved ones.

And that’s when I finally made the decision that having my own business was non-negotiable.

My family’s health concerns plus being told NO time and again at work was the kick in the butt I needed to go all-in, even though I had no idea how I’d do it and no one who believed in or supported me.

My parents would question why I wanted more and my friends would ask, “You have a really good job, why do you want to give it up?”

But I didn’t listen. I couldn’t listen. I had to make it work.

So I dove head first into the world of online business. I did a ton of research, invested in programs and mentors to piece everything together, figured out where and how to find my clients online, and realized I had lots of skills (including the skills I’d honed in my job) that people were willing to pay for (you’ve got skills too — even if you don’t know exactly what they are yet).

Here’s the good news….Within two weeks of launching a digital advertising consulting business in early 2015, I made $5K.

Great start, right? Well, kind of…

Unfortunately, my first investments for my online business weren’t the smashing success I’d hoped…

  • I encountered mentors who didn’t offer strategic advice or care about me or what results I got (just that they got paid)
  • I took a bu
  • nch of group programs and pieced them together but was still missing lots of key information, so I hired several different types of coaches to support me in building my business
  • I spent a whopping $30K (most of it on credit cards) to start my business

And after making that first $5K, I didn’t make a single sale for the next two months.

My hopes and dreams were dashed. I started questioning if it was truly even possible, and if everyone who told me I was crazy was right. If I should just find a way to stay happy in my job.

But as they say, it’s in the darkness that we find the light. I stuck with it, scared but more determined than ever…and months later, I made it happen.

Applying my marketing and advertising know-how was a game-changer. I spent all my free time working late into the night (after my 9-5) and on weekends creating, testing, and perfecting my own strategy.

Finally, I had serious results!

Within 4 months of implementing this strategy, I made $106K (while still at my 9-5!)

Imagine my relief after 10 years of trying to make this work, struggling with self doubt, and wondering if I’d ever make it happen – I finally did. It was not easy, but it was all coming together.

Now, I’m a seven-figure business owner who gets to do what she loves every single day. And my greatest hope, is that you create a career that you love too.

I did it the hard way, but you don’t have to.

Instead, you can do it the smart way. In Employee to Entrepreneur, I’ll teach you exactly what I wish I’d known from the beginning.

Employee to Entrepreneur will teach you how to maximize your profits in the short term while also preparing you to scale your business in the long term.

Employee to Entrepreneur can take you, the professional career man or woman, from zero to 6-figures by the end of this year (without sacrificing your health, lifestyle, or sanity).

Employee to Entrepreneur will walk you through your entire transition from 9-5’er to CEO.

When you say YES to ETE, you’re saying YES to:

  • MY PROVEN, COMPREHENSIVE, STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS, including templates, scripts, audio, videos, email swipe files, advertising strategies, and launch tactics so you don’t have to waste time recreating the wheel
  • 11 RESULTS-ORIENTED MODULES that cover everything from creating a mindset for success all the way through to crafting your first offering, conducting sales calls, and selling out your first group program. You name it, I’ve got you covered
  • THE MOST SUPPORT, COACHING, AND FEEDBACK YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED from any course or program. Because the truth is: no matter how great a course is, information, without feedback, support, and customization, is not enough when your mission is as big as building a business that replaces your income

This is the first and only business building program created with YOU in mind.

Here’s the step-by-step breakdown of how we’re going to set you and your business up for success:

Step 1

Your Digital Domination

You’ll get clear on your business idea, what you’re selling, and why it’s unique so you instantly stand out from the crowd. We’ll also lay a rock-solid digital foundation for your business, from your website design and copy, to your killer marketing plan.

Step 2

Your First Clients

As soon as you get your first paying client, your business goes from dream or hobby to…well, an actual business. It’s a leap that most aspiring entrepreneurs never make. Not you though, because by the end of this month you’ll have your first (or more) paying clients.

Step 3

6-Figure Marketing & Sales Plan

Getting your first paying clients is one thing. Being able to consistently get clients every single month is a whole other ballgame — one that you’ll have hit a home run in by the time we’re done. You’ll set up an automated funnel that consistently drives clients to you every month like clockwork to ensure that your steady paycheck is being replaced by an even steadier stream of clients and revenue.

