Essentials of Treating & Preventing SuicidePerspectives from the Experts - Burt Bertram - Craig J. Bryan & Others (1)

Essentials of Treating & Preventing Suicide: Perspectives from the Experts – Burt Bertram, Craig J. Bryan & Others


10 Hours 44 Minutes

Fortunately, there are new evidence-based models that were specifically designed to help clients move past suicidality.

Now in this unique online course, you’ll get special access to experience these strategies for yourself and learn the tools and knowledge you need to be effective in treating and preventing suicide.

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It’s one of the maximum stress-inducing subjects you cope with in therapy, and maximum clinicians get hold of little formal schooling in this vital issue.

But the truth is, nearly each therapist will deal with customers who’re suffering with suicide…

…so that you want to understand what to do whilst your customers have suicidal ideation or a records of attempts.

Fortunately, there are new evidence-primarily based totally models that have been mainly designed to assist customers circulate beyond suicidality.

Now on this specific on line course, you’ll get unique get entry to to revel in those techniques for your self and study the gear and know-how you want to be powerful in treating and stopping suicide.

Imagine if you can be the therapist who is aware of a way to with a bit of luck deal with customers experiencing suicidal ideation without resorting to pointless hospitalization

In this groundbreaking on line course, you’ll get data-pushed gear and techniques so one can manual you in successfully treating the suicidal person — from case conceptualization to evaluation and beyond.

You’ll gain the confidence you need to make the best decisions for even the most difficult clinical situations, such as:

  • Does my client really need to be hospitalized?
  • How do I do an assessment that actually helps my client rather than feels like an interrogation?
  • How do I know whether the level of suicidality is an immediate threat?
  • What do I do if my client shares that she/he has a suicide plan?
  • What do I do if my client attempts suicide during therapy, and does this mean that the therapy is ineffective?
  • How can I be effective AND keep my practice safe from legal problems?
  • And much more!

By the end of this advanced skills training, you will learn dozens of proven communication strategies and methods that will help your clients feel safe to open up to you about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences — no matter how severe their pain.

Dedicated clinicians like you are devoted to helping those who hurt the most.

Packed with tools that you can use with clients during their worst life crisis, this course will teach you how to handle the most challenging dilemmas that arise when a client is suicidal, including…

  • The electricity of therapeutically-pushed evaluation vs. Filling out paperwork for risk-control purposes
  • Inpatient or outpatient — what does the records inform us on medicine and hospitalization? And scientific decision-making practices for understanding what to do.
  • The ethics of treating suicide — felony implications, confidentiality, privilege, privacy, and more
  • An crucial expertise of the first-rate Evidence-primarily based totally fashions for treating suicide, along with CAMS, BCBT, and more, immediately from the builders of those fashions.
  • The use of narrative-primarily based totally assessments — and the way it is able to offer consolation to customers in a time of crisis
  • Understanding the direct and oblique drivers of suicidal behaviors and the way to create an powerful remedy plan primarily based totally on them.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Essentials of Treating & Preventing Suicide: Perspectives from the Experts – Burt Bertram, Craig J. Bryan & Others” course at only [$119]

Here’s What You’ll Get with This Course

Get lifetime access to a comprehensive road map for navigating suicide assessment and treatment of those at risk for suicide. Get a front-row seat for 5 in-depth conversations with the nation’s leading experts — so you can quickly identify what treatment approaches will work best for your client population.

Session 1: The Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT) Model with Craig Bryan, PsyD. ABPP

Many elements make a contribution to suicidality, with of the number one vulnerabilities being cognitive stress and emotional dysregulation. Dr. Craig J. Bryan — main countrywide professional on navy suicide — discusses Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (BCBT), an revolutionary remedy method with a robust empirical proof base. Dr. Bryan suggests you ways the tested interventions in BCBT assist clinicians live calm and gradual matters down in session, as we paintings to assist our customers construct emotion regulation, disaster control skills, AND dismantle suicidal notion systems.

Session 2: The CAMS Care Model with David Jobes, PhD

Dr. David Jobes offers the CAMS Framework™ — a scientific philosophy of care presenting clinicians a bendy suicide remedy model. One of the maximum broadly used fashions for suicide remedy, CAMS (Collaborative Assessment & Management of Suicidality) practitioners can assist suicidal customers find out lives of cause and which means in as few as 6 to 8 sessions.

Session 3: An Eclectic Practice Model for Suicidality with Stacey Freedenthal, PhD, LCSW

What if there had been 3 phrases you may say to customers to get them to open up and communicate freely approximately their suicidal mind and behaviors? Clinical suicidologist and psychotherapist Dr. Stacey Freedenthal suggests us what those three words would possibly be, emphasizes the significance of assembly customers wherein they’re at emotionally, and could display you a way to make remedy a conversation — now no longer an interrogation. In this session, you’ll get a sensible toolbox that covers threat assessment, protection planning, and remedy planning.

 Session 4: Clinical Interviewing Skills for Suicidal Clients with John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD

During this in-depth video, Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan provides you with tools to guide your assessment and treatment planning with suicidal clients, including:

  • How the 7-Part Map: Suicide Dimensions for Treatment Planning enhances your ability to collaborate with clients
  • Why normalizing the client’s experience is critical to building the therapeutic alliance
  • The importance of directly asking clients about suicidal thoughts
  • Why assessment must be tied into the treatment plan
  • How empathy helps to reduce shame

Session 5: Legal, Ethical, & Documentation Issues with Nancy Wheeler, JD & Burt Bertram, LMFT

When treating suicidal clients, no clinician ought to sense they must cross it alone. And no clinician ought to sense obligated to exercise out of doors in their competency. This informative video covers a number of the maximum vital problems concerning counseling a suicidal consumer — such as right documentation, knowledgeable consent, and in which to start if a consumer dies via way of means of suicide. This is a must have consultation for any clinician who works with suicide.

Learn the Most Effective Therapeutic Models for Addressing Suicide in Your Practice

For only $299.99, you’ll feel more at ease as you support your clients in crisis and nurture survivors’ potential for healing and resilience

Enroll today, and you’ll also get these 3 FREE BONUSES ($158.98 value)!

Bonus 1: Your 1st FREE Bonus: Networker Symposium Workshop Recording – Chronic Suicidality and Self-Destructive Behavior with Janina Fisher, PhD

Chronically suicidal customers gift a unique type of strain for therapists. This Symposium workshop recording gives sensible techniques for growing collaborative techniques with suicidal customers a good way to conquer resistance and remodel their relationships to self-negative mind and impulses.

Bonus 2: Your 2nd FREE Bonus: Networker Symposium Workshop Recording – A Collaborative Approach to Managing Suicidal Risk with Rita A. Schulte, LPC

With 71 percent of therapists reporting at the least one patron who has tried suicide, this recording is vital gaining knowledge of for all intellectual fitness care professionals. During this workshop recording, you’ll find out a complete street map for navigating assessment, treatment, and control for the ones at chance for suicide, in addition to the way to nurture a survivor’s ability for recuperation and resilience.

Bonus 3: Your 3rd FREE BONUS – Free Networker Magazine Digital Download

In this exclusive Networker magazine article, Listening to Suicidal Clients: How to Get Beyond our Fears, you’ll join suicidologist Stacey Freedenthal, whose personal history of suicidality has resulted in illuminating insights about the issues facing therapists today and the future of suicide research.

Keep improving yourself today with this “Essentials of Treating & Preventing Suicide: Perspectives from the Experts – Burt Bertram, Craig J. Bryan & Others” course at only [$119]

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