83$. Empowering the Next Generation - Shelly Lefkoe

Empowering the Next Generation – Shelly Lefkoe


Receive powerful insights, practices and advice to help you raise happier, healthier children who become mature, wise and creatively engaged adults. Release old beliefs, habits and patterns that prevent you from being the best parent, mentor or caregiver that you can be.

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Empowering the Next Generation – Shelly Lefkoe

Receive powerful insights, practices and advice to help you raise happier, healthier children who become mature, wise and creatively engaged adults.

Release old beliefs, habits and patterns that prevent you from being the best parent, mentor or caregiver that you can be.

You probably recognize that the most important and sacred responsibility you have is ensuring that the next generation is more whole, conscious and engaged in bettering the world than


Truly, there is no more important job that any of us do!

We can do our best to be good, conscious people, but if we don’t learn how to raise even BETTER people, there’s not much hope for our future. Each generation truly needs to grow beyond the last.

To do this, we must first help the next generation get to where we ourselves have arrived, which itself is not an easy task. AND we are also creating the space for them to exceed us, which requires humility, wisdom and a commitment to further our own growth and become more conscious of the ways we limit theirs.

It’s clear from the latest science on mirror neurons and brain development that we have far more impact, especially in the early years, than we ever previously imagined.Children are literally wired to be programmed by us – they take in everything that we say and do and interpret it not just as something we do but something true about reality itself.

In other words, to a child, it’s not just that Mom has worries about money, it’s that there is literally not enough money in the whole world! We transmit our beliefs automatically through our behaviors and words.

In this way, our fears become their fears. Our self-doubt becomes their self-doubt. Our limited beliefs about money, power or marriage become theirs.

It’s frankly a bit scary how influential we are!

That’s why it’s so important for you to be conscious of the power and impact you have as parent, mentor or elder to the next generation, not just when they are little but well into their adult years.

Your words, actions and even thoughts matter a great deal in this sacred task we have of raising a more enlightened next generation.

The challenge is that virtually none of us were given training for how to do this all-important job with real wisdom, clarity and skill. And even if we read up on the parenting literature, we may never learn how to clear out our own programming that colors everything we say and do.

Basically, we’re thrown into this essential role, mostly unprepared!

As a result, we tend to automatically play out the patterns and beliefs we inherited as children since our subconscious minds largely run the show when it comes to the often overwhelming challenges of raising children.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck in this cycle any more. You CAN learn to reprogram your parenting beliefs, develop healthier behaviors, communicate more effectively and learn how to give your child a psychologically and spiritually empowering foundation for their whole life.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Empowering the Next Generation – Shelly Lefkoe” course at only [83$]

You can shift the power struggles, end the upsets and open to consistent good will.

What it takes is a systematic approach, one that works with the depths of the subconscious mind and helps you rewire how you approach situations with your beloved children. Instead of reacting to situations, you develop your capacity to be proactive. You become aware of how you say things that can otherwise lead to emotional upheavals. You learn to give your child the deep mirroring, self-confidence and adventurous spirit that they need.

In this way, you help guide them onto a path that is conscious, self-actualizing and self-responsible.

In order to do this, there are some things you absolutely have to learn to do skillfully, consistently and lovingly. And there are also things you need to avoid, even when every cell of your body is screaming at you to do the opposite.

The Path Forward

Ultimately, it takes three ingredients for you to succeed in taking your parenting skills to the next level: a comprehensive approach, a skilled guide and a supportive environment for practice.

With the Empowering the Next Generation program, you get all three. In the core teaching modules, you receive a lifetime of parenting insights that are based on decades of work with parents, insights that have successfully transformed many relationships and lives.

Second, you get 7 illuminating modules with Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the widely respected Lefkoe Method, who has also done groundbreaking work on shifting the beliefs that drive how we love, learn and evolve. She understands just how vital it is for us to upgrade our own programming – the beliefs that govern our behavior – if we are to really empower amazing, stellar human beings into their full expression.

As you absorb and apply the essential insights and practices of Empowering the Next Generation, they will not only make you a better parent. They will also improve your ability to relate to just about anyone.

Towards an Amazing Relationship with Your Children

Empowering the Next Generation teaches you how to go beyond basic parenting skills to understanding how to provide a platform for your child to become self-actualizing, caring, engaged and wise.