Step 4

Leverage Your Time

Get the most out of your efforts with a course or group program. Working with clients you love is great. Having your income directly tied to (and limited by) the hours you work is not. Besides, I’m sure your dreams of freedom don’t include 80-hour workweeks, even if they are for your own business. That’s why we’re going to systemize what you’ve been working on with your private clients over the past few months and use it to create your first course or group program so you can start leveraging your time.

Step 5

Your First Launch

Successfully selling a course or group program requires a completely different skill set from selling a coaching or consulting package. (After all, you’re selling a completely different type of product.) I’ll show you how to master this skill and sell out your first launch…and every launch afterwards too. You’ll start to see how adding launches to your business plan can quickly double, triple, and even 10x your income.

Step 6

Say Goodbye to the 9-5

With cash in the bank, a steady stream of new clients, your first launch under your belt, and a growing reputation online, you’re perfectly positioned for long-term success. At this point, you’ll have everything you need to grow your business to six, multiple-six, and even seven-figures, and your 9-5 will be a shrinking speck in your rearview mirror.

As you can probably see, this customized plan has an unmatched success rate for taking my students from employee to entrepreneur for two reasons:

1. It’s results-driven

This is not another course or program that gives you a ton of high-level information but leaves you with no idea how or when to use it to get the results you want. (I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen the point of information just for the sake of information.)

2. It’s uniquely comprehensive

Unlike with any other program or course, you aren’t given just one piece of the puzzle. (Most courses only talk about sales, or using social media, or webinars, or creating a course, or how to launch it.) You are literally taken from A-Z, and given everything you need to build a profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable six- to seven-figure business.

Are you ready for a life-changing 2019?

(Or, you could just stick with the corporate gig and look at photos of life happening on Facebook…)

Did I mention that Employee to Entrepreneur is delivered in fast, easy to manage modules with short videos and Implementation Guide PDFs you can zip through anytime?

(And yes, by “anytime” I mean on your lunch break or at your desk while no one’s watching — your secret’s safe with me.)

Get everything you need to finally go from

Employee to Entrepreneur

You’ll get the full Employee to Entrepreneur system along with proven scripts, step-by-step instructions, live coaching calls, and the most support you’ve ever received in any course or program.

Join today & get…

  • Lifetime Access to entire Employee to Entrepreneur system ($2,997 Value)
  • 12 Months of Live Group Coaching ($2,997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: 24 live coaching calls ($12,000 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Private feedback and coaching via ETE’er-only Facebook group ($1,997 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Millionaire Mindset Master Class ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #4: 5 “How I Did It” Case Studies ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #5: “Look Like a Pro” Templates ($497 Value)

Total program value = $25,982

Want to know more about what you can expect from Employee to Entrepreneur? Here’s the full breakdown…

The complete Employee to Entrepreneur system can be broken down into two main components:


The “Core” Employee to Entrepreneur program

During the first few months, our goals are to:

  • Build your online presence
  • Get your first paying clients
  • Set up and fine-tune your automated client-generation funnel for maximum Return on Investment

End result: Be consistently generating $3K, $5K, or even $10K per month (you get to decide how much you want to make) through working with just a handful of premium private coaching/consulting/freelancing clients.

Here’s how you’ll get there…

Module 1

Your Clarity Strategy

  • The proven 4-step 15-minute business idea generation framework: Stop spinning your wheels on what business you should start. This will save you months of agonizing and help you get clarity on your business idea so that you can finally move forward
  • Virtually guarantee your success: Use a little-known shortcut to immediately identify exactly what to say and what to offer…and how to use that information to make your ideal buyer say, “Let me get my credit card!”
  • The “Hook” Technique: A simple technique to position you as an expert so that you instantly rise to the top of your industry
  • How to get big financial wins upfront: How to identify your ideal buyer’s biggest “willingness to pay” areas and create premium offers that result in big financial wins for you and big results-based wins for your buyers as well. You’ll know exactly what to sell, who to sell it to, and what price to sell it for

