$75. Enlightened Stock Trading with 12 Trading Systems - Adrian Reid

Enlightened Stock Trading with 12 Trading Systems – Adrian Reid

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Start your systematic trading journey with confidence knowing your trading software and data are set up correctly for backtesting.


Complete Trading Curriculum

More than 130 Videos (Over 1,351 Minutes) Covering Everything You Need To Know To Become a Consistent And Profitable Stock Trader

The Expert’s Guide To Backtesting

Backtest any existing trading system to ensure it is profitable, stable, and robust enough to trade with YOUR hard-earned money

Program Modules

Module 1: Why Backtest Existing Trading Systems

  • Why systematic trading is best
  • What are trading systems
  • Why you must backtest
  • Existing Systems vs. New Systems
  • What Trading Setup Do You Need?
  • Sourcing Trading Systems To Backtest

Module 2: How to Backtest an Existing Trading System

  • Find a Trading System That Fits YOU
  • Validating The Raw System
  • Ensuring System Code is Accurate
  • Ensuring System Code is Believable
  • Ensuring Backtests are Complete

Module 3: Optimizing & Enhancing Your System

  • Enhance your system the smart way
  • Validating system backtest results
  • Tests to improve confidence
  • Identifying & remove outlier trades

Module 4: System Robustness

  • Rule Significance
  • Parameter Robustness
  • Ensuring Your System is Stable
  • Validating on Out of Sample Data

Module 5: Portfolio & Risk Management

  • Risk Management for Trading Survival
  • Launching your trading system

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