You’ll find that you spend less and less of your time addressing difficult situations and more time enjoying the relationship while imparting skills and perspectives that can last a lifetime. You’ll learn how to truly empower your children to live their greatest dreams and make their greatest contribution.

You’ll develop a more mature, healthy and loving relationship with your kids and create a relationship that is more trusted and secure. And from this foundation, you can encourage them genuinely in their world-changing dreams!

What could be more satisfying (and valuable) than that?

Over the course of your 7 modules with Shelly, you will:

  • Understand how your behaviors teach specific beliefs.
  • Learn how to convert win/lose interactions into a win for both you and the child.
  • Develop the most important skill a child must have when you send them out into the world (if they can do just this one thing, you can sleep soundly at night).
  • Practice effective ways to deprogram your own beliefs and past experiences that subconsciously affect your parenting.
  • Discover the five most damaging beliefs and how they sabotage a person in adult life (as well as how to avoid them).
  • Identify negative beliefs in yourself and nip them in the bud before you transmit them to a next generation.
  • Teach your child to respect your needs and those of others in a way that makes them feel important and valued.
  • Learn about the one thing that can sabotage all your efforts, no matter how positive and conscious a parent you are.
  • See the power of 2 key questions that let you know whether you are parenting effectively for the long term or getting an immediate solution while debilitating your child’s future success and happiness.
  • Learn new ways to reduce or eliminate stress from your parenting.
  • Identify what type of parenting leads to long term success and happiness.
  • Harness a method for identifying and shifting negative beliefs that are in the way of your own parenting.

A Note to Grandparents, Mentors, Allies and Caregivers

While this course is oriented primarily to parents, the concepts and skills can be applied whether you are a grandparent, mentor, caregiver or even just a supportive ally. The truth is that virtually everyone struggles with the challenges of parenting and can use this knowledge about how to turn challenges into opportunities, and problems into blessings.

If you really want to positively affect our planet and empower the younger ones in your life to be more conscious, healthy and whole, this program will teach you essential foundations.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Shelly will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies that you’ll need to successfully raise children who are happy and conscious and who will have the power to impact their own lives and the lives of others and make an important difference in the world.

Each contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles to empower your child for happiness and success now – and as an adult.

Module One: The Most Important Factor for Your Child’s Happiness and Success 

As a parent, you tend to get caught up in the day to day minutia and may forget what your dreams for your children are. If we told you that your job is being responsible for the physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional development of a child would you say “easy peasy?”

We lose sight of how what we say and do impacts our children. We don’t realize how our actions today affect the rest of their lives. Beliefs form at a young age and they’re rarely outgrown. It is far easier to instill strong positive beliefs early on than to reverse negative beliefs as an adult. In this module, we’ll explore the single most important thing you need to know as a parent and how knowing this one thing can make or break your child’s future success and happiness.

During this session you’ll:

  • Discover what you really want for your children (and it may not be what you think you want)!
  • Uncover the single most important thing that is stopping your children from having happy, successful lives.
  • Learn the keys to raising a child that is happy and conscious who will make a difference in the world.
  • Understand how beliefs (what your child believes to be true about himself, life and people) will keep your child from moving forward and having a quality of life – not just self-esteem or confidence are the main predictors of future success.
  • Learn which beliefs will empower your child, how beliefs can help or hurt your child.
  • Discover the 10 worst things you can do to a child – these are the things that many parents do unknowingly that create the worst of the worst beliefs.

Module Two: Steering Them Away from Negative Beliefs

Damaging beliefs keep a person from living their fullest, best life. In this module we’ll talk about the 5 most harmful and common beliefs that people develop (even people you may think are successful) and how you as a parent can prevent their formation in your children. We will also look at the positive side of beliefs, the beliefs that help people excel in life, live out their dreams and be happy, positive contributors to society.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Uncover how beliefs determine a person’s reality, shape their actions and behaviors and determine the choices they make and what they attract into their lives.
  • Discover the 5 most damaging beliefs and how they sabotage a person in adult life.
  • Learn why almost all problems in school, issues with friends, depression and underperformance are tied to a child’s beliefs.
  • Learn the techniques to ensure that your child grows up with healthy beliefs. For example, “I am capable” and “I make a difference” will allow them to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Discover the 2 Key Questions every parent must ask themselves before they speak or react to their child.
  • How teaching children “the right answers” stops them from learning.