Module 2

Your Digital Foundation

  • Technology made painless: Feeling beyond frustrated, confused, and discouraged by all the tech pieces of setting up your business? By the time you’re done with these so-simple-you-could-do-it-in-your-sleep instructions, you’ll be navigating your site hosting, website, plug-ins, and email marketing like a pro
  • Create a gorgeous DIY website that looks like it cost thousands: Step-by-step instructions to design a drool-worthy brand, plan a stunning photoshoot, and create a beautiful website on your own with ease…so that you stand out as a professional from the very beginning
  • Become a master persuasion-writer (even if you don’t think you’re good at writing): With this skill, you’ll never to worry about not having buyers. Learn how to strategically write words that get people to take action — join your community, share your work, and of course, buy from you
  • Proven step-by-step templates for your entire website:Write, design, and set up your website with more ease than you could have ever imagined. I’m not just going to tell you what to do…I’m giving you the exact step-by-step instructions and blueprints to use for every page on your site!
  • Your First Funnel: How to set up a system that automatically funnels potential client inquiries all the time…even when you’re sleeping or sitting at your desk counting the days until you turn in your notice

Module 3

Your Marketing Strategy

  • The 3-Prong Approach to get your first paying clients: Get the exact scripts to use and steps to follow to get your first paying clients in just a few weeks
  • Step-by-step marketing plan for massive visibility in 30 minutes per day: Know exactly where to market, what to say, and how to say it without fear or overwhelm. Save yourself countless hours on social media with this targeted plan that only requires 30 minutes or less per day
  • Get likes, comments, and responses on everything you write: The exact 5 types of social media posts you need to write to grab your ideal buyers’ attention, plus proven techniques to appeal to their emotions and engage them to like, comment, and respond every time
  • The secret to becoming a content generating machine: Plan your content for the week, month, or even year without running out of ideas after you learn how and where to find never-ending inspiration and how to write 5 or more completely different articles on each topic you come up with
  • How to write newsletters and blogs that prime your audience to buy: Know exactly what your ideal buyers need to hear to be ready to buy, how to write to them, and how to use your newsletters and blogs to build a highly-engaged list of super-fans

Module 4

Your Sales Strategy

Selling out your offers (The Strategy)

  • 2x, 3x, or even 10x your sales with webinars: Slide-by-slide webinar templates and tech set-up instructions to guide you in creating a flawless webinar that both delivers phenomenal value and creates an irresistible urge to buy in your audience
  • How to convert email subscribers into customers with the perfect combination of marketing and sales…that has your ideal buyers clamoring for your offers

Selling out your offers (The Tactics)

  • Get as many sales calls as you want, whenever you want, using these 15 proven tactics — with exact, word-for-word scripts and templates (no cold calling involved)
  • Master the art of selling online and how to tailor your offers for success on different social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Live streams, Email)

Selling out your offers (The Sales Calls)

  • Get proven scripts for effortlessly making sales in a way that feels good to you and your buyers while consistently resulting in “YES’s” instead of “NO’s”
  • Become a master at overcoming objections such as, “I can’t afford it” and “Now’s not the time” without being pushy or salesy

Module 5

Your Scaling Strategy

Go from 0 to thousands of potential buyers who can’t wait to buy from you:

  • A step-by-step training on how to go an email list of hundreds or thousands of ideal buyers interested in your offers…from scratch
  • A detailed, easy-to-follow schedule that’ll have you doubling your email list each month without spending all your time in front your computer

Grow your list by thousands…for free:

  • How to get featured on big-name sites…and leverage that publicity to grow your email list by hundreds, or even thousands
  • 10 of the most powerful free list-building tactics that you can use to quickly reach your first 1,000 subscribers, and beyond

Skyrocket your business on autopilot with paid advertising:

  • 7 comprehensive, step-by-step trainings on how to use paid Facebook advertising to skyrocket your business…even if you have a small budget
  • Create an automated client generation system that works for you 24/7 – with exact templates, scripts, and step-by-step instructions


The “Ultimate Course Launch” program

After you’ve built your community, begun to establish yourself, and are consistently generating revenue in your business, you can then:

  • Leverage that income (so that your business is paying for itself) to scale your business even faster
  • Use the client testimonials you now have to increase your reputation online
  • Capitalize on the audience you’ve been nurturing and building over the last 3 months and launch your first program or product

End result: Have your first “product” and launch under your belt so that you can double, triple, and even 10x your income while leveraging your time and increasing your impact.

Here’s how we’ll make it happen for you…

Module 1

The Secret to Profitable Products

  • The Fail-Proof Product Idea Generation Framework that successful course and group program creators use to consistently come up with blockbuster course and program ideas…from scratch
  • The Perfect Price Cheatsheet. Pricing your course too high will cost you sales, while pricing it too low means that you’ll leave a lot of money on the table. This simple yet powerful resource will help you maximize your profit from day 1
  • The only 3 types of online courses that sell (in any industry), how to choose the best type for your course or program, and why not getting this right could cost you your business
  • The 6 components of an irresistible course or group program offer. Having all 6 will virtually guarantee your success

Module 2

Your Product Creation Blueprint

  • The #1 reason most people who buy online courses never complete them (it’s not what you think), how it can potentially double refund requests, and how you can completely eliminate this problem using my Optimal Teaching Technique
  • Why most entrepreneurs are never able to create their own online course or group program, and the one simple fix that will make your product creation process quick, simple…and even fun
  • How to create an action-oriented environment. The more of these tips you use, the more powerful your students’ results will be (and the more sales you’ll make)
  • The Complete Tech Guide. If you have no idea how to set up the tech for hosting, delivering, or even creating your course, this comprehensive guide will walk you step-by-step through everything you need

Module 3

Your Irresistible Sales Strategy

  • The Sales Page Formula is a step-by-step, comprehensive breakdown of every element you MUST have on your sales page (with proven templates). Never worry again about having to spend thousands on a copywriter or having your carefully-planned launch flop because of a bad sales page
  • How to effectively leverage the most overlooked page in your sales process. In this module, I’ll tell you what it is and how to use it to ensure that your customers convince themselves that purchasing your course is the best decision they’ve ever made
  • The 3 sections every checkout page needs to have. Most entrepreneurs only know one of these, if even. Having all 3 (done right) could easily add a few extra thousand dollars or more to your bottom line
  • The All-You-Need Sales Emails Swipe File. Proven email templates for every type of sales email you need to include in your launch. This is literally “plug and play” email writing

Module 4

Make Marketing Magic

  • The Ultimate Traffic Plan — for both Free and Facebook Ads Traffic. If this is all you did to find and attract the right people before your launch, it would be enough
  • The one strategy that will instantly 10x your revenue…without having to do more work, drive more traffic, or send out more sales emails
  • The perfect amount of time to spend building and nurturing your audience before a launch — and exactly how to do it. Prepare to be shocked (in a good way)
  • My secret weapon for rapidly accelerating customer relationships (so that you make sales faster). Once you understand the power of P.L.S., you’ll be able to get virtual strangers to ASK how they can buy your course

Module 5

Your Million Dollar Launch Framework

  • The comprehensive walkthrough of my Unique Launch Framework. You’ll learn exactly how to apply each step and customize it for your own launch to get the results you want…whether that’s $5K, $10K, $100K, or even $1MM
  • Step-by-Step Webinar Templates. If you’re terrified of webinars, if you’ve tried them but they haven’t worked, or even if you’ve done OK with them in the past, all that’s going to change. Discover how I use them to bring in over 60% of my launch sales so that you can make webinars your most powerful sales weapon too
  • Why most launches lose steam (and thus sales) after the first few days…and the Soap Opera Technique to prevent that from happening to you. This will allow you to keep your cart open for 3x-6x longer than anyone else…which means that much more money in your bank account
  • The Facebook advertising plan (including exact ads examples) that doesn’t require a lot of money but could easily double your launch results
  • The Launch Fail-Safe Protocol. This simple yet powerful technique which you can’t reverse engineer from someone else’s launch — because it’s implemented behind-the-scenes — could mean the difference between your launch’s failure and success. (Without it, I would have lost out 90% of the sales during my first ever launch.)