Module Three: Dealing with Your Dissatisfaction

Often as parents we want our children to be or react in a certain way that is not possible with their current stage of development. In other words, often our children actually cannot think the way we want them to or expect them to because their brain is not wired that way yet. At each stage of development children are forming beliefs about themselves. If you have unrealistic expectations about what they should be able to do – and they are physically or emotionally not developed enough yet to perform – your unrealistic expectations can do major damage to their developing self-esteem and confidence. Children will start to believe that something is wrong with them because they can’t be or do something you are expecting them to do.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • About the stages of development and what you can realistically expect from your child in each phase.
  • Why thinking teenagers are already adults and expecting them to act and behave like adults leads to the development of one of the most dangerous beliefs.
  • How you can help children become world-centric adults.
  • A harmful belief that 90% of children develop that causes resentment and robs them of their free will.

Module Four: Stopping Your Stress

In this module, you will learn how stopping your stress leads to better parenting. No matter how committed we are to being parents who help our children form positive beliefs, when we are undergoing significant stress we are more likely to get annoyed, get upset, get angry and just plain blow our tops. The same behavior from our children can be laughed off if we’re in a good mood or lead to losing our temper and yelling if we are experiencing extreme stress. So anything that will significantly reduce your stress will improve your relationship with your children.

As you discovered in the previous module, if your expectations are more consistent with what your child is capable of doing, you will significantly improve your interactions with your children and reduce your stress.But there is something else you can do to reduce your stress even more. Down to virtually none.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How events have no inherent meaning and can’t cause feelings.
  • How almost all feelings come from the meaning you give events.
  • If you stop giving meaning to meaningless events, you can stop your negative feelings.
  • Stress is the result of negative feelings – no negative feelings, no stress.
  • How to distinguish meaning from events so you can realize that you added the meaning.
  • How to dissolve meaning.

Module Five: Raising Them to See Possibilities and Opportunities

In this module you’ll learn how to help your children be free to expressthemselves.

And, that even with all our uncertainty, how we as parents can still ensure that our children grow up with a sense of freedom, joy, resilience, fearlessness and innovation.

In this session you’ll discover:

  • How beliefs you form keep you from having freedom in your life (hint: it has to do with being at the effect of life instead of being the driver of your life!).
  • The real definition of self-esteem – what creates it and the link between self-esteem and beliefs.
  • What one word you should remove from your vocabulary – and with what word to replace it.
  • How self-esteem comes from the self and not from others.
  • How to facilitate an “I Can” environment and why it is the most powerful tool in your parenting toolbox.
  • Why resilience is so important and how to instill it in your child.
  • How you and your child can experience freedom.
  • Modeling being in the present moment.

Module Six: Empowering Them to Care For and Be Able to Change the World

People with a strong value system who know what they stand for have it easier in life than those who are ambiguous or have not clearly defined their value system. When your values are clear, your journey is more fulfilling. The context in which you parent and live your life affects everything. Most people – even the most well-intentioned people – parent arbitrarily and it has devastating effects on our children.

You will learn:

  • Why everyone is living should lives and how to make the change to aValue-Generated life. When you know what your values are, decisions are easy.
  • How to make sure your child knows who they are and knows their own personal value system.
  • How to build your family around the premise that each person contributes to the whole and why each individual is better for it.
  • Why creating a clearly outlined “Family Context” should be at the top of your list.
  • The importance of teaching kids about sufficiency – they are enough, they have enough.
  • How to escape the trap of entitlement – how to teach your kids to produce satisfaction and ask how much is enough?
  • How to turn complaints into requests.
  • The importance of apologizing and remaking commitments.
  • The power and importance of creating and nurturing relationships.
  • The importance of integrity and how to model it.
  • The three myths of scarcity and how getting rid of them empowers children.

Module Seven: Opening to the Keystone Secrets for Success

Secret Module: We can’t tell you this one until we finish the first six modules!

Keep improving yourself today with this “Empowering the Next Generation – Shelly Lefkoe” course at only [83$]

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