Module 6

10x Your Launches

  • The Perfect Upsell — a proven framework for upselling customers into your next offer, whether that’s your next course/program or your higher-end services. There are a few key steps to prevent it from being pushy, salesy, or awkward…as a poor attempt can ruin a previously-great customer relationship
  • How to run Post-Launch Diagnostics. Why is this important? Just as football players study their game videos to improve their play, you need to know how every aspect of your “launch play” went so you can exponentially improve each subsequent launch. (This is how I was able to go from a $10K to a $100K to an $800K launch in my first year)
  • My Course Email Sequence that works like a charm to keep customers engaged after the sale. Since the majority of online course purchasers never finish their courses, this will instantly help your product get better customer testimonials, instantly stand out, and crush your competition
  • The 3 S’s of effective testimonials, and how to collect as many as you need — without having to send a Testimonial Collection Agency after your clients — using my Effective Testimonial Formula

As you can see, it’s not about luck, it’s about rock-solid strategy.

That’s why so many of my students are able to transform their lives and businesses…




Is Employee to Entrepreneur the course you’ve been dreaming of?

If you read the points below and think YES!!, Employee to Entrepreneur is for you:

  • You want to build your business BEFORE you turn in your notice so you can have a risk-free foundation for growing your 6-figure business in 6-months or less
  • You feel called to make an impact, you want to leave a lasting legacy, and you’re ready to claim freedom by any means necessary
  • You’re passionate about growing a sustainable business that allows you to fulfill your desires while making a difference
  • A cookie cutter approach won’t cut it — you want to know the exact systems and structures you need to implement in order to grow a lucrative business, your way
  • You want personal support and accountability in an intimate setting (not feel like just a name among thousands)
  • You’re ready to create a mindset and lifestyle for success and leave all excuses at the door

Keep improving yourself today with this “Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0” course at only [137$]

Employee to Entrepreneur is NOT for you if:

  • You have a negative outlook and you lack compassion or empathy for your fellow entrepreneurs
  • You’re lazy and you expect that by investing in this program you’re getting out of having to do the work that’s required to build a 6-figure plus business
  • You don’t value coaching or mentorship. (I’ve had to rely heavily on both to grow my business and know that every single successful entrepreneur does the same — including Richard Branson and Oprah)
  • You aren’t willing to participate in an online support group via Facebook
  • You expect that people will flock to your website and buy your packages without you having to do the work
  • You aren’t realistic about what’s possible for your business. To get to 6-figures in 6-months you’ll need to stick to your schedule and hold yourself accountable to your plan.

Is it sounding like Employee to Entrepreneur is right for you?

I’m ready to join today and get…

  • Lifetime Access to entire Employee to Entrepreneur system ($2,997 Value)
  • 12 Months of Live Group Coaching ($2,997 Value)
  • Bonus #1: 24 live coaching calls ($12,000 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Private feedback and coaching via ETE’er-only Facebook group ($1,997 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Millionaire Mindset Master Class ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #4: 5 “How I Did It” Case Studies ($497 Value)
  • Bonus #5: “Look Like a Pro” Templates ($497 Value)

What makes Employee to Entrepreneur different from other online courses?

Employee to Entrepreneur is unlike any other course, program, or group coaching experience out there because it’s completely tailored for the motivated man or woman who’s working a corporate job while wanting to start a successful online business.

It’s completely completely comprehensive and will take you from idea conception to making 6-figures. Along the way, I’ll give you access to every strategy, tool, and system I use to create and sustain a lucrative 7-figure business. Simply put, Employee to Entrepreneur is in a league of its own.

You can have it too, my friend.

Employee to Entrepreneur is designed to give you exactly what you need to make the transition from office to online business.

I know that you don’t have a ton of extra time right now to dedicate to this. I know that you’re worried about making enough money. I know your family probably looks at you like you have three heads when you mention “online business.”

And that’s exactly why I designed Employee to Entrepreneur to include…

  • Quick action packed trainings that you can implement right away so you’re busy getting results and never wasting time
  • A clear path to build your business while you’re still at your job. Maybe you can’t have your cake and eat it too but you can have your job and build your business too ?
  • An incredible community where you can get support from me, your program coaches, and like-minded, powerful, soon-to-be entrepreneurs

Employee to Entrepreneur is…

  • Designed to allow you to work the position you’re in—so you don’t have to stress about losing your steady income
  • An opportunity to learn the ropes of a powerful field, and STILL have time to take care of family (and yourself)
  • Your chance to grow your business from platforms other than Facebook groups
  • An intimate experience where you get lots of support and aren’t just another face in the crowd.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0” course at only [137$]

Employee to Entrepreneur is NOT…

  • Taught by an entrepreneur who’s never built a business while working a job. 
    Having built my third business this way, I know what it’s like building your business on the side. You’ll learn the best ways to both do your day job and get paying clients, without sacrificing your life, your family time, or your sanity.
  • A big-picture, pure-theory course where you walk away with no understanding of what to actually do to get results.
    You’ll get step-by-step tactics that making hitting your goals and actually getting clients and generating revenue a breeze.
  • Full of wordy PDFs and long-winded videos that will take up the time you already DON’T have to spend. 
    Each module comes with brief, to-the-point lessons that you’ll get every other week, so you actually have TIME to do the work, without feeling like you’re falling behind.
  • A huge group program where you’ll get lost in the crowd. 
    This is not a program with thousands of other students where you’re simply a name or number. I cap the number of students I accept into each round to make sure that you will get all the support and attention you need.

Employee to Entrepreneur is your short cut. Don’t miss out.

It took me TEN years and 3 businesses before I finally figured it out. I created Employee to Entrepreneur because I want to save you from the agony I’ve been through – like having to piece everything together over years, being scammed out of five-figures with no results, or being left out in the dark when it came to strategy and sales advice.

Employee to Entrepreneur is hands-down better than any other option:

  • It’s better than going back to school to get your MBA or PhD (So many people have and still can’t make a decent living, not to mention the incredible cost)
  • It’s better than buying multiple programs then piecing the trainings together, to attempt to create your own success (sounds like a logistical nightmare)
  • It’s better than hitting up good old YouTube University, land of the free webinars, or reading millions of blog posts trying to figure it all out. (Time is money. And spending countless hours, weeks, months, or YEARS searching for what you need is a waste.)

Making the leap for Employee to Entrepreneur takes more than a business idea. It takes courage and determination. It takes making an investment in YOURSELF and your dreams. (Sounds like money well spent, right?)

When I first started my business, I didn’t have a lot of extra cash to invest. What I had was a vision and the belief that I could do it. The rest I left up to Visa, Mastercard, and a huge leap of faith.

I decided to take a chance on myself and I’m so glad I did.

It doesn’t matter what your parents think or what your partner says. If you believe in yourself and do the work, YOU GOT THIS.

My parents love me so much, but if I’d listened to their voices, heeded their doubt, and accepted the status quo then I’d be miserable. Right now I’d be:

  • Tired of literally dragging myself out of bed every day for my 9-5 instead of living on my time, by my schedule, and fulfilling my desires
  • Looking at photos of tropical places on Instagram instead of exploring them myself
  • Feeling guilty about not spending enough time with my loved ones or being there when they needed me most
  • Counting down the clock to retirement, wondering when I’d get a raise, and working in a career that was ok, but pretty darn boring

Oof, no thanks.

If your parents, friends, or loved ones are anything like mine – know this; their fear is actually love in disguise. They’re just trying to protect you.

My dad has advanced degrees and tons more work experience than me. And even though I feel funny about it, the reality is that I’m making A LOT more money than him. Now, I’m in a position to help him put my baby sister through school. Crazy, right?

I know that making an investment is taking a gamble but honestly, this is the most important bet of your life. Betting on yourself is the best bet you’ll ever make.

What happens when you say “YES”?

  • When you sign up you’ll be taken to a screen where you can pay by credit card
  • As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll get a welcome email, access to the entire program and bonuses to help you get started right away, and our coveted ETE’er-only community
  • On July 1st, our 12-month journey officially begins!
  • In 12 months or less, you’ll have a baller business, be out of your day job, and be living the life of your dreams

Keep improving yourself today with this “Employee To Entrepreneur LIVE 2.0” course at only [137$]

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